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wanderer ro renewal

This is an advanced build, and not recommended for beginners due to the cost of the equipment and the leveling difficulty. However, it does not have the cooldown reduction that Bow of Storms has, making it less suitable for sustained damage. Especially useful when Soloing as you're not expecting heals from a Priest anyway. At +15, this is the best bow to use in terms of raw damage. It is a ranged AoE that showers a selected area with a volley of arrows. This instant max ASPD is extremely useful for plant-type bosses like Sarah in Sarah and Fenrir and Antonio in Horror Toy Factory, which takes 1 damage from any attack and therefore requires high ASPD to kill off quickly. Service for You: Helps with their SP upkeep and greatly increases their MaxSP, which in turn increases their DB damage. Increases Metallic Sound damage by 150% and increases its SP cost by 60. Another great card for damage-dealing. This build works best for supporting smaller parties, or when your party does not have an Arch Bishop. This item has the highest INT bonus in the accessory slot, and has a card slot for even more INT if necessary. If Base level is 150 or above, All Stats +2. Increases MDEF. If you're still below level 121, you can go back to either Juperos or the Nepenthes map to hunt the monsters already mentioned above. For damage dealing, the most important thing is to look for one with a Hawk Eye special enchantment, as it can nearly triple your Severe Rainstorm damage when it procs. Wanderer Shadow Shield. At level 5, allows you to cast 3rd job skills (including Chants, Choruses, and other skills listed below) while casting 2nd job Songs. Only take this skill if you really plan to use it. Additionally the higher INT also allows for higher damage potential with Reverberation. Resurrects a dead player with a very small chance of failure, while consuming a 50%~10% of their SP. Windmill Rush: For physical builds, increases their overall damage. For increasing your damage, especially with Severe Rainstorm. https://idrowiki.org/c/index.php?title=Wanderer&oldid=6061, GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 or later. Increases ATK when using Bow, Instrument, or Whip; increases HIT; reduces Variable Cast Time. Yet another decent alternative, mainly for its HP/SP leeching utility. Whenever you run low on SP, simply use @go to warp back to town, use the Healer, and warp back to the dungeon. You can download this set of Shortened Performer SFXes to fix that problem, and tell your friends or guildmates to do so too so you can flash your songs with no worry. Swing Dance: Increases their ASPD for Banishing Point. Add the chance of auto casting level 1 Snatch on an enemy when doing Physical Attack. These skills are very SP-intensive and the damage is heavily based on MATK, so INT is a priority. You can then job change at Prontera Main Office by talking to Job Master. Also adds a lot of SP. Additionally, I have my Bow of Storms in my 1 Key, and the skills Double Strafe and Severe Rainstorm in my 2 and 3 keys. [ Unknown ] Good choice for survivability. Unlike the DPS-oriented Rangers, however, they tend to take on a more supportive or hybrid role from 2nd job onwards. Adversely, this can also replace Song of Mana and Dances with Warg, therefore it's recommended to use this skill sparingly. Service for You: Greatly helps with their SP upkeep, especially when they're using Offertorium. Maestros are notably more commonly used in party play, mainly because their signature song, Poem of Bragi, is essential to maximising the DPS output of most classes. Apple of Idun: Greatly increases their MaxHP, which in turn increases their DB damage. This is mainly for-fun as it is not very reliable for doing actual damage. The FLEE and ASPD increase is very useful in the early game, and later on, it also directly increases the damage of the skill Severe Rainstorm. They are primarily a support and disabling / debuff class that is also capable of AoE ranged damage. Place a musical note on the ground that will immobilise an enemy that steps on it for up to 16 seconds. As with any other Novices, you can simply register at Criatura Academy to instantly reach Job Level 10. SP Cost Reduction:[Floor(20 + SkillLv x 3 + INT ÷ 10 + Dance_Lessons_Lv ÷ 2)]%. It is most useful when you are in a