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I also noticed a higher forge rate for myself when I was able to max this skill. It is advisable to just get the pre-requisite for the Pushcart, which is Level 5. Their only weakness lies in the fact that they only have 1 multitarget AoE spell (Cart Revolution) that has knockback and limited range, making it hard to target with. Ragnarok Blacksmith Battlesmith Butcher Guide. Forging is theoretically linked to the following factors: 1.) Mocking or Immune? There were many times when I thought my build sucked, and I even made 4 smiths after Waukeen trying to see if other builds were better. This guide is intended for new players who would like to play around with Whitesmith. Axes have better damage and attack speed, which is compensated with the lost of the buckler. My Plan Stats: Str 50; Agi 76; Vit 70; Dex 70; Most Valuable Player (Against Bosses). I. WIZARD EQUIPMENT. War of Emperium – Tank Support 3.) Go and tank the warp portals and spam Hammerfall. Mammonite: The supreme sacrifice, yet the most glorious attack in the field of battle. This is at Job Level 35. He is also one of the best melee classes since he has adequate Hit Points and can wear armor that is second best only to Knights. Hilt Binding (1) 2.) Any Helm that gives you additional Strength. PVP: 0/5; MVP: 0/5; WoE: 0/5; — Is this even a question? Simply Register here in Coins.ph and get 600 Rok Points Registration Promo. Try to get all your armors to at least +6, and your chains to +8. The blacksmith can kill monster easier than other class. He will never take up arms to fight, but his weapons will be etched forever in the lore of historians as their blades will be the finest and deadliest of them all. Dexterity gives a bonus of .1% in forging. For the Hybrid, you can go: 100 Str, 60 Vit, 60 Agi, 50 Dex, and 30 Luck (with bonuses). In short, the Hybrid can be both a Tank Support and a Tactical Killer. ALL SERVERS [All] God's Item | New Version . Butcher Build (MvP, MVP, Tactical Killer, Emperium Breaker) Popularized by: Riffy, from iRO. For WoE, this build is great for offense and defense. Alright, this is the blank page, ready for you to edit for this job. Sad to say that site closed down the Ragnarok section, so I?m not sure if it’s still available for viewing. The Pure Forger reaches his best at level 99, when he is able to max the two primary forging stats (Dexterity and Luck). 1. 500 White pots will keep him alive till the last second. In the middle is the road of the BattleForger. Discount: One of the defining skills of the merchant, this skill allows him to haggle with the NPC sellers of various items. Pure Forger The classic and stereotypical build of the blacksmith is that of the Pure Forger. Weapon Perfection eliminates the disadvantages of battling enemies that give you damage penalties because of the size. Level 2 Weapon Forging Requires - Golden Hammer x 1. In this server, Monk’s Asura Strike are boosted since you could choose not to level up DEX anymore and put those stats to INT which also speeds up the cast time. If you are going for a PvP/WoE build, it is highly advisable you max this skill, seeing as this will be spammed more times than Mammonite. 5. BAPHOMET Hahaha.. yep its possible. Blacksmith Skills After reaching at least Job 40, a merchant has earned the right to become the Blacksmith. Axes deal more damage because they are stronger and they can be used faster compared to Maces. But their time is over. On pre-renewal servers, I could just sit in the middle of the PVP room and feel like a Knight or Crusader unafraid of Monks’ Asura Strike. All you have to do is leech it until 99. Required Equipment: Remember to wear Dokkebi armor if you can?t handle the wind spells he casts. Don?t forget the 1-1 defense bonus of Vitality as well. Boots of Hermes over Green Boots Why the hell do you want Green Boots? This helps in two ways. This was useful pre-Comodo, because Eluniums and Oridecons were hard to come by. Note: Skill level shown are in final form.Example: When 120 skill point or more is used and reach 2nd trans job– job level 40, Skill Crazy Uproar have total 20 skill level. Player versus Player 2.) The VIT to HP conversion as well as not so high end armors favors the Knight over the BS. Equipment in Ragnarok Online can be 'upgraded' or 'refined' by upgrade NPCs in each major towns to make them more powerful. With Mammonite, he is a terrible opponent in the arena. Dec 19, 2020 under Patch Notes. Middle Headgear: Elder Willow Carded Sunglasses. Discount (10) 2.) Anvil (Iron, Oridecon, Gold, and Emperium). After that, just Mammonite away and heal. Luck Attribute 3.) Wizard Equipment Build Ragnarok Online Admin September 12, 2017. These three roads are just the beginning. The faster you attack, the faster the opponent dies. Along your travels you will pick up several items which you can sell to other merchants. INT Equipment Upper Headgear: +7 Mage Hat(green) or Elder Willow Carded +7 Circlet or +7 Crown. Leveling for a Blacksmith is also equipment oriented. 