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Register | Login. Fine Haji Jalili Rug 1.70m x 1.27m £POR. From China. A HEREKE RUG WEST ANATOLIA, CIRCA 1910 Hereke signature at one end, a couple of minor faults, overall good condition 6ft.6in. Private Collection Gallery Hereke; Handmade. And if so, what of the rugs with mirror scripting on the rug, are those fake? Hereke - 100% handmade. Really a work of art. Previous Topic Next Topic: fredgrower #1 Posted : Tuesday, March 09, 2010 6:17:05 PM(UTC) Rank: Advanced Member Groups: Member Joined: 2/8/2010(UTC) Posts: 239 Points: 750 Location: USA. dimensions are 7' 0'' X 5' 4'' in foot and 213 X 163 in centimeter. From China. Shop. Lovely Konya Oushak Turkish Rug - 9x12ft. An Antique Silk Hereke Rug. Is there a certain style to the signature? The carpet does not appear to be silk but rather cotton, perhaps mixed with wool. This rug is in Very Good (Repair) condition. It measures about 58″ x 80″. $836.00. The first set of warps is located in front of the second set, which is necessary to wind the threads. 860 likes. An antique Turkish silk Hereke woven rug, circa 1970. A couple more photos... Options. Materials. C $772.14. Hereke Silk Carpets. Small-format silk rugs with knot counts in excess of a million per a single square meter have become very popular among collectors and nearly a household name in home décor in the Western World . Favorite Add to Hereke Silk Rug YugalSarkar. Very finely knotted silk Hereke with signature is in very good condition and completely clean to be laid down and used immediately. So if it’s not Chinese, and it’s not Hereke because it’s not signed, and it’s not keyseri because it’s pure silk and has Hereke selvage, then who made it? Very Cute Shiraz Rug 1.23m x 0.83m £POR. €2,100. Hereke Silk Rug with Signature. AN EXTREMELY FINE SILK HEREKE RUG, TURKEY CIRCA MID 20TH CENTURY, SIGNATURE 'SHIRINYAN' approx: 5 ft. by 2 ft. 11 in. YELLOW: Second most common areas to find small signatures. C $2,470.85. There is no signature. Artists. Origin : Uniqe Turkey Hereke- Hand knotted Material : silk on silk Background with silk thread (signature) Manufacturing : hand made Size : 112 x 66cm all size with fringes (+-fringes 19cm) Unique colors. Hereke has been a unique weaving center since 1843 when the Ottoman Emperor Sultan Abdulmecid set up the Hereke Imperial factory. The dealer has assured me that it is a genuine Hereke rug. These natural rugs look beautiful and are ideal for living room rugs and bedroom rugs. 18 juin 2016 - QUM SILK RUG 264847 Dimensions 161 x 102 cm ( 5' 3" x 3' 4" ) Origin IRAN From United States. Silk, Organic Material. This ivory rug has a red border and an all over illustrated animals, birds and floral rug design. Oct 11, 2018 - Explore AlBahie's board "HEREKE CARPETS", followed by 109 people on Pinterest. Let”s have a look. suite ensuring a steady supply of the finest silk rugs to the markets around Fine Art. Turkish versus Chinese Hereke. These fine handmade rugs feature a lustrous short silk pile with a tree of life design at one end of the ivory centre field, bea... Category Late 20th Century Turkish Oushak Turkish Rugs . From shop SultansarayRug $ 3,005.07 FREE shipping Only 1 available and it's in 1 person's cart. (302 cm. I don’t why some weavers would not want to sign their work but I guess it may have to do with humility … Rugs such as Herekes are nor prayer rugs but expressions of adoration for God. Brand New. Exquisite Antique 1940-1950's Muted Dye Wool Pile Hereke Area Rug 7x10ft . The precision of their double knots (Turkish or Ghiordes knots), which allows the clear display of patterns, together with the colour combinations and the harmonious patterns, have made them highly collectible. This carpet is finely, double knotted by master knotters in Istanbul. Nice Turkish Hereke rug, mid-20th century, with beautiful floral design and beautiful colors with red, blue, pink, orange and green, entirely and finely hand knotted, with wool velve... Category Mid-20th Century Turkish Tabriz Turkish Rugs. Exquisite Antique 1930-1940s Muted Ivory Colors 7x10ft Wool Pile Oushak Rug. established within the premises of the old Hereke Imperial Factory. Antique Rug Pure Silk Rugs, Turkish Rugs Herekeh, Handmade Carpet. 11 watchers. Upper portion of the field and center of the rug: This would include general "prayer designs", in addition to examples by Zareh Penyamine and other Kum Kapour workshops in/around 19th century. Also, rural families may disapprove of individualism or straying too far from a family pattern. Beautiful Vintage Fine Turkish Hereke Rug. From United States. $65.00 shipping. Initially, Hereke carpets were mad...Read more. Many people place rugs under tables, dining sets or other large furniture pieces, making choosing the perfect size essential. 