New York Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Sony Wonder Technology Lab offers a collection of technology exhibitions. Tourists will have the opportunity to have hands on experience with the exhibitions. Children will enjoy exploring the exhibits and learn new things at the same time. The admission to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab is free of charge. The free admission causes the local and international tourists to visit it from time to time.

Sony Wonder Technology Lab is an interesting place to explore about communication and technology. With so many exhibitions, there is surely an activity that you love to do at the lab. Both permanent and changing exhibitions are available at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab.

Sony Wonder Tech Lab New York Sony Wonder Technology Lab

The Entrance Floor

On the entrance floor, there is a telepresence robot. The telepresence robot is called b.b. Wonderbot. Visitors can become familiar with the lab on the entrance floor. To entrance floor is the place to find out information about the current promotion and tourist guidelines

The Fourth Floor

Tourists should embark their visits on the fourth floor by logging in to the local area network called LOG IN. The restrooms are available at fourth floor. The third and fourth floors are connected together through a communications bridge. The communications bridge has a technological time line that begins 150 years ago. Tourists can explore the history of different types of technology such as first camera, television and computer.

The Third Floor

The third floor offers a technology workshop. Some of the features on the third floor are signal viewers, audio lab and image lab. The audio lab offer visitors hands on experience. Visitors can add numerous sound effects on the third floor. The image lab allows tourists to explore the different drawing equipments. Tourists can view the digital photography in the image lab.

As you progress to the lower areas, you will see the room called Professional Studios. The Professional Studios gives visitors the opportunity to join a number of professionals in the studio. You can choose to work any team. There are lots of teams which you can pick. If you join the television production studio, you will learn how to edit a TV show. In Sony Music Video Hits, the tourists will enroll themselves as a music editor. Depending on the type of team you choose, you will be able to create your own music video that features a popular sound track. The Environmental Research Command Team offers tourists the ability to use their knowledge to find solution to environmental problems including hurricane and oil spill. The Medical Imaging offers a fantastic view inside the human body. Tourists can explore the inside of the body and learn how to treat it.

The High Definition Theater offers a high class theater for visitors to watch movie. Every month, it hosts a different premiere. You can find out from the scheduled time for the shows at the information booth.

Sony Wonder Technology Lab3 New York Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Second Floor

At the second floor, you will find the Wonder of Imagination. The Wonder of Games offers history of the computer and video games. Every exhibition on the second floor can be tested by the visitors. The visitors are given the opportunity to play the PS2 games in high quality stereo sound. The GameBuilder section offers visitors the ability to create their own racing car. The Wonder of Music allows you to create your own music. The Connect and Create region offers visitors the ability to connect the shadows through the use of media projections. The Wonder of Imagination is the most visited attraction places in the lab.

Most people finish the tour of the Lab on the second floor. The exit is located on the second floor. Once you swipe your card, you will be a given a personalized certificate.

Fun Events

The Sony Wonder Technology Lab organizes family events now and then. Every organized event offer hands on experience for customers. Children will be able to learn about technology through fun and creative ways. The Sony Wonder Technology had organized music and technology event in April. The spring recess exhibition with a robotic theme is introduced in the month of April.

There are a number of regular workshops in the Lab. You can find out about the schedule of the programmes at the Lab from the information booth. Tech in the Park is frequently organized in the Sony Plaza Public Arcade. The staff is always around the exhibition hall to assist the visitors. The staff will explain how the stuffs work. He will attempt to dismantle the parts in the device to provide a better understanding.

Families can take part in the Family Workshops. The Family Workshop is suitable for children under twelve years old. At the Family Workshop, children can perform creative activities and watch the regular screenings. Children will be able to apply the knowledge they gained from the screenings through hands on activity.

Sony Wonder Technology Lab NYC

Sony Wonder Technology Lab2 New York Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Sony Wonder Technology Lab is a high class lab that offer hands on activities for visitors. Children will love to explore the historical and contemporary gadgets in the lab. The admission to Sony Wonder Technology lab is free of charge.

Sony Wonder Technology Lab receives a high amount of visitors daily so it is recommended that you make a reservation for the ticket. You can book the ticket for the Lab by speaking to a representative the General Information Line. You can call 212-833-8100 to speak with a representative from the General Information Line. The reservation hours are available from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. EST. You can make reservation between Tuesday and Friday.

Sony Wonder Technology Lab experiences the highest volume of visitors in the month of July and August. The New York public schools are holiday during this period. Most of the public school will organize trip to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. Parents must accompany their children if they are under 18 years of age.

You can travel to Sony Wonder Technology Lab by taking bus and subway train. Sony Wonder Technology Lab does not have a car park. However, there are several private car park located nearby. There is a private car park at 50th between Park Avenue & Madison Avenue. You can also find private car park at 53rd between Lexington Avenue & Park Avenue.

Contact Details:

Address: 550 Madison Ave New York, NY 10022, United States

Phone Number: (212) 833-8100


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