New York United Nations Headquarters

United Nations Headquarters is situated at the East River in New York. It is the office building for the United Nations organizations. The Secretariat building is as high as other skyscrapers in New York. The building was officially opened in 1951. Since its opening, it had been welcoming millions of tourists from around the world.

The United Nations

The United Nations was developed after the Second World War. It was established because the League of Nations was unable to operate efficiently. The United Nations is supported by many countries including France, Russia, and the United States. By 1945, it already has a membership of 51 countries. The United Nation helps poverty stricken countries around the world. The United Nations is not joined by the Vatican City, Palestine, Cook Island and Taiwan.

United Nations Headquarters4 New York United Nations Headquarters

The United Nations organizes many types of council such as Security Council, and Economic and Social Council. The Trusteeship Council and International Court of Justice are also part of the United Nations. The United Nations manage and operate several agencies including WHO (World Hunger Organization) and UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund). The World Bank and International Monetary Fund are under the management of United Nations. The agencies were established to help keep peace around the world. The United Nations had done much work to restore the peace of poverty stricken countries which could not have been done by the League of Nations.

The Headquarters Complex

The building of the United Nations complex comes into completion in 1950. The official opening day of the headquarter complex is on the 1st January 1951. The complex covers an eighteen acre site. The headquarter complex is located between the 42nd Street and 48th Street. John D. Rockefeller Junior made a donation of $8.5 million to fund the building of the United Nations complex. The developer uses the $8.5 million fund to buy the complex. Later, the construction workers began to work on the complex. The United Nations complex houses several facilities including fire fighting department and post office. The complex is equipped with a strong security guard system.

The Secretariat is the most unique building in the United Nations headquarters. The Secretariat building is designed by a group of architects. The architects involved in designing the Secretariat building are from different countries including France, Brazil and America. The French architect is le Corbusier. The Brazilian architect is Oscar Niemeyer. The American architect comes from an architectural firm called Harrison and Abramovitz. The glass sided building has a height of 505 feet and 39 stories. The narrow tip of the aerial is made of white marble. The flags are displayed in front of the Secretariat building. The United Nations display the flags of all the countries who are members of the United Nations.

United Nations Headquarters2 New York United Nations Headquarters

Visiting the United Nations

United Nations Headquarters is a top tourism spot in the New York City. Every year, the United Nations Headquarter is being visited by approximately thirty seven visitors around the world. Since the United Nations Headquarter was built, it had been receiving frequent visits from the tourists. The United Nations complex can be accessed by bus, subway train and taxi. It is recommended that you take public transportation to reach the United Nation Headquarter. Since there is no car park, it would be inconvenient to drive to the place.

The lobby always features changing exhibitions. The changing exhibitions changes from time to time. Visitors can browse the exhibitions up front. There is no entrance fee. The exhibitions cover a wide range of genres. The exhibitions focus on the United Nations’ theme. Guided tour is available at the United Nations Headquarter. You can sign up for the guided tour at the information booth. The guided tour will bring tourists around the United Nations Headquarter complex. It features a large range of art collection. The paintings displayed in the art collections are donated by the member countries in the United Nations. The complex is equipped with several meeting rooms. The General Assembly Hall is available at the complex. If you want to purchase books, you can visit the United Nations bookshop. The coffee shop is situated near to the exit area.

Guided tours are available daily. The United Nations complex building is currently under renovations. Some of the chambers will be blocked from being accessed by the visitors. During the guided tour, the guide will give a brief introduction about United Nations. The topics covered in the brief introduction of United Nations include history, structure, composition and etc. You will also learn about the architect who was responsible of drafting the design for the famous buildings situated in the East River in New York City. Some of the participating members had donated a large number of gift items to the United Nations. The guide will bring you to the exhibition chamber so that you can view the gifts donated by the members of the United Nations.

Next, you will see a number of items from different countries under the protection of the United Nations. Some of the items you will see in the next stop are ivory sculpture from China, Caribbean drums, and Royal Thai barge.

After that, visitors will see the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. There are all together thirty articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Visitors will also get to see a design created by the Brazilian artist called Octavio Roth. Later, you will visit the disarmament exhibition.

United Nations Headquarters New York New York United Nations Headquarters

Some of the artifacts in the disarmament exhibition include coins, bottles, landmines, and Escopetarra guitar. The Escopetarra guitar is created by Cesar Lopez. Cesar Lopez is a famous musician from Colombia. He is also a social activist.

In the following visit, you will stop the General Assembly Hall. The General Assembly hall is the largest chamber in the United Nations building. Every year, the members of the United Nations will come this place to have discussion about the global issues. There are one hundred and ninety two members who participated in the United Nations.

Finally, the guide will show the visitors a presentation of the Security Council, contributions from peacekeeping countries, and efforts the United Nations have carried out to attain the Millennium Development Goals.

The guided tour is not offered during the holiday season such as Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. The United Nations often organize conference at the complex. The fee of the guided tour is $12 per adult. Discounts are available for seniors above 65 year of age. Students including college student, primary school student and high school student are qualified for a discount. Children are those aged between 5 and 14. Children under five years old should not participate in the tour. If you are interested in visiting the United Nations Headquarter, you can call the customer service center at 212-963-8687.

Contact Details:

Address: 405 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017-3599, United States

Phone Numbers: (212) 963-1952, (212) 963-8687


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