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Time Square is located in the middle of the New York City. It is dubbed with the nickname “Crossroads of the World” by the local people. The building is being occupied by several large publishing companies including New York Times, NASDAQ and etc. On top of that, Time Square serves as a tourist attraction for local and international visitors. It is estimated that Time Square receives more than 26 million tourists per year. Time Square is the place where the event for the crystal ball drop is held on the eve of New Year.

In 2008, a new ball drop was debuted. The ball drop is a large LED ball that is highly energy efficient. The LED ball was dropped on the New Year eve in 2008 and 2009. The ball drop took place on 31st December every year. The new LED ball is larger than the previous balls. It is permanently installed in the Time Square. The ball drop is a major tourist attraction. It is also used during major holiday celebration such as Valentine’s Day. Every year, more than 1,000,000 people come to see the ball drop on New Year Eve.

Time Square2 New York Time Square


Time Square occupies the whole building between the 6th Avenue and 9th Avenue. It is located between the 38rg Street and 52nd Street. It is initially situated in Longacre Square. The place becomes christened in 1904 after the New York Times Company shift their offices to the block. Later, Time Square began to offer New Year’s Eve celebration to the public each year. The history of Time Square is secured.

In the early 1900s, Time Square is a gathering place for the theaters, and restaurants. Hotels were being built around Time Square because it is packed with visitors every day. During the Great Depression period, the economic downturns force all the business activity to shut down. From that time onward, the area is known for hosting adult show. People who are going to attend the Broadway theater would quickly go and return from the show so that they can avoid the place. This period is featured in many films such as Taxi Driver and Midnight Cowboy.

Some of the celebrities that have close ties with Time Square include Irving Berlin and Fred Astaire. Charlie Chapman visited the Time Square during the 1910s and 1920s. In between 1910s and 1920s, Time Square is referred as “The Tenderloin”. It was given the nickname because it is the most frequently visited places in Manhattan. During this period, many crimes and corruption took place at Time Square. Gambling and prostitutions are widespread in the Time Square area. In addition, the area is filled with many pornographic shops and adult theatres. It becomes the most infamous place in the New York City. It is also a symbol that the society had deteriorated into a worse condition. The police officer Charles Becker was arrested and executed due to its association with the illegal activities at Time Square during this period.

Time Square3 New York Time Square

In the 1980s, a commercial building was built in Manhattan. The construction of the commercial building led to an economic boom in Manhattan. The construction of the commercial building was directed by Mayor Ed Koch and David Dinkins. During the 1990s, Mayor Rudoph Giuliani orders the area in Time Square to be cleaned up. The project successfully clean up the Time Square area and attracted many tourists. Drug dealers and pornographic theaters in the Time Square area were being shut down.

The Restoration

Restoration for the Time Square complex began to take place during the early 20th century. The restoration project was undertaken by Rudy Guiliani. Michael Eisner and Walt Disney Corporation also contributed to the restoration project. Later, the old tenants of the Time Square complex moved out. Eventually, Disney built the Amsterdam theatre at Time Square. The Toys-R-Us is also located at Time Square complex. The Time Square complex is home to the ABC News’s Good Morning America show. The Virgin Record Megastore is located in the Time Square complex.

The Time Square complex becomes the center of activity in New York City. There are many restaurants at Time Square. Hotels are built around the Time Square complex. There are several theatres in Time Square. The retail outlets sell all kinds of items at the Time Square. The Time Square is featured in several movies such as Spiderman and Vanilla Sky.

The Signs

The large billboard and neon signs are among the prominent features of Time Square. The signs on the billboard is generated and controlled by a main computer system. The multi story sign on the GE building broadcast the NBC evening news.

Time Square1 New York Time Square

Visiting Time Square

Time Square complex is visited by millions of local and international visitors around the world. The TKTS booth is situated in the Time Square complex. You can purchase Broadway ticket at a cheap price at the TKTS booth. Most of the time, the Broadway ticket sold at the TKTS booth is 50 percent cheaper than the usual price. There is a Madame Tussaud’s Museum on the square. Madame Tussaud’s Museum features a large range of wax figures. The wax figures depict the celebrities in movies, politics and sports. The wax figures are so real that you would think it is real person. In the Madame Tussaud’s Museum, you will find wax figures of celebrities in the American idol, Usher and Lance Armstrong. The wax figures of George Clooney and Paris Hilton are available at the museum.

The statue of George M. Cohan stands in the middle of the Time Square complex. George M. Cohan is a broadway star. Popular songs by George M. Cohan include Yankee Doddle Dandy and Over There.

There are plenty of restaurants at Time Square. If you are hungry, you can dine in at one of the restaurant there. Virgil’s offers barbeque joint meals. Kodama offers a wide range of sushi. Ruby Foo offers Asian dishes for customers. Edison Café is a coffee shop at Time Square.

Every tourist should pay a visit to the Time Square. The larger than life billboard is a must see for every traveler.

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