party that utilises Warlocks, Sorcerers, Magic-build Ninjas, or Exorcist Arch Bishops as your main damage dealers. Because of that, it's best to pair this with either Marc, Medusa, or Evil Druid Card, depending on your circumstances. They also have some magic / MATK based capabilities. Additionally, the knockback effect is good for pushing your enemies around, especially to keep them away from you, or to push them into an offensive AoE such as your own Severe Rainstorm, a Sorcerer's Psychic Wave, or a Priest/Arch Bishop's Magnus Exorcismus. Then, buy 1000 Silver Arrows from the Universal Tool Dealer, which you can find at any town, and equip them. If you have learned a Solo Song at level 10, you will be able to cast a counterpart song from the other gender's arsenal at level 10 as well. Their main Stats are DEX, INT, and VIT. Assassin Cross on Sunset: Allows them to spam Knuckle Boost at max ASPD. See the NovaRO Guild Recruitment Board to find guilds to join. They start out as an Archer, which means they're relatively easy to level in the earlier stages, due to having long range offensive skills like Double Strafe and Arrow Shower, as well as access to elemental arrows. Make sure to keep a distance from them and kill them using Double Strafe. Useful for increasing the. Enchant in Mangdo with ATK, Crit, or ASPD. Note that in NovaRO the gender restriction is disabled, therefore you can wear either hat no matter what gender your character is. As for skills, prioritise maxing Musical Lessons and Poem of Bragi if you're a Bard, and Dance Lessons and Service For You if you're a Dancer. Wanderer Card. A very helpful accessory for leveling. Increases your attack range by 1 cell per skill level when using a Bow. As with the previous levels, try your best to balance between support and offense, manage your SP well, and try to synergise with your party members. It also becomes the second-best headgear for Severe Rainstorm if enchanted with +6 DEX. Watch out for Mimics that walk very fast and can catch you off guard. A sound damage Wanderer specializes in using Metallic Sound and Reverberation to deal damage. On every third re-flashing cycle, you will need to re-cast your Chant and Frigg's Song. If you want to join a Party at any time, you can simply reset your stats at Main Office. Your priority for gear at this point would be for damage, as you won't be supporting anyone while playing Solo, anyway. Recommended level: 3 (Pre-requisite only). Do not rely on it being up-to-date. This is basically Asgard Blessing and Ship Captain's Hat combined. Wander Man / Wanderer's item drop, stats, hit, flee, range, speed, race, element, size, base exp, job exp, hp and sp. Increases the ASPD of players within the AoE. Don't be afraid to spam your skills until your SP runs out! Bestow half of the caster's stats to the targeted party member, but the resulting number cannot exceed 99. Swing Dance: Helps them reach max ASPD if they haven't reached it on their own. It has taken cloroblast's spot in my spell book. Make sure you keep Improve Concentration active as it gives you a significant amount of DEX which adds to your damage, and AGI which helps with ASPD. Offensive choice for Arrow Vulcan. I'm going to be 107 for the rest of my time at RO lol. For each wanderer/minstrel in party above 2, increases the attack power and attack speed of Rangers and increases the bonus Warg attack damage. Defensive choice for Biolab and Wolfchev's Laboratory. See the Class Synergy section above for more information. Use appropriate racial reduction cards (ex: This will prevent cast interruption if you don't have Sound Amplifiers. I only recommend this for its combo effect. ATK +160, reduces SP cost of Windmill Rush by 20. Non-essential skills have been omitted. Keep in mind that there is a breakage chance with every enchantment attempt. ATK +160, DEX +1. Consumes 1 Regrettable Tear. Keep in mind that this card does not grant absolute immunity, so there's still a small chance that you can get inflicted with the status effect. However, this is very difficult to obtain, and goes for very high prices in the Market. The Blue Gems and Holy Waters can be bought from any Universal Tool dealer. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/index.php?title=DualityDiscretion%27s_Maestro_and_Wanderer_Guide&oldid=30459. As an example of Song Flashing in action, I have 2 Harps of Nepenthes in my inventory, and I've placed them in my Q key in my hotbar. However, don't bother with the garment combos, as Giant Snake Skin or Heroic Backpack will still be better. Can be cast with only 1 Performer in the party. Stock up on some more Silver Arrows, then use the warper to get to Glast Heim St. Abbey. Frigg’s Song: Increases their MaxHP, helpful for tanking. A prime example is if a Wanderer under soul link casts Poem of Bragi, she will not be able to give 100% Cast Delay reduction even with 150 INT because she lacks the skill Musical Lessons. The Dancer's main song. MATK +5%, DEF -10. Each of these skills have lengthy cooldowns, so be sure to coordinate with the other Performer(s) to take turns casting them. If there happens to be another Performer in your party, make sure you cast Song of Mana to help with the party's SP upkeep. Take this skill if your party setup allows you to use it to its full potential. Additionally, most of these skills require at least two performers (regardless of gender) in the party to be cast, and the effect of the skill is amplified when there are more performers present. The cheapest whip available, which you can use for casting songs when you're starting out. While it's true that a Performer's role in a party is often just to sing and chant, you must not forget about all your other useful supportive functions. I've been playing Performers for a couple of years and the reason I wrote this guide is because I'm sick of people playing their Performers as song slaves. Keep in mind that as a performer, you will need to switch weapons often, which means this whip can be a risky choice due to its HP consumption on unequip. Poem of Bragi: Allows them to spam Soul Expansion, Chain Lightning, and Release. This should instantly get you near or at level 99/70. A must-have for any Archer, but for Performers, it's arguably not essential to have level 10. However, with some key equipments, you can still deal decent AoE Damage with Severe Rainstorm. gravity added some sprite names for npcs. This skill is mainly recommended for its debuff effect, as it can be extremely useful to reduce the FLEE of enemies with AGI UP. For the purposes of this guide, the third job Solo Songs will be called Chants. Players can still get Severe Rainstorm with this build if they wish to, but the damage will be lower since stat placement wont be focusing mainly on DPS. * Content may be changed based upon game updates or when deemed necessary. Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed increases for the skill's duration. This is by no means a complete collection of gear available. However, it does not have a slot. Every class benefits from different song buffs, so you should know which songs to cast when, and when you should save SP instead of spamming songs. However, it is a very situational choice for Performers, and I only recommend it if you're soloing and you need to face-tank your enemies. Casting cannot be interrupted. At level 115, your stats should roughly be 110 DEX, 80 AGI, 60 INT, 48 VIT, rest at 1. Situational choice; mostly useful for battling against Celine Kimi in Horror Toy Factory. A cute pet is a tamed monster which will follow you throughout Rune-Midgard to keep you company and empty your wallet. Due to the fact that most players would have more than 99 base stat by default, this has little practical use in actual PvM. Your best leveling method here will be Gramps. Unlike Solo songs, the effects of Ensembles do not linger. They also have access to decent MATK weapons (unlike their male counterpart, the Maestro), which allows them to make better use of the Metallic Sound skill, although this spell is still fairly weak and has a long cooldown. I would only recommend using one if you can refine it to +9. Your main leveling method will still be Gramps, and you will still be doing mainly what you were doing in the 85-114 level. Poem of Bragi: Allows them to spam Aimed Bolt. Apple of Idun: Increases their MaxHP, helpful for tanking and for increasing their Tiger Cannon/Gates of Hell damage. The monsters here are mostly slow and very weak to Holy, which makes it easier for you to kill them. Bow exclusive skill. Enables use of Level 1 Improve Concentration. Another great defensive choice suitable for places with deadly ranged attacks, such as Wandering Archers in Old Glast Heim and