5 out of 5 stars (3) 3 reviews $ 929.00 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Antique Silk Hereke rug, Silk Turkish Hereke rug, Silk Rug, Signed Collectors … It has the feel of a silk rug and it has the lovely double-edge selvage. COVID-19 Important notice Read More. C $4,255.79. But a metropolitan rug will be signed. 10 watchers. CIRCA MID 20TH CENTURY, SIGNATURE CIRCA MID 20TH CENTURY, SIGNATURE Skip to main content Lot Content. Please Install QuickTime Player For Panoramas: Legal Notice | Privacy Statement Copyright © 2001-2003 Hereke Carpet Weavers Association. 10 watchers. View Full Details. | lot 7292 | Handknotted . I have seen Hereke with short passages from the Koran. or Best Offer. This is one of the unique original Hereke carpets. This is a rare and extraordinary extra antique handmade wool Turkish Hereke carpet. Hereke 'Seven Mountain Flower ' Carpet - signed and dated ! For a long time, they used to be produced only in Hereke, 60 km from Istanbul. Brand New. Condition: in very good condition. Was: $3,800.00. This wool and silk rug is hand-knotted in a variegated palette of ice blue, gold, cornsilk, azure, and burnt sienna. The safe place to buy your genuine Hereke rug at a fair price. Materials. The materials used are silk, a combination of wool and cotton, and sometimes gold or silver threads.[1]. From United States. beau et fin tapis hereke en soie de turquie aux couleurs douces, le tapis n'a pas d'usure et a toujours été utilisé comme nappe . A great rug commands attention as soon as you enter the room. Hereke Silk Rug with Signature. These carpets were regularly woven for the aristocracy in Europe, Asia, and The Middle East. Most Hereke rugs feature abstract  arabesque patterns; Keyseri rugs often feature realistic avian motifs. Today, Hereke carpets and rugs are still made with the traditional patterns of the Ottoman sultan, Abdülmecid I, as well as both traditional Anatolian and contemporary figurative patterns. Very Fine, Signed Antique Hereke Rug Antique Allover design | Tree of Life Silk on Silk foundation Beige Rectangle at Essie carpets or Best Offer +C $32.19 shipping estimate. 11 watchers. I have one question: recently I have seen many very fine Hereke silk rugs on auctions that had the signature Özipek. Does anybody know more about this? Hereke carpets are Turkish handmade carpets produced and sold in Hereke, a coastal town in Turkey. Genuine Hereke is a silk on silk (all natural) rug; copies are often not. I need to find photos of one I used to own to illustrate the point. From shop YugalSarkar. The Mughal carpet was exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum and was illustrated in the book called … More. 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 reviews $ 490.00 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Handmade Turkish Silk Area Rug Size 2 x 3 ft Hereke Silk Rug İnterior Design Silk Rug SultansarayRug. Turkish Hereke Rug Sponsored Link. … And of course, there are forgeries meant to capitalize of the 0 bids. DLB: World’s largest gallery shop of authentic, oriental, best quality extra large area rugs, runner rugs. Their Herekes are typically squarish and small. From United States. Having had a quick look on the internet, I saw some mention that a genuine hereke rug should have a signature of the weaver, or other distinguishing marks etc. Not all Herekes are signed. 0 bids. Most Hereke rugs are signed; Keyseri rugs almost never. Time left 4d 3h left. These carpets are known for there very finely woven silk. quality) have become collectible too; they are classified officially as Chinese 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 reviews £ 192.34 ... Hereke Rug, Turkish Rug, 3.5x7.2 feet, Vintage Rug, Floral Rug, Oriental Rug, Antique Rug, Area Rug, Oushak Decor Rug, Organic Rug, PR-4960 PASTELRUGLOVE. There are a number of ways one can spot a fake and here are some: Burn a small segment of the fringe to spot fake silk. Typical rugs featuring signatures in this area includes Hereke. I don’t fully agree with you because I have a 100% handmade silk rug with no avian motif and with the correct selvage. 