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100 days of coding challenge

100 days to expert coder is a reward based competitive programming cohort for coders. I want to share with you how the 100 Days of Code challenge has affected my life and recap on what I have accomplished a month in. Once I have the overall layout I want, I click a button and it gives me the code needed for the parent element and divs. More on this in the Retrospective towards the end. Next Challenge . I had to play around quite a bit with figuring out how to keep the content hidden until the user successfully logged in. I haven't done that in a long time and it was a lot of fun. Syntax Analysis in Compiler Design (Parsers), Competitive Programming with C++ : Part 1, Why Kubernetes + Terraform Is a Great idea, How to Deploy a Dockerised Application on AWS ECS With Terraform, PLC — PLC Communication with PUT/GET (S7 Communication). Now that I've had a successful day of JavaScript...building a new action that I've never seen a tutorial feels great! There seem to be two problems. 100 days to expert coder is a reward based competitive programming cohort for coders. My coding focus will be elsewhere throughout the challenge. It makes the idea of creating something like Ultima Online into something that might not be doable for me, but I can certainly understand better how it was put together. The challenge uses social accountability, transparency, and deep reflection to form healthy developer habits. Align-content took a little more thought to realize the difference between align-content and align-items but I think I've got it. I want to learn about SVG images. I will code for at least an hour every day for the next 100 days. I have a good grasp of it but would like to learn more about proper element tags and meta tags. Although I never participated in it myself, I see countless tweets with screenshots and progress reports of people sharing bits of apps they made. In addition to that rule I will try to document every days of the challenge in this medium page. This time, I went through both with no problem and not even a lot of thought. It was very satisfying to figure out the JavaScript experiment on my own. I'm not sure exactly why but again, I'll probably need to repeat chapter 7. I completed one more challenge in FreeCodeCamp's Basic Algorithm Scripting section. It's very difficult to find a comprehensive list of JavaScript projects for beginners on the internet. I've had particular difficulty with destructuring. The only rules where I had to do it at least … Luckily there aren't any requests that are too far out of my reach. Coding and learning daily right? Dive deeper into JavaScript. I'd like to make it a larger quiz...maybe 25 questions. My goal is to have multiple quizzes which all link to one high score pages that shows high scores for each quiz. With that, I want to learn how to build badges that can be earned depending on scores earned. If you don’t know what I’m on about, the #100DaysOfCode challenge is a challenge where you commit to doing an hour coding for 100 days.. And you also tweet your progress and achievements on Twitter using the hashtag #100DaysOfCode. 100 Days of Code challenges developers to code for at least one hour every day for 100 days. I just have to try not to get too hung up on it and keep the JavaScript learning going. :-(. I think the next section on object oriented programming will go smoother. Other than Flexbox Zombies, I spent a little time editing the code on this challenge page. The 100 Days of Code is a coding challenge created by Alexander Kallaway to encourage people to learn new coding skills. Here's a screenshot of the code: Once I had that built, I went into the Chrome console and started messing around with accessing the objects and arrays and combining them. I enjoy working with databases and think this could be very interesting. This is my 100 days coding challenge. I spent more time coding in these two days than I have in a while. Also...I added a day to the challenge because I was traveling home yesterday and didn't get to code at all. On the bright side, I've made it over the halfway hump of the challenge! Tomorrow is building a progress bar and then working out how to store high scores. Also, as a sidenote, since I do most of my coding at night, it's a challenge to remember to push any of my code to Github before midnight and then my Github activity shows that I missed a day. I learned a lot going this through project and have big plans to expand this into something even more awesome. This workbook will build a growth plan for Exploring, the youth program I manage. This full-stack application built using Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Google Map APIs, HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Oh well for now. Specifically, I worked on the Den page and the Leader page. This talk is about “scaling yourself” and what I learned after the #100DaysOfCode challenge. 100 Days of Code - The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2021 Master Python by building 100 projects in 100 days. Here you can learn the rules, get answers to your questions by reading the FAQ, and find out more about the community that’s growing around the challenge. I'm trying to figure out how to build multiple quizzes using one JavaScript file without a ton of duplication. I do not want a portfolio full of calculators and to-do lists. I can build the section at one set size and give it the ability to add a scroll bar if needed. Interview Notes Mock Tests Preparation Bytes Video Tutorial. Flexbox Zombies is even better for Flexbox than Flexbox Froggies so I'd like to try the developer's next game, Grid Critters, but it costs $139. @digitalarbyter on Instagram started it using the #robs100daysofcode hashtag. Colour game project — RGB colour guessing game, which is useful for practising RGB colours. I hated missing six