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Rockefeller Center is a large complex that houses several commercial buildings. There are approximately 19 commercial buildings inside the Rockefeller Center. Rockefeller Center is located in the middle of the Manhattan city. It occupies the whole block between the 5th and 6th avenue. It is located between the 48th and 51st Streets. In the Rockefeller Center, you will find a large range of landmarks. It houses a music hall and restaurant. The skating rink is open to the public daily. The Rainbow Restaurant is a prominent landmark in the New York City. The giant Christmas tree is lit in the Rockefeller Center every year.


Rockefeller Center used to be occupied by the Metropolitan Opera Company. The land on which Rockefeller Center occupied was leased by John D. Rockefeller. During 1929, the prices in the stock market dropped sharply. Rockefeller was bankrupt and couldn’t come up with the funds to fulfill the project. Instead, he decided to build an office complex. The construction of the Art Deco Buildings took place in 1931.

Rockefeller Center3 New York Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller signed a contract with RCA. Later, RCA was transformed into NBC. RCA is the first company that occupies the high rise building. Later, RCA sold the building to GE. After it was sold to GE, it was renamed to GE Building. NBC is one of the leading tenants in the complex. NBC broadcast a number of shows at the building. Some of the shows broadcast on the building include Today Show. The Saturday Night Live show is also broadcasted from the building.


Rockefeller Center offers more than one hundred masterpieces. The arts presented at Rockefeller Center are original. The most prominent art is the “Prometheus Bringing Fire to Mankind” by Paul Manship. The art is situated on the skating rink. The art “Atlas” by Lee Lowrie. In 1930s, Diego Riviera is asked to paint a mural on the wall in the lobby area in Rockefeller Center. John D. Rockefeller doesn’t like the mural because it bears a lot of resemblance with the Russian communist Lenin.

Visiting Rockefeller Center

Besides displaying the original arts, Rockefeller Center organizes many activities for the tourists. The following is brief overview of the activities available at Rockefeller Center.

The GE Building and NBC Studios

NBC headquarter is located on the 71st floor of the GE Building in Rockefeller Center. The GE Building has a height of 872 foot. Guided tour is offered at the GE Building every day. Tourists have the opportunity to explore the television studio by following the tour. Tickets for the shows are sold at the Rockefeller Center. Some of the popular shows hosted at GE Building include “Late Night with O’Brien” and “Saturday Night Live”. The observation deck on the roof allows you to explore the scenery of Manhattan.

Holiday Seasons

Rockefeller Center often hosts winter activities in between December and January. It has a popular skating rink. During the Christmas season, the skating rink will be filled with a lot of people. The skating rink is located near the Prometheus statue. The Prometheus is a golden statue situated in Rockefeller Center. The skating rink was established in 1936. The rink is available from the month of October to April. The rink is closed on other months. The rink receives approximately four to five millions visitors per year.

Rockefeller Center1 New York Rockefeller Center

The famous Christmas tree is planted at the Rockefeller Center. It is the symbol of Christmas season in New York City. The tradition of the Christmas tree began in 1931. The tradition began before Rockefeller Center finished its construction. The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center is said to be the highest Christmas tree in the world. The giant Christmas tree is a real tree that is imported from a foreign country. Though the Christmas tree is large, it is well lit. There are thousands of light bulbs hanging on the Christmas tree. By equipping the Christmas with light bulbs, the whole place is filled with a cheerful atmosphere. Different tree is used for the Rockefeller Christmas tree every year. Typically, the height of the Christmas tree ranges from 75 foot to 100 foot. It is estimated that there are more than thirty thousand lights hanging on the Christmas tree.

During the Christmas, Radio City’s Annual Christmas production will host classic Christmas shows. The best selling show “Rockettes” lasts for 2 months. The show titled “Rockettes” hold a record for selling out its seats in a short period of time since 1933.

Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall covers the largest space in the world. It is ranks as the world’s biggest theater. It is famous for hosting the Rockettes dance troupes. Every year, it organizes numerous shows in different genres including dramatic and musical. It is visited by more than three hundred million people every year.

Dining at Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center offers a variety of restaurants. Some of the cafes in the Rockefeller Center are American Café and At Deco “Rainbow Room”. American Café is situated further down the street. The American Café restaurant is facing toward the skating rink in Rockefeller Center. The Art Deco “Rainbow Room” is a restaurant that serves all kinds of supper. You can find the Art Deco “Rainbow Room” on the sixty fifth floor of the GE Building.

Radio City Music Hall Tour takes visitors around the Radio City Music Hall. Through the Radio City Music Hall Tour, participants can explore the different facilities, stage, and hydraulic system. The music hall was restored in October 1999. After the restoration, the music hall has the same glory as the grandeur night during 1932. Participants of the tour get to visit the Great Stage. The Great Stage is where the year’s biggest event is held. Visitors will get have the opportunity to get behind the stage and discover the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system in the modern stage is the same as the one used in the 1930s. The guided tour included a visit to the private suite in the GE Building. The private suit features a tall ceiling with the height of 12 feet. The private suite with gold leaf ceiling used to be home to Samuel Roxy Rothafel. Stage Door Tour include an upfront meeting with a world renowned Radio City Rockette.

Rockefeller Center2 New York Rockefeller Center

Radio City Music Hall Tour is available from Monday to Sunday. The first tour takes place at 11:00am. The last tour takes place at 3:00pm.

In Top of the Rock Tour, visitors can see the panoramic views of the New York City from the observation deck. The observation deck is located on the 70th floor of 30 Rockefeller plazas.  The Top of the Rock Tour is available from 8:30 a.m. to 12 a.m. Those who are interested in Top of the Rock Tour can sign up for the tour by calling the customer service. The last elevator departs at 11 p.m.

In Rockefeller Center Tour, you will explore the different creation in Rockefeller Center. The historian working at Rockefeller Center will guide the visitors to different parts of the buildings, and gardens. Visitors will visit the magnificent space called “city within a city” in the Rockefeller Center Tour. The Rockefeller Center Tour is available from Monday to Saturday in between 10 o’ clock in the morning to 5 o’ clock in the evening. The Rockefeller Center Tour will depart every hour.  On Sunday, the Rockefeller Center Tour is available in between 10 o’ clock in the morning to four o’ clock in the evening. Just like the weekdays tour, the tour on Sunday departs every hour.

Rockefeller Center also offers the NBC Studio Tour. In the NBC Studio Tour, tourists get to explore the facilities in the NBC Studio.

Contact Details:

Address: 630 5th Ave, New York, NY 10111

Phone Numbers: (212) 332-3400, (212) 632-3975


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