15 mai 2016 - Seiden Hereke alt (Signiert), Türkei, um 1950, reine Naturseide. The safe place to buy your genuine Hereke rug at a fair price. Measures Approx: 64.5inches x 45inches: Skip to Main Content Toggle navigation × Close . Usually the inscription is in Arabic, or in Farsi (Persian) written in Arabic script. x 185cm.) kts/sqm with embedded metal threads - excellent condition. From United States. This carpet is finely, double knotted by master knotters in Istanbul. The coastal city of Hereke is located close to Istanbul, at the northern edge of the Izmit Bay. Is there a way I could send you a few pics to see what you might be able to tell me? 860 likes. Fine Silk Hereke Rug with Signature 96cm x 64cm £1400.00. I used to own a Hereke that said Better Hereke … Incidentally, I was told that Better was a well-known family in Hereke so yes the signatre may include the name of the artists. There are however several unique features to the silk rugs from Hereke which are distinguishable enough  to spare even an inexperienced buyer a substantial financial loss. But had I wanted a Chinese made silk rug, I would rather have bought it from China. The Ottoman sultan Abdülmecid I founded the Hereke Imperial Manufacture in 1841 to produce all the textiles for his Dolmabahçe Palace on the Bosphorus. Hereke Silk Signature : Hereke; Hereke Silk Signature : Hereke. Hand knotted. From shop YugalSarkar. x 4ft.9in. What I thought was a bargain of the century, really wasn't that much of a bargain, though not bad considering. Northwest Anatolia (Turkey), c. 149 x 99 cm, first half of the 20th century, comparatively old silk prayer rug with several inscriptions, vases, animal motifs and cloud bands, both the prayer field and main border are decorated with embedded metal threads, a rare, old Hereke signature in the upper right, c. 1.21 mill. I bought it in Turkey from the actual manufacturer and it was sold as Hereke. Herekes. From shop YugalSarkar. YEs, sadly this is happening in Turkey with sellers importing good but substantially cheaper Chinese Herekes and selling them as the real thing to unsuspecting buyers. A HEREKE RUG WEST ANATOLIA, CIRCA 1910 Hereke signature at one end, a couple of minor faults, overall good condition 6ft.6in. There are differences and this is why I felt compelled to study the subject and write this blog. share their skill and talent and produce the finest carpets for the imperial I haggled from US$20,000 to a mere US$1,800 (4 x 6). Hereke - 100% handmade. Rug has more than a million knots per square meter (see photo of the back of the rug), carpet is pure silk. Most Chinese Herekes are signed HEREKE – هرك (the same genuine signature) but the cartouche-like trade mark tends to appear on the kilim part of the silk rug as opposed to the pile part as is the case with genuine Turkish Herekes. (198cm. The inscriptions are commonly in ancient Ottoman Turkish and there are few people who can read them. x 89cm.) Auction Houses. W 17.33 in. Hereke rugs have very fine double-layered Turckoman-like selveges; most fakes feature simple rolled hemming sides. Time left 4d 3h left. Antique 1940's Wool Pile Natural Dye Signature Elazig Prison Hereke Rug 7x10ft. Most Chinese Herekes are signed HEREKE  – هرك  (the same genuine signature)  but the cartouche-like trade mark tends to appear on the kilim part of the silk rug as opposed to the pile part as is the case with genuine Turkish Herekes. 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 reviews $ 850.00 FREE shipping Favorite Add to 7x4.9 ft, Boho Chic Rug, Living Room Rug, Hereke Rug, Turkish Rug, Unique Home Decor, Brown Vintage Rug, Handmade Rug, Wool Rug, Bedroom Rug VintageHerekeRugs. 82 x 62 cm, condition: 2 ... on Dec 08, 2018 Saved by LiveAuctioneers 67 If you are buying a decorative item, on the other hand, origin may not be very relevant; there are beautiful Chinese Herekes; there are beautiful Keyseris. A Beautiful Machine Woven Traditional Pattern Hereke Persian Rug Originally From Iran with 100% Acrylic Heat Set. Keyseri rugs are beautiful and some may be made in silk too. DLB largest rug … See more ideas about carpet, auction, medallion design. Vintage Sino-Hereke Rug, 1990s for €1,500.00 (8/13/2020). From shop turkishrugmarket. Location; Blog ; Our Work; Who We Are; Contact Menu Home; Products; Reviews; Financing; Inspiration; About Us; Location; Contact Holyoke, MA (413) 533-3000 Request an estimate → Search Carpet from American Rug Browse 12450 … Handmade Turkish Kula Carpet Original Wool on Cott.. $8,999.00. I have been given a "certificate of authencity" but doubt if it is worth the paper it is written on! I don’t have any paperwork. We are innovators of soft flooring and proud of our fashion-forward philosophy, superior quality, and business integrity. From United States. $35.00 shipping. All Hereke rugs are made of expensive natural silk; Keyseri rugs are made of inexpensive artificial silk which is actually mercerised cotton. Rug Store. It was not until 1890 that some traders in Istanbul were allowed to sell some of the pieces made at Hereke. He gathered the best artists and carpet weavers of the Ottoman Empire in Hereke, where they began producing high-quality rugs and large carpets with unique patterns. or Best Offer +C $153.13 shipping. Origin : Uniqe hand knotted Hereke rug with beautiful colors. This means it is knotted silk-on-silk. $1,210.00. $3,190.00.

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