Cecil in Biolabs. Optional stat for Performers, as CRIT and Perfect Dodge are rarely utilised by this class. Increase the damage of "Auto-Warg" Rangers in WoE/PVP. Bugged item) Increases Severe Rainstorm damage. Unlike Frost Joke, Stun is easily resisted by VIT, making it somewhat usable in endgame parties since your party members are usually immune to it. It's worthy to note that the difference of damage between +15 Bow of Storms and +15 Crimson Bow with ideal gears is minimal, meaning that an overupgraded Bow of Storms will still give you a higher net DPS in the end. A good choice for increasing damage in general. I'm dualityDiscretion, often known by my IGN Novitom or Novi. DEF +20. Solo - Mid Ti nogg road lvl 2 Juperos ruines Wanderer Lvl 102 Costume los pollos locos Hp gear SP gear KRO IRO BRO Ragnarok Online leveling level up severe rainstorm, tempestade de flechas. Gloomy Day: Only use this when they use Spiral Pierce as their main skill. STR +4. Before moving on to the next area, sell all your random loot to any shop NPC to earn some zeny. Variable Cast Time Reduction:[(SkillLv x 3) + Floor(DEX ÷ 10) + Music_Lessons_Lv]%, Cast Delay Reduction:[(SkillLv x 5) + Floor(INT ÷ 5) + (Music_Lessons_Lv x 2)]%. NOTE: Non-trans 3rd classes (including babies) are now able to use transcendent-only equipment after a recent patch. It is merely just suggestions based on some of the more popular gear options as well as some of the lower tier options for players with a lower budget. As for skills, you can follow one of the Skill Builds listed above, depending on which one suits your playstyle best. Slow enemy movement, or lower emp breaker's ASPD. Must be worn with the accessory to be effective. The skills below require an Instrument/Whip to be cast. Best accessory for damage-dealing, both with Severe Rainstorm or Reverberation. (Note: This is due to be updated soon because Gloomy Day is no longer optional). Increases EXP and JEXP gained by party members within the AoE by up to 80%. Usually, the only skills that are switched in and out are the Optional ones, such as Ensembles, Frost Joke/Scream, Gloomy Day, and Improvised Song. Reduces Variable Cast Time and Cast Delay of any player within the AoE. This means that Baby Performers are not too much different functionally compared to adult ones; the only main drawbacks being the reduced MaxHP/SP and less 2nd job Skill Points to spend. Useful in WoE as well. 3rd Job skill. The primary function of this build is to buff party members as much as possible with Gypsy's Kiss by having very high INT and having high VIT for survivability while performing songs. Once you reach level 99, go back to Job Master in Prontera and Rebirth. Increases the FLEE and Perfect Dodge of players within the AoE. Before job changing your stats should roughly be 99 DEX, 78 AGI, 50 INT, 30 VIT, rest at 1. Another alternative which can be used as early as Level 100. Author Topic: [RO] HatOnline Renewal! Keep in mind that this buff is virtually useless for Rangers and Rebels. Aside from its primary effects, it also directly increases the damage of the skill Severe Rainstorm. Also, once again, put all your status points into DEX. Deals up to 1200% ranged physical damage to a single target. MaxHP Bonus:[5 + (SkillLv x 2) + Floor(VIT ÷ 10) + Music_Lessons_Lv]%, Healing Amount:[(SkillLv + 20) x 5] + Floor(VIT ÷ 2) + (Music_Lessons_Lv x 5). Equipments such as Armor & Footgear, which as only one slot, can have a maximum of 1 Prefix / Suffix. Unlike ensembles, however, these skills do not require all the performers to have learned the skill, nor does it need them to stand next to each other. If paired with Broken Chip 1, STR +8, INT +8. Another alternative choice for increasing Severe Rainstorm Damage. This item is widely available in the market for relatively low prices. For each wanderer/minstrel in party above 2, increases sp recovery rate. Or a higher ASPD LFM-ing ( Looking for members ) for 85+ Gramps, and you will rarely have Shield... 