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St. Patrick’s Cathedral is located at the 5th avenue in New York City. It is the biggest church in the United States. The Gothic Catholic church is where the archbishop of New York holds its seat. It is regularly attended by the local parishes. Many celebrities have held their weddings and funeral at the church. There are many amenities and accommodations located nearby to St. Patrick’s Cathedral including shopping center, restaurants, and Rockefeller Center.


The land where the St. Patrick’s Cathedral was built was purchase during the 1810. On 6th March 1810, the land was purchased for $11,000. It was intended to be used to build a school for the young men. Despite that, the school was shut down a few years ago. It was sold to a territorial jurisdiction bishop. The bishop transfers the ownership of the land to Dom Augustin LeStrange. Dom Augustin LeStrange is a monk that resides in the Trappists monastery. Dom came to America when he was persecuted by the armed forces in France. After Dom take over the land, he built a house on the site and raised 33 orphans on the site. Due to the failure of Napoleon, the Trappists moved back to France.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral1 New York St. Patrick’s Cathedral

As a result, the place was isolated. No one look after the site and it became desolated. At that time, some people had suggested that the site be used as a cemetery. The orphanage continued to be managed by the bishop until the mid 19th century. During the Napoleon war in the United States, a number of Trappists have relocated to Canada. The Trappists established an abbey called St. Joseph’s Abbey. The St. Joseph’s Abbey is located in Spencer, Massachusetts.

The bishop was promoted to an archdiocese. Pope Pius IX is the person who bestowed the title on the bishop. In 1853, Archbishop John Joseph Hughes told the public that he wanted to build a new cathedral on the site. The new cathedral was built to replace the old cathedral in downtown Manhattan. The old cathedral is called Old Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. St. Patrick’s Cathedral was built in 1859. During that time, an orphanage was built on the site. The workers have to postpone the construction of the church when the civil war took place. The architect of St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a New Yorker called James Renwick Junior. The building of the church came to a completion during 1878. In the next year, the church held a dedication service in order to dedicate the church to God. Once the building is completed, it becomes the biggest church America. The church was refurbished several times. From 1882 – 1884, a project was being undertaken to build a bishop house at the church. In 1882, a school was built at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. In 1931, the church had a new pipe organ.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral2 New York St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The Building

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is made from white marble. The marble was obtained from the state of New York and Massachusetts. It is a large parish church that measures four hundred feet long and one hundred and seventy four feet wide. The two spires in front is three hundred and thirty feet above the street level. The cathedral is attended by approximately two thousand and two hundred people every Sunday.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral has a number of unique architectures. Some of the architectural design is the stained glass windows. The stained glass windows were manufactured in Chartes, France. The designs of the stained glass mimic the stained windows of the famous cathedral in France. The designs of the two altars, Michael Altar and the St. Louis Altar, in the cathedral are by Tiffany and Company. The third altar, called the St. Elizabeth Altar is designed by Paolo Medici from Rome. At the cathedral, you will be able to see the replica Pieta by Micheangelo. The replica is three times larger than the original statue in Rome.

There are two organs in St. Patrick cathedral including the Chancel Organ and Gallery Organ. The Chancel Organ is equipped with one thousand and four hundred eighty pipes. The Gallery Organ features 2 consoles. There are one hundred and seventy seven stops in the Gallery Organ. The Cathedral’s musician choir is known for playing excellent acoustic music. The cathedral hosts concerts from time to time. The admission to the concert is free of charge.

The corpses of the 8 New York archbishops were buried underneath the sanctuary. If you visit the crypt in the basement, you can see the red hats hung on each of the graves.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral3 New York St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Famous Weddings and Funerals at St. Patrick’s

St. Patrick’s Cathedral often hosts wedding for famous celebrity in New York. Several celebrities have held their wedding at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Examples of celebrities couples who have had their wedding at the cathedral include Liza Minnelli and David Guest.

Many celebrities that have passed away were buried at the cemetery at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Some of the celebrities who have died and buried in the cemetery of St. Patrick’s Cathedral include Babe Ruth and Robert F. Kennedy. Andy Warhol and Joe Dimaggio were also buried at the cemetery in St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Every year, more than 3,000,000 visitors came to visit the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. They are amazed at the architectural design of the church. St. Patrick’s Cathedral welcomes visitors to join their Sunday’s service. They can walk around the church and discover the facilities at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  St. Patrick’s Cathedral operates a gift shop. The gift shop offers a large range of Christian souvenirs. You can purchase the souvenir and bring it back to your country. You can also buy the souvenir as a gift for your friends, families and relatives. The St. Patrick’s Cathedral should be visited by every single tourist that is coming to have vacation at New York.

The film Miracle in the Rain has featured St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It also appeared in the famous movie called Spider Man. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is also featured in the novel of James Patterson, titled “Step on a Crack”.  In addition, the St. Patrick’s Cathedral is used as a wedding site for Wilhelmina Slater and Bradford Meade in the Ugly Betty television series.

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