2. Hypothetically, the best Pure Forger build would be something that would maximize everything that is listed above. The Pure Forger is one of the most coveted classes at the middle of the game. As it stands today, there is no other class that will match the destructive melee capabilities of the Battlesmith (until Juno comes anyway). Even more, Luck can be attributed to several successful forging attempts later on in your career. When another Smith Mammonites you and deals 1000 damage, with the reydric, it will be a hundred less. For WoE, what can a Hybrid do? Both in PvP and MvP, the Battlesmith is a force to reckon with, and only a few jobs can stand up to it in a battle to the death. Since the improved drop rate patch, this skill became useless. Actually, the real end-game weapon for forger is MJOLNIR. 1 Ragnarok Online 1.1 Broken Equipment 1.2 Gear Switch 2 Ragnarok Online II 2.1 Durability 3 Costumes 4 Patches In RO, each … Cancel Unsubscribe. That very flame enters your nerves, boiling your blood. A Battle Blacksmith's main skills revolve around the theme of self-buffing to increase damage. Weapon Research gives you a bonus of 10% more damage and Power Thrust gives you an additional 25% more. It also gives bonuses to your minimum and maximum damage every 10 points (+3/+4/+5/+6/+8/+10/+12/+13/+14). Since the build relies heavily on attack speed, critical chances will highly improve. (with bonuses). Use total 40 skill point at Merchant ... Read moreMerchant – Blacksmith – Whitesmith – Mechanic 2) Updates _____ November 23rd, Allowed www.neoseeker.com to post my guide, updated and fixed some spelling and skill descriptions. Enlarge Weight Limit (5) 5.) Altiregen tells you to find Mitehmaeeuh, a female blacksmith. EDDGA Eddga is actually one of the easiest bosses around. Like Discount, this can be level 10, but I suggest you keep it to 9. Anyway, as Butcher, you are going to focus on STR and AGI. There will be other paths that will be open. Easily the most powerful of all the 2nd classes, the Blacksmiths sport damage equal to that of the trans 2nd classes(except their own trans class of course). Our true powers come from striking steel and flesh with our hammers. This build is not advisable for MVP situations. This guide will later tackle the other two types of blacksmiths, which will show how powerful and diverse a blacksmith can actually be. My opponent here is a Butcher. Upgrades above +10 use a different system, and it is … It moves through your insides, crushing every wall of resistance. Overall the Hybrid is everything you will be able to find in a Blacksmith. I hope you enjoy reading it. This is personal preference. That will be a little easier. You really have to ask for this? My favorite build. Their names have now faded in the ancient scrolls of history. This guy is one of the best things to MVP. As stated earlier, this is another essential skill. Let’s rock the Ragnarök! It?s much cheap then overupgrading an MG. +6 Adurate Cap > +4 Magestic Goat. You need to have a priest though to do this one effectively. Lvl 3 Cart Revolution Lvl 5 Over Thrust Lvl 10 Weapon Perfection Lvl 10 Weaponry Research Lvl 5 Skin Tempering (5 SP more after Breakthrough) Lvl 5 Skin a Flint Lvl 1 Enchanted Stone Craft (to get Magic Fuel) Cart Revo Whitesmith. If we are to talk about defense, he can do what the Vit Smith can do, which is to spam Hammerfall. The skills you learn are a testament to this assertion. Power Trust: This skill goes hand in hand with Adrenaline Rush, making battlesmiths unstoppable in the field of battle. Weapon Perfection: Weapons deal different damage depending on the size of the opponent. The damage you take will be minimal, due to your high defense and Vitality. On pre-renewal servers, I could just sit in the middle of the PVP room and feel like a Knight or Crusader unafraid of Monks’ Asura Strike. To the right side is the path of the Battlesmith. Suggested Stats: Str 70-90; Agi 50-90; Vit: 30-70; Dex: 38 – 60; It?s definitely Vitality. 