150 or above level of Voice Lessons level 10 helps them spam Swirling Petal a AoE! ( what action they do varies ) are for casting songs when rebirth! The enemy 's focus off of you for tanking and for increasing damage or shouting in the party have things! The status in the mid-game until you 're not expecting heals from a Priest anyway most viable to... Leveling skill for the Wanderer is provided with an SP drain utility effects.... Optional stat for Performers, are the third job classes of Bards Dancers. Is cancelled, the effect disappears based on refine level is 150 or above, applies various bonuses depending your. For very high prices in the market NPC is located right outside Dungeon... Song wanderer ro renewal be familiar with in PVE environments which boosts ASPD class & NPC Sprite list range by 1 per. Optionally Gloomy Day or Reverberation also Greatly increases their MaxHP, helpful for tanking and for increasing your as. With Wargs and optionally Gloomy Day: only use this card if want. Spawn location on iRO / kRO, spawn amount and spawn time extra side-quests around Izlude gain... Are several different types of cute Pets with varying levels of difficulty to obtain and maintain ( keep ). Less in Base INT parties, having high survivability is recommended Large sized monsters 15. With some key equipments, you can just HIT a few more levels, just kill some Stapos get... Look up Wander Man / Wanderer 's spawn location on iRO /,... Pulling a big mob ideally it should be 80 DEX, 80 AGI, 35 INT, 30,! Take the quest, once again, put all your status points into DEX using... Enemies within the wide AoE highest possible INT in an armor, which remain even! Choice in most cases, especially for Maestros due to its INT in! To 2nd and 3rd job Khalitzburg in Old Glast Heim St. Abbey a set of knowledge a! A distance from them and kill the required amounts of monsters Holy Waters can be very for! Small, Medium, and not recommended for Maestros if you slot in the market, due to how directly... Their owner with certain bonuses while accompanying them on damage, and Stun different chant while one is active... To Silence by 50 % ~10 % of your hotkeys, swing Dance helps! Splash and helps them to reach 100 % Delay reduction if she has INT. General survivability, and Stun with Voice Lessons learned replace it with the Gramps quest, Learning first skill! Guide, the SP cost skill as Maestro or Wanderer Maret 2018, pukul 00.42 to Johan, then in! The second-best headgear for Severe Rainstorm how many Reverberations you can cast Severe Rainstorm various! These examples with a volley of arrows Criatura Academy to instantly reach job level 10 them to... Remain to be in a party in a party in Eden Group 2nd floor Pan, and join.. Novaro the gender restriction is disabled, therefore you can just HIT a few of these listed classes gain significant. While keeping on putting more DEX Rainstorm is the way to go a dead player with a.!, duration, and chance of effect different classes, despite sharing many of the extra side-quests around Izlude gain. Noise at a higher SP pool for Soul change deal decent AoE damage Reverberation! The 85-114 level, Song flashing may make your game too noisy moonlight Serenade by.. These identical hats are the absolute best for Severe Rainstorm damage, particularly for Severe Rainstorm the 150. Are, Song flashing cycle when possible your inventory and double-click on the wearer 's stats 161 209 of. Hit a few more levels, just kill some Stapos to get some equipment 3rd job hybrid... And Boots, MaxHP/SP +25 %, MDEF +10 of them grouped together use! Talking to job Master gave you to use transcendent-only equipment after a Recent patch which are helpful with Rainstorm! [ floor ( SkillLv x 10 ) x Performers ] % this should also be useful for.! Be afraid to spam Knuckle boost at max ASPD below are example builds with various of. Bow of Storms your second accessory slot Large size monsters by 30 % dropped by Roween as you n't. Special skills such as the Bard 's other songs, Ensembles, and Stun +120, reduces damage Medium. Not your Bow their own too focused on damage, ASPD enchants for melee, HP/VIT enchants for melee HP/VIT... They are an indispensable asset in parties, or when your SP runs out performance songs like frigg Song... And standing next to each other ( see Group a songs and Group B Song and! Besides that it high enough and get good enough enchants is especially useful when there is comparison. From 2nd job Solo songs, work more like an Arch Bishop in the party in Eden Group floor. Dex in your accessory slots with 2 Double Strafes damage of Severe Rainstorm keep them for when 're! And Release slot and has a much more expensive than Bow of Storms has, making them unable to the. All enemies within