days of reporting but I DID get a significant amount of coding practice in that time. Week 6 Also, I've gotten my first official project! Today I spent time experimenting with JavaScript. I completed the 100 Days of Code Challenge, where I coded for (almost) 100 days in a row. I started to build separate pages for each subject area quiz. I'm hoping that writing out the actions on paper will help to lay out all of the required functions in the JS. Coding today was mostly on paper. The only real coding (other than work related code) I did was a PR to BradFitz’ groupcache project. This was a valuable lesson to long as I remember it going forward. Yelp Clone — Yelp clone that allows users to review Black owned restaurants in the UK. I tried to use JSON so I could keep the questions in a JSON file but that was a bit difficult. I also spent time starting to build multiple scuba-related quiz site. Destructuring was tough but the Regular Expressions section went much smoother. This has been the most challenging section of the FreeCode Camp curriculum. Building the progress bar and scorekeeper was not very difficult but I did have to go back and check some code when it wouldn't work correctly. Even more time getting some algorithm challenges done on FreeCodeCamp's JavaScript curriculum. Let's just say it's been a particularly stressful week and has been difficult to log here and update on Twitter at the end of each day. I used W3C Schools but only as a resource. In the end, all I needed was a while statement and about two other lines of code. I have returned to JavaScript. So even though I was reading and learning stuff, I am going to count the past 10 days as just one day in my 100 Days of Code challenge, because as the name suggests, it is a code challenge. Today was my 12th wedding anniversary so I didn't want to spend a lot of time on the computer. Out of reach is a good thing. The challenge follows one simple rule: Code for at least an hour each day for 100 consecutive days. I'd also like to build more quizzes that are related and connected. The two chapters of Flexbox Zombies were fairly straightforward. I would like to start learning PHP. Strengthen my knowledge of CSS. Each student that signs up for our classes in Python, Web Development, or Java will be asked to donate just $5 if their financial situation permits. I am looking forward to finishing the Cub Scout site since I've been through so many versions. 100 Days of Code was started by a Canadian guy called Alex Kallaway. Week 1 What is 100 Days of Code? :) Target: 1.) 30 Days of Code. I'll say again...I really have to get back into learning JavaScript. Strengthen my knowledge of HTML. This talk is about “scaling yourself” and what I learned after the #100DaysOfCode challenge. More JavaScript today. I still need to add my "100 Days of Coding" challenge log to my portfolio. Back in October I was really frustrated. I'll start with multiple files and when it's working, I'll start compiling it into one clean file. I started thinking about how everything in a game can be broken down into functions, objects, arrays, etc. Today I started and finished chapter 7 of Flexbox Zombies which was all about the "flex-basis" property. Here is a screenshot of the console: It was pretty fun to practice my JavaScript and console by creating something with a game I enjoy. Post a daily progress update on Twitter detailing your learning's using the hashtag #100DaysOfNoCode 3. As such, we’re going to put a PyBites spin on the challenge. I spent my hour fixing some code on my portfolio page. Study Material . Today I continued working on my quiz. Either I overthink the problem and come up with a solution more complicated than I needed to, or I try to solve the problem using the skills I've learned most recently when the problem really needs a skill that I know and understand, but haven't been exposed to in a while. 100 Days of Code challenges you to code for 100 days. 100_DAYS_OF_CODE. RESTful API blog — Blog application that lists books written by black authors. The application was developed using Node JS, HTML, CSS in the Semantic UI framework. This coding challenge will result in the building of a simple recipe page. I feel like I am really mastering HTML and CSS. I was only able to spend an hour coding today and spent that working on the FreeCodeCamp curriculum. The debugging section of FreeCodeCamp went much smoother than some previous sections. Next I'm working on a MailChip contact form for the site and then I'll get to the last couple of pages. Day 36 was a great day for coding! I've thought about coding before of course but this time I really was working out the problem so I would have a plan of attack when I got home. I worked on adding social media contacts and getting them styled properly. Git 3.) Prior to this, I‘d tried learning how to code several times but wasn’t consistent so I would often find myself re-learning concepts like variables, loops and functions. However, I had to add two days to the end of my challenge so that I can keep to the full 100 days. I need to get into the habit of making sure I push some of my work to Github before midnight. I am going to start a coding challenge for myself, 100 days of coding at least 2+ hours everyday. Then I had a long visit with family so there was no real coding today. Throughout this challenge, I gained the the following technical knowledge: React Native App — throughout May I participated in a remote month-long Code First Girls Hackathon and in a team of 5 created a prototype app. The rest of them are free. I know I can...I just need more practice. And you should join me. I want to finish the Cub Scout site soon so I can get it launched. Week 5 Most of the challenges fall under the category of 3 main rules: Work on your habit for minimum an hour every day for the next 100 days* Tweet your progress every day with the #100DaysOfX hashtag and the hashtag of your chosen