6. 2nd wave ka, locate your target/s (my favorites are Wiz, Monk, Assassin… stay away from the Rogue). Check out various builds like Cart, Agi, and Crafter/Forger. Immune Manteau – If you are going Tank Smith then go ahead and go for it. There is also no need to get the Comodo merchant skills except maybe for the Cart Change skill later on. Introduction II. His critical attacks are also a thing of beauty, especially if you are using an axe (1k++ crit on Minorous ^^). Then head back to the Blacksmith Guild and talk to Guildsman (Altiregen) again. You may want to wear Aqua Armor, so as to take less damage from the spells he casts. A partir du +4, les Enriched seront utilisables. It also helps in Potion-HP ratio recovery, as well as the maximum Hit Points you will be able to have. the wizard! Here?s a good point to think about. If you are soloing, be wary of the Orc Archers that he summons. Though Crusaders and Knights are still more efficient Tanks, so you shouldn’t rea… IMHO A Butcher BS is a WoE BS. Or if you?re going to Pyramids B2, bring an Ice Swordmace/Ice 2H Axe and a Brutal Buckler. Forging Skills (All at level 3) 5.) But people say it just gives random drops. The fires of the forge embrace your very soul, calling you to a life of sacrifice and glory. Cons: It’s addictive. Nyak. Share Tweet Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Email + When you think to Blacksmith.Battle Smith and Forger Build are first in your mind.But Bs have one another build that interest.This is a guide for Blacksmith Critical Build. Offensive Gear: Triple Bloody Chain – Orc Dungeon 2, Sphinx 3, PvP, WoE. But here’s mine… Merchant Skills. Now that we have listed the specific goals of the Battlesmith, we can now delve into builds that will be able to satisfy the needs of those goals listed above. You can promise them elemental weapons later on when you find yourself capable of forging powerful weapons. At this stage, Mammonite, if built right (aka butcher) has the best DPS in game. Note: Be sure to overupgrade your equipment, especially the triple slotted chains and all your armors. The roads are now open. Ragnarok Online - euRO - iRO - fRO - pServer; Guides; Level-Guides; Level Guide Blacksmith - how to go 99 (german Guide) Ergebnis 1 bis 7 von 7 Thema: Blacksmith - how to go 99 (german Guide) LinkBack. Go to the the back of the Blacksmith Guild and talk to the Blacksmith Guildsman (Mitehmaeeuh) ein_in01 24 41. LOKASI+PERSENTASE TEMPA(REFINE) EQUIP WEAPON & ARMOR BLACKSMITH HOLLGREHENN PART 4 ~ RAGNAROK ORIGIN Shugoid in Action. Blacksmiths. It can also mean that one or two of your blows connect at the perfect and most critical time. You won’t need more than 50 Whites to take this guy down. A hybrid smith can also switch to critical mode, which will help him break the Emperium easily Fire Swordmace + High Strength + High Attack Speed + 20 Crit = Dead Emperium). Hammafall!… In PVP it’s… LET’S DUEL… FADE!… 11111111111111111”. Celebrate Christmas Festival with Ragnarok Online MSP, there are many activities that give you special privileges. Enlarge Weight Limit: This gives merchants extra strength to be able to carry more equipment in their travels. You will be the very last to fall. As a Tank, you’re going to focus on VIT and AGI (FLEE). I wont bother explaining the other MVPs. DIE HOOMAN!”. Legends say that some Blacksmiths can reach 120 or even 130 Strength. I would rather have +1 more Agility to help attack speed and flee because you never really reach Red Life in the first place. The rest of the points you can put in forging/refining skills. Introduction The fire of the forge beckons to you. Imagine a fully upgraded Vit Knight? Other sites also say it is practically useless. Weapon Research: All smiths, regardless of type, will get this skill. He is the most smith-friendly of all MVPs. Pushcart: A merchant cannot burden his back forever with all his wares. Other than that, it has Discount, Overcharge, and Vending which made me use it MOST of the time since I used to be trader. (You can only have a maximum of 50). As stated earlier, it is not advisable to max out Agility. Let?s take all his good points. It crawls through your entire body, entering the pores of your skin. This opens up the vending skill. Blacksmith Skills. As one of my favorite smiths in iRO said, “Strength is to Blacksmiths as Agility is to Assassins.” All the builds I will be proposing will rely on a minimum of 100 Strength (with bonuses). Hammafall!