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Saint Bartholomew’s Church is located on the 50th Street in Manhattan, New York. It is often attended by the local residents live near to the church. The architecture of the building is so magnificent that it attracts tourists from around the world. Everyone is amazed at the beauty of the architecture of the church.

Saint Bartholomew’s Church was built in 1918. Everyone in the New York City knows about it because of a quarrel incident that involves the church, congregation and city officials. Initially, the governor of the church wanted to sell its building to a developer so that a skyscraper can be built in its place. However, the parishes protested against the idea and brought it to the court. The case reaches the Supreme Count of the United States. The Supreme Court judge gives a winning judgment to the parish. The judge give the ruling because he realize the church can be used as a landmark in the New York City. Eventually, the church was never demolished.

Saint Bartholomews Church New York Saint Bartholomew’s Church

Saint Bartholomew’s Church has a lot of popular features. The church holds concerts now and then. The musical choir at the church offers excellent performance. Near the church, you will find many restaurants offering a wide range of cuisine. Every week, visitors have the opportunity to participate in the guided tour to explore the church. Many visitors who have been to New York also visit the Saint Bartholomew’s Church. Every year, the Saint Bartholomew’s Church organizes events to attract the tourists from around the world. Your journey wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t pay a visit to the Saint Bartholomew’s Church.

The Church Music

The song of the choir from the Saint Bartholomew’s Church is the main tourist attraction. The church knows music can attract tourists. Therefore, they do their best to cultivate the parish to sing for the church. The purpose of the church is to use music to attract people to come to attend their Sunday service.

Saint Bartholomew’s Church has a lot of grand organs. The organs are among the most luxurious organs in the world. The organ used in the church has one hundred and sixty eight stops. The church musician plays the piano during the musical programs. During the music concert, the choirs will sing and the pianist will play the piano. Every tourist should pay a visit to Saint Bartholomew’s Church. They will be impressed with the music produced by the magnificent organ. The organ is a product from Aeolian/Skinner Organ Company.

Lots of tourists often come to Saint Bartholomew’s Church to listen to the choir singing. The choir singers at the church are professional. The same choir sings for the church every Sunday service. The choir also sings at different concerts held at the church. Some of the concerts which the choirs perform include Summer Festival of Sacred Music.

The church is famous for the St. Bart’s Boys and Girls Choristers. The St. Bart’s Boys and Girls Choristers consist of children who have trained to sing in high notes. The children in the choir are between grade 1 to grade 12. The children can be seen singing in the choir during the Sunday service.

Saint Barthlomew’s Church4 New York Saint Bartholomew’s Church

Some of the choirs that frequently conduct performance at the church include St. Bart’s Singers and the Schola Cantorum. These two choirs sing unison and pain song. The Handbell Choir uses handbells to conduct their performance at the church. The Handbell Choir usually performs with the regular vocal choirs.

The Great Music Series is a concert held weekly at the St. Bartholomew’s Church.  During the concert, you will get to hear popular classic music of all time. You will love the music produced by the pipe organ. Some of the songs featured in the Great Music Series include Christmas carols, jazz and etc. Different music is played at different season throughout the year. You can check the schedule to find out what music is being played at the church.

If you are visiting New York in summer, you must pay a visit to the Saint Bartholomew Church. During the summer, the church will hold the Summer Festival of Sacred Music. The choir will start to sing at 11 a.m. The guest choir from around the world often conducts performance at the church. The church is fully air conditioned so you will feel cool during the summer.  Visitors will be able to listen to the most wonderful music in the church.

The Architecture

The St. Bartholomew Church has a Romanesque style. It is one of the most magnificent building New York City. The architecture of the church is designed by Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue. Every doorway in the church shows a scene from the Bible.

The dome is the prominent feature of the St. Bartholomew Church. The tower has a height of one hundred and forty eight feet. The dome has eight sections. Every section has a mosaic cross.

The frieze is also a notable feature of the building. The frieze is supported by three giant arches. The frieze display many images from the Old and New Testament. Some of the scenes depicted on the frieze include Adam and Eve. The scene of Judas betrayed Jesus can also be seen on the frieze. The third scene is Moses leading the Israelites out from Egypt.

Saint Barthlomew’s Church3 New York Saint Bartholomew’s Church

The Food

There are a number of restaurants located near St. Bartholomew’s Church. Café St. Bart is located on the site of the St. Bartholomew’s Church. The café is frequently visited by the church parishes. The café has a warm and cozy dining place. The main dishes served at the café are Nouveau American. The cook only uses fresh ingredients to prepare the meal. Every meal is served with hospitalism. Café St. Bart can be booked to host special meeting.

Saint Bartholomew’s Church NYC

Saint Bartholomew’s Church welcomes people from all kinds of denominations. The church building is always filled with the sound of the choirs. Tourists often come to the church to watch the performance of the famous theater group.

Saint Bartholomew’s Church offers free soup through its charity soup kitchen. The homeless shelter serves as a home for people who are too poor to afford an apartment. The medical van goes around the poor neighborhood in New York to offer free medical services. It houses a swimming pool and dance studio. It also has a preschool. Parents can register their toddlers with the St. Bartholomew’s Church preschool by inquiring the staff. Every summer, it holds a summer camp. If you are interested in visiting St. Bartholomew’s Church, you can call 212-378-0222.

Contact Details:

Address: 325 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022 United States

Phone Number :( 212) 378-0222



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