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Trinity Church is located in the lower Manhattan area in the Midtown Manhattan, New York City. It is an Episcopal church. Trinity Church is the third construction on the site. The church has a beacon to give signal to ships sailing to the New York Harbor. The church was built to accommodate the religious needs of the local residents since 1698.


The first Trinity Church was constructed many centuries ago. It is claimed that the church was first built on 1698. It is among the tallest building in Manhattan during that time. The spire is equipped with a beacon to provide light to the ships that are reaching the New York Habor. It is a charity school in 1709. The first classes were organized at the church. In 1754, King’s College was built on the site. King’s College provides higher education for the local parish. The school expanded and becomes Columbia University.

Trinity Church2 New York Trinity Church

In 1776, the Trinity Church was demolished. More than five hundred buildings in Manhattan were torn down along with the church. The second Trinity Church was finished in 1790. It was dubbed the nickname “George Washington” by the local parishes. The second church was built hastily so its foundation its not firm. On one occasion, a snowstorm blew against the church. The storm was so strong that it brought great destruction to the church. The severe damage causes the church to be demolished in 1839.

The third church was built on 1846. The architecture of the third church is designed by Richard Upjohn. Richard Upjohn is known for its Gothic Revival architectural designs. The new Trinity church becomes a National Historic Landmark in 1976.

Nearby Trinity Church is Saint Paul Chapel. Saint Paul Chapel is the oldest church in the New York City. The Sunday service at the chapel is being attended by the local residents. During the 911 attacks, the chapel did not suffer damage. The people in the chapel are safe from harm. Saint Paul Chapel continues to be a shelter for the local community. It is visited by thousands of people every month.

Trinity Church1 New York Trinity Church

Trinity church is located within the proximity of the burial site of three prominent figures. One cemetery is located at the Wall Street district. The cemetery in the Wall Street district is the burial ground for Alexander Hamilton and his spouse. The Wall Street cemetery is the burial site for Robert Fulton, and William Bradford. Members of the Continental Congress are also buried in this cemetery.

Trinity church operates its own cemetery at an estate that once belonged to James Audubon. The estate is located at the Riverside Drive. Some of the family members of the Astor family were also buried on the cemetery.  The important persons buried at the site include John Jacob Astor and Clarke Moore. John Jacob Astor IV passed away on the Titanic. Clement Clark Moore is a famous American author that writes the best selling children book entitled “The Night before Christmas”. The third cemetery is located in the property of Saint Paul Chapel. The third cemetery is used as burial site for many brave people who risked their lives in the pre revolutionary war.

Community Outreach

Trinity Church has its own preschool. Parents can sign up their children at the preschool. The day care center is also available in the Trinity Church. The John Heuss Center is a charity center for poor and ill people. St. Margaret House provides housing for seniors and people who have problem moving around.

Music at Trinity

Concerts are being held in the church from time to time. The church organizes the “Concerts at One” every year. The “Concerts at One” had been held in the church since 1962. The concert is held as a long time tradition. Every parish in the New York City knows about “Concerts at One”. The Sunday service at Trinity church is broadcasted on the radio station weekly. You can listen to the live broadcast of the sermon by tuning in to WQXR 96.3 FM.

Visiting Trinity Church

Trinity Church is opened to Christians from all denominations. Trinity Church is located within the proximity of the New York’s financial district. It is located in the lower site of the Manhattan city. The South Street Seaport is situated nearby to the Trinity Church. The church can be easily accessible by public transportation including bus, subway train and taxi.

Trinity Church4 New York Trinity Church

Trinity Church has a tall tower. The tower houses 23 bells. The heaviest bell weights about 27 cwt. Out of the 23 bells, 8 bells were hung in the second Trinity church. The 8 bells were designed in such a way to change the ringing style of the church. After that, three more bells are added to the second church. There is a plan in 2001 to add twelve more bells to the church. The twelve bells was proposed to add to the church in 2001. However, the project was delayed due to the September 11 attacks. The World Trade Center is located three blocks away from the Trinity Church. The project to add the twelve bells took place in 2006. The church receives funding from the Dill Faulkes Educational Trust so that they can carry out the installation work smoothly. The project is directed by Taylors, Eayre and Smith in September 2006. The ringing of the bell happens before the Sunday service. You can also hear the bell ring after 11:15 a.m.

Trinity church offers a number of worship services every day. Every day, it holds the Eucharist service at least once.  Guided tour around the Trinity Church is available. The guided tour starts at 2 o’ clock in the afternoon. Trinity Church houses a museum. The museum features all kinds of artifacts. The artifacts displayed in the museum depict the history of the church. Visitors who are interested in visiting the museum can come between 9 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. There is a break between 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. The museum is open again from 1 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. During the weekend, the museum is opened from 10 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. On Sunday, the museum is opened from 1 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. The entrance fee for the museum is free of charge. If you are interested in visiting Trinity Church, you can call 212 602-0800 to obtain more information.

Contact Details

Address: 74 Trinity Pl Rm 1610, Manhattan, NY 10006

Phone Number: (212) 602-0800


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