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Whitney Museum of American Art is situated on the upper east region of Manhattan. It is located on the 75th Street in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. It offers a large range of American art exhibition. The museum was established to give support for the artists in America. In the museum, you will find traditional and contemporary art painted by American artists.


The Whitney Museum of American Art was established in 1931. Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney suggested building the museum. She worked as a professional sculpture in the United States. When the museum first opened, it houses over seven hundred objects. The objects were donation from Gertrude. She initially attempted to offer her collection to the Metropolitan Museum in New York. However, the Metropolitan Museum refused to accept her collection. The first 20 years of the museum only exhibits those collections.

Whitney Museum of American Art2 New York Whitney Museum of American Art

Previously, the museum was located in a Greenwich Village townhouse. It had conducted relocation for two times before moving to the current building. The current building was built in 1966. The architect of the building is Marcel Breuer. Marcel is a student at the Bauhaus school. The new museum building has a height of 97 foot and an area of 30,000 foot square. The prominent feature of the museum is the gray granite. The building has an inverted pyramid structure. The interiors of the buildings have unique designs as well.

The Collection

Most of the exhibitions in the Whitney Museum of American Art feature the American culture. Up to date, the museum offers up to eighteen thousands art works.  You will find artwork in all sorts of categories. The artworks are painted by two thousand American artists. The artworks contributed by Alexander Calder accounts for the largest section of artwork in the museum.

The museum houses the largest collection of Alexander Calder works compare with other museums in the world. Edward Hopper’s artworks are quite popular in the Whitney Museum of American Art. The museum has separate section for different artists. For example, Georgia O’ Keefe’s artworks is grouped together in one section. Some of the artworks that are frequently visited by the tourists include artworks by Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns and Willem de Kooning. Keith Haring’s artworks are quite popular.

The museum offers a large range of exhibitions in different genres. You are allowed to bring your camera to take photo of the paintings. There is a section in the museum that features temporary exhibitions. Normally, the temporary exhibitions feature creative paintings contributed by the artists. The temporary exhibitions changes from time to time. The paintings displayed in the temporary exhibitions will not be displayed on the site permanently. Most of the paintings exhibited in the temporary exhibitions are obtained from the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). Recently, the television programme show has features the American Art in the Age of Technology from the Whitney Museum of American Art. The Warhol Look: Glamour Style Fashion is also included in one of the television shows.

Whitney Museum of American Art3 New York Whitney Museum of American Art

The pedestrian gallery covers an area of nine hundred square foot. The pedestrian gallery is called The Atria. The Atria is used to display temporary exhibitions. Every year, four exhibitions will be held at The Altria in the midtown Manhattan, and Grand Central Station.

Whitney museum often organize invitational exhibition to support the work of the surviving artists. The invitational exhibition are international renowned. The exhibition is organized every two years. American artists can contribute their paintings to the invitational exhibitions. Whitney museum organize the invitational exhibition to inspire young people who have special interests in art. Through the invitational exhibition, Whitney museum had acquired artworks from several well known artists such as Jasper Johns, and Arshille Gorky.

Visiting the Whitney Museum of American Art

The Whitney Museum is open for visitation from Tuesday to Sunday. It is closed on Thanksgiving day, Christmas and New Year. The ticket fee for the seniors and students are subjected to discount. Children below twelve years old can enter the museum for free of charge. The museum has very spacious room to exhibit the paintings. Each artwork is allocated with a large space so that a lot of visitors can observe it.

Guided tours are available at Whitney Museum. The tours are offered at different hours throughout the day. Visitors who are interested in taking part in the guided tour can sign up at the information booth. The guided tour is free of charge. The Whitney Museum offers a premium restaurant. The premium restaurant is ranks as the best museum restaurant in the world. Whitney museum also offers a number of programs for the families.  Families will be entitled to obtain a free family card. Free sketchbooks are provided to the families. Families can sketch their own drawings in the sketchbooks.

Whitney Museum of American Art1 New York Whitney Museum of American Art

The Whitney Museum of American Art is known for its unique exhibition. If you are visiting New York, you should come and visit the museum. Every tourist’s vacation will be incomplete without a visit to the Whitney Museum of American Art.

The Whitney Museum is equipped with several baby changing stations. The baby changing stations are located in the men and women’s restrooms. You can find the rest room n the lower level of the museum. The restrooms are located nearby to the elevator.

Visitors are not allowed to bring food and drinks into the museum. Some of the restaurants at the museum including Museum’s café, sandwich restaurant and snacks stall.

Parents are prohibited from bring the baby strollers into the Biennial galleries. If you want to bring the baby strollers, you can participate in the Stroller Tour that is organized every month. The Collecting Biennials exhibition is located on the fifth floor of the museum. If you are bringing an infant, you can fold the stroller and have it stored at the coat check. The coat check is situated at the back of the information booth in the lobby. Visitors are not allowed to bring their bags into the exhibition area. The bags must be left at the coat check.

Before visiting Whitney Museum, make sure you explain to your child the things they will see in advance. Families can participate in the Family Program organized by Whitney Museum. It is best that you come early in the morning. If you come in the afternoon, your child might be worn out. The recommended visiting length is 90 minutes. If you stay in the museum for too long, your child may not enjoy the visitt.

Contact Details:

Address: 945 Madison Avenues, 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10021, United States

Phone Number: (212) 570-3600


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