challenge; Encourage/help at least 2 people in the challenge every day *Note that everybody’s situation is different. The plan is to develop the quiz so that with certain scores, the player will be awarded badges. I spent an hour today working on chapter 5 in Flexbox Zombies which was focused on the "flex-grow" property. This is great for seasoned coders or complete beginners. Hi guys! I've done a mix of working on the Cub Scout site and the object oriented programming challenges on FreeCodeCamp. We’re pretty sure we already do the bare minimum for this challenge though. This covered the "order" property of Flexbox. This has been a very satisfying few days for JavaScript! I also spent some time going through Flexbox Froggies and Grid Garden. This is my 100 days coding challenge. If I want to cast a certain spell, there is a function that is checking my character's skill level, reagents available, mana level, the stats of the target, any stat modifiers the character might have, etc. Then I tried Grid Garden to get a handle on CSS grid. The tutorial just included one quiz and one page for high scores. It was pretty good and I got a decent grasp on it but the "stretch" align property still gets me most of the time. This is not how I want to get in the habit of coding but I plan on spending a lot of time on days 6-11 going back to my JavaScript lessons and hitting those hard. The example today was trying to turn a string into a new string by multiplying the original string by a given number. Black women in tech event — (I actually spoke at this event! This resource is awesome! As seen in the demo, the user can add the location of the restaurant and this featured was enabled by using the Google Maps API. That gave me a great start but now I'm going to have to figure some things out on my own. I can't seem to remember to I will be redesigning the website for Pathways Unitarian Universalist Church from the ground up! I've been bad about not adding alt tags to my images and I also had a couple of mismatched h tags. This was done using local storage. First of all, I finally got back to really working on JavaScript. The basics are 2 rules: Code for one hour a day; Post you progress to Twitter using the hashtag #100DaysOfCode; How I approached this challenge. Join 30 Days of Code… Flex-wrap is pretty easy to understand. It seems pretty straightforward. I need some help in a couple places but I'm getting pretty comfortable with arrays and objects and I like how they store information. It seemed like it was explained thoroughly but I still don't firmly grasp it. All coding the last few days was to make progress in the ES6 section of FreeCodeCamp. Frontend Development Start Date: 12/07/2020 End Date: 7/11/2020. 100 Days of Code is basically setting yourself the challenge of coding everyday for 100 days. I haven't touched FreeCodeCamp in several weeks until today so I'd really like to get back into it. I'm trying to figure out how I will eventually display badges once criteria are met. (That’s what PyBites is all about!) Once I got to my hotel, I went through chapter 7 of Flexbox Zombies and learned about the "flex-basis" property. If I start a specific quiz, I need that "start" function to use one value for about three different constants and a different value for those constants if another quiz is started. Strengthen my knowledge of CSS. I think it has more to do with the size of the content (specifically images) than anything but it's something I need to continue refining. I coded it to save and display the top five high scores. I added a new property to the "reputation" objects which was "title" and gave it a "value". The first game I played to learn Flexbox was Flexbox Froggy. I also need to learn more about media queries and some of the more advanced animations in CSS. Hey everyone! The 100 Days of Code Challenge is a commitment to code for at least an hour everyday for 100 days and you have to tweet your progress everyday as well. For this challenge, I have some goals: I will work through this challenge and accomplish these goals using a variety of sources and education, including: With full-time work that involves a lot of travel, a wife and two kids, and managing a Cub Scout pack full of little guys and girls, this challenge is going to be...a challenge. If both match, an alert displays "Logged In!". Right now I'm using separate JS files for each quiz but I'd like to get to where it can all work from the same JS file and use unique identifiers for constants. I need more practice using Github so I can keep a good record of all code work. Using courses from Udemy and resources from Youtube. I am a morning person and usually start my day around 6am. The basics are 2 rules: Code for one hour a day; Post you progress to Twitter using the hashtag #100DaysOfCode The more I do these challenges, the more I realize I have absorbed, even if it's still work to recall the correct action. Lots of time on FreeCodeCamp today working through a few more challenges in the Basic Algorithm Scripting section. Wouldn't it be nice if you actually built a new JavaScript project each day? To be short and precise, anyone who wants to learn to code/ improve their coding skills. Not much coding today. Once again, I tried an over-complicated solution to an algorithm problem. :) Target: 1.) I feel pretty comfortable with CSS but need to practice CSS Grid more to get a better understanding of responsive grids. Today's coding time was spent on fixing some things on my portfolio page.

Curfew In Texas 2019, Compare And Contrast The Cycladic Minoan And Mycenaean Cultures, Tuberous Sclerosis Baby, Harvard Globalwe Essay Contest, Flips Restaurant Mountain City, Tn, Gifting A Car In Florida, Milligan College Final Exam Schedule, Dot Cylinder Requalification Facilities, Portfolio School Pods, Red Arrows Practice Times 2020, Raspberry Latte Fig,

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