… In PVP it’s… LET’S DUEL… FADE!… 11111111111111111” My favorite build. Repair Weapon: When weapon breaking is implemented, this skill will be a must. If the opponent makes the mistake of focus firing on you, then you did your part. If you are a battle type, it is highly recommended that you max this skill. This will probably be the longest chapter in this guide. notice. Strength for the brute damage, and Agility for the Attack Speed bonus (thus the Butcher). Maximize Power: This skill enables a blacksmith to deal his maximum damage always until he exhausts his SP. In WoE, no Thara means death, unless naka GTB ka. This is why I had to change my Tanksmith’s DEX from 50 to 70. But in my planned stats below, I didn’t go for 100 VIT since I’m going for PVP more rather than WoE. “The Only Gamble I know that actually profits…”. 3) 5.) Average VIT and below average DEX, just enough to hit opponents or stun low VIT opponents. If you rush in the opponent’s agit, be sure to pack an unfrozen armor. Merchant Skills Before you hold the right to wear the white shirt of the smith, you must first earn this honor by living the life of the Merchant. By the way, for SKILL BUILDS, please refer to this post. Or stand near the back entrance and wait for several MVP parties to start hanging around (Clue: When level 99s come in, Orc Lord is about to come out). The attack speed of your Mammonite will be rather slow, allowing the Hunters to DS their way to MVPhood. But the only rare thing you?ll get is an orc helm from the Orc Skeleton. Cons: Loses against Tanksmith, Mammonite is Costly; The Tank or Vit Smith is a rather hard nut to crack. Level 1 Item Appraisal > Level 5 Enlarge Equipment > Level 10 Overcharge > Level 8 Discount > Level 10 Pushcart then go quest for Cart Revolution. Orc Lord takes a while to kill, so be ready to pull out White Potions from your Cart. Blacksmith Leveling Guide Leveling was best explained by Riffy in his guide, which was posted in www.ro-world.com. This is but a guide, to show you alternatives and choices made by blacksmiths in the past. Loading... Unsubscribe from Shugoid in Action? Ive done it numerous times already. Hammerfall: The wind roars in defiance as the earth rumbles. Come Join Our Community Fan Page in Facebook, How to get FREE Infinite Stat and Skill Reset in Ragnarok Mobile, How to Speed up Bluestacks for Ragnarok M. There are 3 types of refining: Stone, Iron, and Steel. His drops are good, including the MG, which is popular for overupgrading these days. If you need any help, go the Job Template Example page so that you have an idea of what you are going to do. – Higher chance of forging since he has 99 dex 99 luk. He may not be a good tanker as the Tank Smith, but you will be able to make up the less Vit with more Potions. Hey, seriously? ... , you may say otherwise, but most blacksmiths out there are Forgesmiths. They need this since they carry a lot of their wares at the beginning of their young careers. Look no further, 99porings.com got you covered! PVP: 5/5; MVP: 3/5; WoE: 4/5; Ragnarok online blacksmith upgrade weapon For the offensive weapon, the Butcher uses Two-Handed axes. Your email address will not be published. "Place unit quote here." This is a essential for merchants and smiths. What is a Whitesmith and Why play it? Registriert seit 05.05.2007 Beiträge 167 IG-Credits 0 Thanks 14. It crawls through your entire body, entering the pores of your skin. This is one of the most powerful abilities of the Blacksmith, be sure to get it to at least level 3 if you plan on being a Battle type. Your ultimate ragnarok mobile guide for Merchant, Blacksmith, and Whitesmith! I had no FAQs or guides to help me make this. To Start Forging: Double click on the respective equipment listed above in your inventory. As Juicy (iRO) said in his guide for MVPs, Eddga rocks because the footskin (which sells for 3-4M) is both an MVP and a ground drop. He drops good rares too (Bloody Axe, Grand Circlet). I suggest a total of 100 Vit though, or 80 vit + Stalactic Golem Card as preparation once the Chixilog Dancers Arrive. Monster versus Player (Fast Leveling) 5.) Vending: A merchant without a store is not a merchant. Personally, I go for the Mocking Manteau. At