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Yankee Stadium is situated in the Bronx section in New York. It occupied one of the building in the 161st Street and River Avenue. It is home to the Yankee baseball team. The Yankee baseball team had been occupied the place since 1920s. The stadium regularly hosts boxing and football competitions.

Yankee Stadium is operated and managed by the state of New York. It is one of the most popular landmarks in the New York City. The stadium had played significant role throughout the history including Great Depression, World War II and September 11 event. The local residents often visit the stadium to cheer their favorite football team.

Yankee Stadium3 New York Yankee Stadium


It was originally built in 1923. The construction of the stadium was able to complete through the help of Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth was a famous baseball player in United States. His fame attracted millions of fans to watch the games. The profits from the tickets was used to fund the building of the stadium the stadium has three storey. When the building was finished, it becomes one of the largest stadiums in the world. The Yankee Stadium is used to host major football league. The All Star Game was hosted three times at the Yankee Stadium. The major league, World Series was hosted thirty three times at the Yankee Stadium. The stadium was underwent refurbishment in between 1937 to 1967.

In 2006, a similar stadium was built in a land across the Yankee Stadium. The construction of the new stadium costs $1.3 billion. It was opened in 2009. The old Yankee Stadium was demolished after the new stadium is being built.

Things to See in the Museum

The Big Bat

The big bat is the 138 foot pipe located near the entrance of the New York Yankee Stadium. When you enter the stadium, you will see the big bat. Louisville Slugger created the big bat. The company made the big bat to resemble the hat of the famous baseball player called Babe Ruth.

The Stadium Façade

The stadium façade is one of the most noticeable features of the Yankee stadium. On the roof, there are several white arches. The arches are made from copper. However, it was painted in white color in the 1960s. The stadium was refurbished in 1970s to improve its facilities. During the renovation process, the façade was removed from the stadium to make way for its replica. The replica façade is hung over the billboards and scoreboard. There are several discussions as to whether they should construct the façade on the deck roof in the upper region.

Monument Park

The monument park is situated in the Yankee stadium. The monument park offers a comprehensive collection of the plaques to bring nostalgic thought to the original baseball team that played in the stadium. It generates public awareness about the history of the baseball team led by Babe Ruth. The monument park is located at the back of the left center field. Some of the monuments that you can explore at the monument park include monuments dedicated to Miller Huggins and Jacob Rupert. Miller Huggins is the team manager of the baseball team in the 1920s. Jacob Rupert is the owner of the baseball team from 1915 – 1939. Monument of Babe Ruth can be found in the monument park. Babe Ruth’s career lasts from 1920 – 1934. Joe DiMaggio is a great player that becomes famous during the 1930s and 1940s. A t the back of the monument park, you will find a memorial plaque dedicated to the people who died in the September 11 event.

Yankee Stadium4 New York Yankee Stadium

Stadium Tours

Visitors can participate in the stadium tour to explore the facilities in the stadium. The stadium is so large that it is impossible to explore all the facilities in the stadium. However, with the guided stadium tour, you will learn each function of the facility in the stadium. The leader of the guided tour will take you around the stadium to explore the facilities. The time and dates of the stadium tour will change. Visitors can find out the schedule of the stadium tour from tour organizers.

The Classic Tour

The Classic Tour allows up to 11 people in the tour group. Every group is entitled to a one hour tour around the stadium. The purpose of the classic tour is to let the public have the chance to explore the classic facilities and in the stadium. Some of the classic features in the Yankee Stadium include dugout, club house and etc. Visitors have the opportunities to explore the press box. The monument park is one of the classical features in the Yankee Stadium. The classic tour is available every day. During the tournament, there won’t be any classic tour. The classic tour is only available during the season when the Yankee is not playing at the stadium.

The Champions Tour

The Champions Tour is another guided tour offered by the Yankee Stadium. The Champions Tour bring visitors to all the places included in the Classic Tour. However, visitors who participated in the Champions Tour get to be treated to a historical film in a luxurious Adidas Suite. The visitors will learn about the history of the Yankee Stadium by watching the film.

The Champions Plus Tour

The Champions Plus Tour only allow up to 25 people to participate. Most of the time, the Champions Plus Tour has a group of twelve to twenty five people. The Champions Plus Tour include all the features in the Champion Tour. The additional feature in the Champions Plus Tour is a visit to the Club Level. Visitors will be given the opportunity to tour the Club Level for one more hour. Tour to the Great Moments Room is included in the Champions Plus Tour package. The guided tour leader will also bring the visitor to the Yankee Club. When the tour is finished, the guide will distribute a special gift for its participants. The Champions Plus Tour last for approximately 1.5 hours.

Shopping and Dining

The Yankee Stadium is equipped with a Yankees Team Store. The Yankees Team Store is situated at Gate 4.  You can find the Yankees Team store near the Big Bat. In the Yankees Team Store, you will find branded team apparel. Some of the clothes for sale in the Yankee Team Store include jerseys and sportswear. You can also buy gift items from the Yankee Team Store. If you want to bring back home a nostalgic item, you can shop for a souvenir at the Yankee Team Store. Sports clothing for all kinds of people including men, women and children are available at the gift store.

The Sidewalk Café is a small food outlet located inside the Yankee Stadium. If you happen to be hungry, you can visit the Sidewalk Café to buy food. The café is only opened when the Yankees is playing at the stadium. The Sidewalk Café is located near to the stadium seat. You can find the Sidewalk Café between Gate 4 and Gate 6.  The café offers a large range of ballpark food. if you don’t want to buy food from the café, you can bring your own food.

Yankee Stadium1 New York Yankee Stadium


The Yankee Stadium is equipped with all kinds of amenities for handicapped people. Handicapped people will be able to access the Yankee Stadium conveniently. The Access Service Center is established to provide care to the handicapped people in the stadium. Handicapped people can contact the Access Service Center if they have problem accessing the stadium. Wheelchair can be provided if the disabled person did not bring his or her wheelchair. The wheelchair facility ensures the disabled people are always cared for so that they can enjoy their stay at the stadium.

The stadium is extremely user friendly and family friendly. Children at a specific height will be allowed to enter the stadium free of charge. The diaper changing station is available on every level. Through the tag a kid program, children wear a wristband that contains their seating location.  If your kids get lost in the stadium, you can make a report to the lost children center.

Yankee Stadium NYC

Yankee Stadium is one of the most visited places in the New York City. Now and then, the stadium hosts baseball games. Sometimes, the stadium will host non baseball events. The purpose of organizing non baseball events is to bring the crowd together. The stadium is equipped with a wide range of facilities. If you want to rent any facility in the Yankee Stadium, you must contact the customer service. Some of the special occasions frequently celebrated at the facilities in Yankee Stadium include wedding, birthday party and private affairs.

Though the new stadium had been built, the local residents must be aware of the historical importance of the old stadium. The old stadium will always be the classic landmark of New York City. The Yankee stadium is located at 161st St. and River Avenue, New York.

Contact Details:

Address: One East 161st Street, Bronx, NY 10451 United States

Phone Numbers: (718) 293-0530, (718) 293-4300, (718) 330-1234


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