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Washington Square Park is located in Greenwich Village. The park covers a 10 acre area. It is located near to the New York University. Every day, people would visit the Washington Square Park to perform all sorts of activities including take a stroll, and walk their dogs. It is also used as an exhibition of the art. Occasionally, it hosts theatre shows. It is among the popular parks built in 1700. The park’s name is derived from the first United States president, George Washington. The Washington Square park offers a great meeting place for the local residents. You can perform outdoor activities such as picnic and hiking at the park.

The Washington Square Park has a rich history. The original site of the park was a marshland in 1800s. At first, it was the village of the Native American.  By 1700s, it was used as a site for carrying out public executions. Later, the site was used as the parade ground for the U.S. military forces.  In the late 1700s, the site was used as a burial ground for people who died from the yellow fever.

Washington Square Park1 New York Washington Square Park

During the mid 1800s, more and more people came to live in Manhattan. Manhattan becomes so crowded that it is not a good place to live. The rich resident built Greek mansion north to the park. Most of the mansions can still be seen near the Washington Square Park today.

Like other popular landmarks, Washington Square Park is also featured in books and movies. The novel called Washing Square by Henry James is a story about the revival mansions located near the park. In the movie, “Searching for Bobby Fischer”, you will observe the principal character playing chess in the Washington Square Park.

Art in Washington Square Park

At Washington Square Park, you will see a large range of statues. There are several monuments displayed in the park. The monument that receives the most attention is Washington Arch. The Washington Arch was established in 1889. It was built to bring nostalgic thoughts to President George Washington. The Washington Arch is made from wood and plaster. After many years, the Washington Arch becomes worn down. As a result, it was replaced with a new arch. The old arch was demolished in 1892. The new Washington Arch is made from marble. It has a height of seventy seven foot. The architect of the new Washington Arch is Stanford White.

In Washington Square Park, visitors have the opportunity to observe two George Washington statues. One of the George Washington statues was created by Alexander Calder. Alexander Calder is the father of a popular artist that rise up to fame in the early 1900s. Hermon MacNeil designed the other statue in the park. The statue created by Giuseppe Garibaldi is also displayed at the park.  At the center of the park, there is a huge fountain made from stone. The stone fountain was relocated to the e. 59th St. during the middle years of 1870s. The large stone fountain was originally built in the Fifth Avenue.

Washington Square Park2 New York Washington Square Park


Washington Square Park organizes a lot of concerts and theaters. Many artists performed at the park regularly. Some of the artists that are frequently seen at the park include street musicians, and mimes. If you have an interest in poems, you can write your own poems and share it with the public at the Washington Square Park. The New York University often holds commencement ceremonies at the park.

Visiting Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park can be easily accessed from all parts of New York City. You can reach the Washington Square Park through bus, and subway train. If you have a larger budget, you can take the cab to go to the park. If you live in the Greenwich Village, you can walk to the park. The park is located within walking distance from Greenwich Village. The Manhattan’s financial district is also located near the Washington Square Park.

It is a popular gathering place for the local people. Students from the New York University often go to the park to have discussion about their latest project. Chess tables are available in the park. The chess table is built in the outdoor park. Stanley Kubrick frequently visited the park to play chess during his youth. The chess table has been featured in the movie called “Searching for Bobby Fischer” in 1994.  The region where the square chess table are located I called chess district. The park also has scrabble board. The scrabble players at the Washington Square Park are featured in Word Wars film in 2004. In the movie called “August Rush”, the Washington Square Park is featured many times. The Counting Crows has a song called “Washington Square” in the album “Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings”. The song track titled “Washington Square” is the 7th song in the album. According to the New York Times City blog, a gravestone was discovered when construction work is being carried out at the Washington Square Park.

Washington Square Park3 New York Washington Square Park

You can bring your friends to park and have picnic with them. The park has a long bicycle routes. You can also perform hiking activity in the Washington Square Park. Some of the outdoor activities that you can perform at the Washington Square Park include dirt bowling game, playground, and etc. The park is not open 24 hours throughout the day. The opening hour of the park is from sunrise to 7 a.m. every day.

The Future of Washington Square Park

In 2005, the developers have put forward suggestions to refurbish the Washington Square Park. There are major improvements at the park.  A fence was built around the park. The fountain and Garibaldi Statue is relocated to a new place. The developers plan to increase the height of the land to the level of the road. Most of the plans are protested by the students at the New York City University. The local residents also protested against the suggested changes to the Washington Square Park. The reason the people protested against the changes is that there is a cemetery on the ground.

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