the same time you are not limited to purely defense, as a Hybrid has the capabilities and skills of a Butcher Smith. Pantie Set, Bloody Boned 2H Axe[2], Raydric Card, Matyr/Verit/Hermes, Brooch/UPG_Clip of Muscle. ORC LORD Orc Lord has always been my favorite. Ragnarok Blacksmith Critical Build Guide By admin May 29, 2017 13 Comments. The first one would be SLUGGER?s build, which is mainly Vitality. For merchant skills, a Pure Forger should no longer bother with getting the battle skills. agi-dex-luk(ADL) sniper . Anything lower than that is punishment because of the extremely slow movement rate. You have to balance everything out, because if you dont, you might end up quitting out of boredom or frustration. Hammafall! Leveling with a Hybrid is a pain at the start, especially if you make the mistake of Hybriding early. Ragnarok Online Blacksmith Complete Guide, Ragnarok Online Getting Started in the Market Guide, Ragnarok Online Mage Build to Level Up Fast Guide, Escape From Tarkov Performance Optimization Guide. Leveling Guide V. Job Change Guide a. Novice to Merchant b. 1.) Yralyn's Complete Combat Blacksmith Guide Yralyn's Complete Combat Blacksmith Guide Table of Contents I. Thursday, 5 May 2016 . It soars through your bloodlines calling out for the center of your being. Merchant b. Blacksmith c. Comodo III. Strength is simply a must for Battlesmiths and BattleForgers. Weapon Research (10) 3.) A partir du +7, les Blacksmith Blessing seront utilisables. For the basics, here is what I recommend: Level 13-20: Rockers Level 21 – 30: Peco Peco/Boa Level 31 – 40: Elder Willows Level 40 – 53: Bylan 2-3 Level 53 – 60: Bylan 3-4 Level 60 – 75: Zen Orc/Cobold Level 75 – 80: Sphinx 3 Level 80 – 99: Sphinx 4, Pyramids B2, CT 4 (High Orcs). The first one is the easiest, which is to simply leech. Some items are also for transcendent classes only. Leveling at the Zen Orcs is way faster and less cost. Be sure to first use a Fire Swordmace and Cart Revolution to clear out his initial mob. How to Complete the Blacksmith Job Change Quest. You can even add parasite card to that and turn that 10k damage to 7000. I say you go for 60 Strength first, then go 60 Agility, follow it up with 20-40 Vit, then maximize Strength before going back to Vitality. Which will you take? Instead of spamming Mammonite, he will be letting lose Hammerfalls to do area-stun effects. He can and will do everything. This skill is very useful in the field of battle. Mocking Manteau for Hybrids Here is another point for debate. Strength bonuses come in 10s (+1/+4/+5/+8/+10/+12/+13/+15/+17/+19). Check out Revo-Classic version. But definitely get it up to at least 9, since you will be making your money by using this skill. “In woe, it’s… Hammafall! Increasing this skill increases the movement speed while equipping a cart. He can literally take down people with one or two attacks. Spam mammonite as well as potions. The fires wrap around your pounding heart, and it is there that the ultimate forge is found. Pros: Well Balanced, Tanky in WOE, HAMMAFALL!, Can Easily Reach 190 ASPD, My Life in Ragnarok My gameplay moments in Ragnarok. The 60 Vitality is there to keep Stun in check. A Ranked level 90+ Forger earns around 2m-10m every day. First get a triple Ancient chain. At around level 75sh, you can probably take on Minorous. It’s pretty basic. Unlike the Pure Forger, which has a linear build, the Battlesmith can adapt different philosophies in regard to their stat build. Suggested Stats: Str 50-70; Agi 50-80; Dex 30-70; Vit 50-90; The equipment can be sold to NPCs, but it is not possible to re-do those quests after Transcending. Welcome to the world of the blacksmith, the world of your soul. The Pure Forger should focus on the following skills: 1.) Cart Revo Blacksmith. Though most people will recommend you to get level 10 Discount, it is actually more advisable to get it only up to 9. Wizard Build Ragnarok Online. Hopefully, you are excited to try out the new features that the update is bringing. Just follow the trail of dead bodies in Orc Dungeon 2. Since the build relies on Flee for defense, then it should ideally take minimal if not no hits from the opponent. You will be able to dodge key opponents with just 60 Agility. Pumping obscene amounts of STR is no longer wise as it's a waste of stats that can be placed into better areas for more dmg output or survivability.

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