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The Brooklyn Bridge is a popular landmark in the New York City. Brooklyn Bridge had existed for the longest time in the United States. It is also one of the longest bridges in the United States. The bridge has a length of 6016 foot. It extends over the East River. It is connected with the Manhattan and Brooklyn boroughs. It has a neo gothic design. It was open to be accessible by the public in 1883. It is the world’s longest suspension bridge.


The architecture of the Brooklyn Bridge is John Augustus Roebling from Ohio. He is also well known for his architectural design of the bridge located between Cincinnati and Covington. The bridge was built in 1880. It takes 14 years to finish building the Brooklyn Bridge. During the building of the bridge, John Roebling fell ill and passed away. As a result, the project had to be postponed.

The Brooklyn Bridge3 New York Brooklyn Bridge

John Roebling contracted with the tetanus virus. He died a few days after the construction began. His son becomes in charge of the project after he died. His son also fell ill because of having to work inside the pylons that are located beneath of the river. He didn’t manage to recover from the illness so his wife, Emily took over the project. His wife, Emily supervises the construction of the bridge. She did her best to provide instructions to the foremen. Emily is the one who supervise the building of the bridge. When the bridge was opened in May 1883, Emily led more the vehicles and pedestrians to cross the bridge. At that time, there is about 1800 vehicles. There are 150,000 pedestrians presented at the bridge.

There was a rumor that the pedestrian bridge is about to collapse. One day, there was a pedestrian stampede on the bridge. The pedestrian stampeded occurred as a result of fear of the bridge to collapse. During the pedestrian stampede, twelve people was crushed and died.

During the early years, the bridge is used as a conveyance for horses, trolleys and streetcars. Later, it is used by the automobiles and cyclists. Pedestrians are also allowed on the bridge.

After the 11th September attack, people use the Brooklyn Bridge to exit the Manhattan town because of the close down of the subway station. The bridge was not mended to sustain such a high traffic. Despite that the three separate systems designed by Joe Roebling successfully handle the high traffic volume.

The Structure

The Brooklyn Bridge is built above the East River. It is located 1595 feet above the East River. There are two high stone towers. Each of the high stone towers is equipped with Neo Classical archways. Brooklyn Bridge has a length of 6016 feet and a width of 85 feet. It also has four steel cables. The steel cable has a length of 3578.50 feet long.  It was opened in 1883. The length of the Brooklyn Bridge is twice times more than the second longest suspension bridge in the world.

The Bridge in Popular Culture

Brooklyn Bridge is a popular culture icon in the United States. It has been featured in several movies such as Deep Impact and Gangs of New York. More recently, it is featured in movie called “The Fantastic Four”. The bridge is also a discussion subject in the Ken Burns documentary. The Ken Burns documentary is broadcast on PBS television. David Cullough talks about the Brooklyn Bridge in his best selling nonfiction book. The bridge offers inspiration for major artists such as Walt Whitmand, Frank Llyod Wright, Hart Crane and Georgia O’Keefe.

 New York Brooklyn Bridge

Several festivals were held to commemorate the 125th anniversary since the opening of the bridge. The festivities were held on the 22nd May 2008. The first event in the 125th anniversary festival is the Brooklyn Philharmonic at the Empire-Fulto Ferry State Park. During the festivals, many information tents and lectures were organized. The festival also features a miniature golf course that exhibit the architectural icon in Brooklyn. Before the festival took place New York had setup a video link with London. The video link allows the people in New York to watch the people marching at the Tower Bridge in London. The anniversary celebration causes the new pedestrian to be connected to DUMBO.

Visiting the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge continues to be an important bridge in the United States. There are 6 traffic lanes on the Brooklyn Bridge. The center lane is used by pedestrians and cyclists. There is no charge for passing the Brooklyn Bridge. It takes about 20 minute to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is being crossed by hundreds of thousands of vehicles per day. Thousands of pedestrians and cyclist use the bridge every day. Buses and Lorries are prohibited from using the bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge can be accessed from the Tillary/Adams Streets and Sands/Pearl Streets. If you are located at Manhattan, you can enter the Brooklyn Bridge from FDR Drive or Park Row. You can also enter the Brooklyn Bridge from the direction of Chambers/Centre Streets, and Pearl/Frankfort Streets.

The Brooklyn Bridge1 New York Brooklyn Bridge

If you are using the pedestrian walkway, you can gain access to the Brooklyn Bridge from Tillary/Adams Streets. Pedestrian can also arrive at the Brooklyn Bridge through the staircase located on Prospect St. Prospect St. is situated between Cadman Plaza East and West.

Nearby the bridge, there is a 70 acre park, restaurants and hotels. The 70 acre park has a large indoor recreation center. Tourists can enjoy the night view of the New York City from the Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge has been well lit with lights since the 1980s.

The Brooklyn Bridge is often filled with visitors. It is important that you keep the bike lane. You also must look out for the bicycle that is using the bike lane. While traveling on the Brooklyn Bridge, you can watch the famous buildings in Manhattan. Some of the famous buildings you will see while traveling on the Brooklyn Bridge include Empire State Building and Woolworth Building. After you have finished walking the Brooklyn Bridge, you can exit through the Brooklyn side. When exiting the Brooklyn Bridge, be sure to head south and keep walking until you reach Old Fulton Street.  Once you reach the Old Fulton Street, you must turn right. When you turn right, you will see Grimaldi.

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