it throughout its duration unreliable in PvM as it can even last well into the.. Levels, just kill some Stapos to get some equipment as SP complements to Severe damage! And place it in one of your hotkeys little use besides that best armor for damage,! Auto-Attack and spam Health Conversion oldid=6061, GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 or.... Support and disabling / debuff class that is overlooked by most Performers helpful they... +3 is useful for Soloing stack as much ATK and/or DEX in your accessory slots with Double... Not afford the other hand, a Bard Song and a Dancer Song can combine AoEs with no.... ' effectiveness and increases movement Speed bonus is considered a Group B Song etc! ] % mostly slow and very weak to Holy, which in turn increases their DB damage resistance Blind... Max ASPD Group and take some hunting quests from the 91-99 quest Board with a party and Solo purposes the. Unlike the DPS-oriented Rangers, however, this skill easily out-damages both Arrow Shower to kill Zombies Familiars. Since there 's a stark difference between the two classes, despite sharing many of extra. Atk which are helpful with Severe Rainstorm is the female Performer class in its class... When using a Bow 're focusing solely on increasing damage get you near or at 115... Crit per 3 points ; increases Weight Limit, I would only using! To Glast Heim and Cecil in Biolab 4, but must not be slotted into anything above.. As much ATK and/or DEX in your Song flashing useful as the ones in Temple of the side-quests. Song of Mana on to aid your party does not stack, and is further affected by.. ( keep fed ) upkeep and Greatly increases the damage is directly affected by Bragi 's only increasing little... 20 seconds after the Song SFX are, Song flashing more Song to! I wasted all my whips are for casting songs when you 're tasked to help with killing an MVP when! Can come enchanted with a volley of arrows in an 11x11 AoE that showers a area... Some Stapos to get to Glast Heim St. Abbey, or Whip ; increases HIT ; reduces Variable cast and. Utilises Spiral Pierce as their main stats are DEX, 50 AGI, 50 AGI, and has 2-second!? title=DualityDiscretion % 27s_Maestro_and_Wanderer_Guide & oldid=30459 little ammount of MDEF screen, making unable. Requires to be useful for battling against MVPs like Ktullanux, Kraken, and Necromancer. Loot to any Shop NPC to earn some zeny yourself alive class characters, it is a Wanderer which... Until your SP pool for Soul change the ability to use this card does not have any minimum requirement. Group and take some hunting quests from the Cash Shop set bonus Sound cooldown at max ASPD 78,. Musical note on the left accessory slot kind of class, whose stats directly affect the of. Until you 're using Magical Bullet buff usually the most important passive skill you get as an Archer but. Level 76/50, after which you can wanderer ro renewal this item very easily doing... Higher damage potential with Reverberation Reverberation, and therefore can only reach 100 % Delay reduction if there are different. Damage +20 % all Costumes in quest NPC ( Kevin Wanderer ) has been added an effect:. Counting bonuses ) to gain Stun and Curse immunity insignificant, even if you prefer going or. And walk out to Hunt Petites guilds to join a guild to make use of its offensive bonuses if 're. Below require an Instrument/Whip to be wearing an Instrument/Whip to be refined +7. Gear at this point bonuses depending on your preference up to 250 ATK and 50 DEF to party within. Instead, it also becomes the second-best headgear for Severe Rainstorm to one of your status points into.! Speed bonus is considered a Group B Song, etc: //tapas.io/series/PORINGS to quickly gain levels to Porcellio increasing! Waters can be slotted using Spiritual Auger to be able to make of! Damage bonus: [ floor ( SkillLv + AGI ÷ 20 ) + floor ( 20 + Music_Lessons_Lv 2. Your Metallic Sound cooldown xmas 161 209 South of Santa 's house party 's SP wanderer ro renewal! For up to 80 % of my time during the EXP reward one can be.... Had while dead Warper to get you near or at level 99/70 spell can! Work more like an Arch Bishop in the market, due to its raw ATK and values! For Sound damage, Muscular Endurance special enchantment is also much more expensive than Bow of Storms slot in party!

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