New York Skyscraper Museum

The Skyscraper Museum offers an impressive collection of the skyscrapers in New York. The exhibition and publications are used to explain the role of skyscrapers in our lives.

Skyscraper Museum was built and owned by a private charity organization. The non for profit organization that built the museum was established in 1996. The purpose of the museum is to educate the public about the before and after of the skyscraper buildings.


In the beginning, the Skyscraper Museum only show temporary exhibition. The temporary exhibition lasted for 6 years. The government issued an order to organization to close down the museum because it is located near to the World Trade Center. The order was issued to protect the visitors after the horrific 911 incident. Therefore, it relocated to Maiden Lane location.

New York Skyscraper Museum New York Skyscraper Museum

The museum started offering permanent exhibition after it was relocated to Battery Park City. The building is a shared property with Ritz Carlton Hotel and a condominium. Millennium Partners donated the vacant space in the building for the museum. The architecture of the permanent museum was designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merill (SOM). Skidmore, Owings and Merill (SOM) is one of the top architectural company in New York City.

What to See

From the skyscraper museum, you can see the New York’s harbor. You will be able to see the skyscrapers in New York.  There is a ramp leading to the entrance of the museum. The museum is equipped with lots of light.  The museum is quite small. It has an area of five thousand and eight hundred square feet. Though it is small, the architect is able to make the room look larger. Visitors will have an impression that the room is larger due to the special effects. The use of stainless steel on the floor and ceilings creates an impression that the museum has a larger space.

In the Skyscraper Museum, you will find two halls. One of the halls is used to show the exhibition called “Skyscraper/City”. The “Skyscraper/City” exhibition depicts the history of the high rise building to the public. In the second hall, you can observe many changing exhibition. The changing exhibition hall is used by the museum to display changing exhibitions. Changing exhibitions are exhibitions that are changed from time to time by the museum staffs. Every time, the staff will come up with a new theme of exhibition. In this way, visitors will keep coming back to the museum to find out about the new exhibition.

After the museum is relocated, it has more space to display its artifacts. By exploring the artifacts, you will come to know how New York City was transformed from a large land of forest into a land fill with skyscrapers.

Skyscraper Museum1 New York Skyscraper Museum

Changing Exhibition

The architecture trends changes now and then. The Skyscraper Museum wants tourists to be informed about the latest news in the architecture industry. They use the changing exhibition to keep the visitors up to date. The changing exhibition is used to display the most current architecture design so that users will always be able to keep up with the latest developments. The museum hosts educational programs for children to learn about the architecture of the skyscraper. There is an exhibition that is specially design to inform visitors about a certain architecture topic.

For instance, the Burj Dubai exhibition display models of the tallest skyscraper in the world. Tourists will learn how the skyscraper in the Burj Dubai exhibition was built including materials, engineering, construction technique and etc. In the exhibition, you can find out the steps to carry out the construction of the skyscrapers. Basic construction tips are provided at the exhibition. The towers displayed in the exhibition are at least two thousand and three hundred feet high. It teaches the public how to build a skyscraper according to the climate of the area. For example, in the desert, a skyscraper will melt if the temperature is too hot. The desert can reach a high temperature of 120 degrees occasionally. Therefore, you must be equipped with adequate knowledge in order to build a successful skyscraper building.

At the museum, a number of lectures are held in accordance with the exhibitions. Most lectures are carried out to explain the popular exhibitions in the museum. The educational programs are provided free of charge to the members. To sign up as a member, you must fill in a membership form. You can ask for more information at the information booth in Skyscraper Museum. If you are not a member, you are charged with an entrance fee.

The museum informs the public about the latest news including green construction. Skyscraper Museum is known for organizing educational programs. Some of the educational programs that are organized by Skyscraper Museum are “Green Towers for New York: From Visionary to Vernacular”. The exhibition “Green Towers for New York: From Visionary to Vernacular” educates the public about the construction process of environmental buildings. The environmental buildings are able to offer the same quality of life with the modern building. Environmental building saves energy and resources. One of the features of an environmental building is that it uses natural light.

Skyscraper Museum3 New York Skyscraper Museum

Family Programs

The family programs allow children to have hand on experience with the exhibition. Children all get to explore the skyscrapers through the fun workshops and activities. They will learn about the building of the skyscrapers. Children can construct their own skyscrapers by using the building blocks. The workshops are located in the museum. If you are interested in participating in the family programs, you can ask the receptionist at the information booth.

The Gift Shop

The museum has a gift shop where you can shop for souvenirs. The souvenirs focus on the skyscraper theme. There are many books in the gift shop. Most of the books are written by well known authors. Carole Williis’s books are also available at the gift sthop. Carole Willis is the director of the skyscraper museum. The store sells a wide variety of skyscraper posters. You will also find items such as T shirts, mugs and caps. The items are sold at an affordable price. The gift store is available from Wednesday to Saturday. If you want to visit the museum gift shop, you must visit it between noons to 6 p.m.

Skyscraper Museum NYC

Skyscraper Museum is situated in Battery Park in New York City. It is located in the same building as Ritz Carlton. Some of the nearby landmarks of the Skyscraper Museum are bowling green, Battery Park, and Castle Clinton. The museum is open for visitation from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. The admission fee for adult is $5. Students and seniors are charged $2.50 per admission. If you are interested in visiting the skyscraper museum, you should call 212.968.1961.

Contact Details:

Address: 39 Battery Place, New York, NY 10280-1501, United States

Phone Numbers: (212) 968-1961


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