New York Rikers Island

Rikers Island is the largest penal colony in the world. The ill famed jail is located on the island. The island has a size of 1600 km2. The jail houses more than one hundred and thirty thousand prisoners every year.

The New York City Department of Correction spent more than $850 million to manage the prison on Rikers Island. Most of the money was spent on paying the salary of the police officers and civilians. There are more than ten thousand police officers working on the Rikers Island.


The Rikers Island prison was built in 1884. The island was bought over by the city from a Dutch. Abraham Rycken sold the island to the state of New York City in the 1700s. The city offers $183000 for the island. After the city took over the island, the construction of the prison was begun immediately.

Rikers Island3 New York Rikers Island

Due to insufficient land, some more landfill was added to the island in the 1950. With the growing volume of crime, the city decided to construct new facilities on 800 bed barge. The bed barge is located on the East River.

Rikers Island Facilities

Rikers Island is very much like a city because it is equipped with a comprehensive facility. More than twenty thousand people live on the island every day. Rikers Island has ten prisons. The prisons are classified into different section. Each section is used to house a different type of criminal. Most of the prisons on Rikers Island are built in the past 70 years. Some of the jails are located in the original Staten Island ferry.

Rikers Island1 New York Rikers Island

Rikers Island is used to house special case prisoners. Special case prisoners refer to prisoners that are undergoing drug rehabilitation program. Some of the special case prisoners are ill and need health treatment.

To accommodate the visitors and workers, many shops and clinics are being built on the island. Supermarket is available on Rikers Island. Rikers Island is used as a sport filed and barbershop.

Reaching Rikers Island

Rikers Island can be accessed from different parts of New York City. You can reach Rikers Island through public transportation such as bus and subway train. The Q101 Express bus pick up passengers located between 27th and 28th Street. The final stop of the Q101 Express Bus is 19th Avenue.

Rikers Island2 New York Rikers Island

The bus will pass through several venues including the Francis Buona Bridge. There are a number of ferries that carry passengers to the Rikers Island. Most of the ferries are owned by a private company. The Corrections Department is responsible for providing the ferry services for family members who wish to visit the jail. You can also drive your car to the Rikers Island. However, it is not recommended that you drive to the Rikers Island because of the lack of space in the parking lot.

Rikers Island NYC

The Rikers Island is part of the landscape in New York City. Thought it is somewhat hidden from the public, it is the first island to be seen when visitors are flying into La Guardia Airport.

Contact Details:

Address: Bronx, NY 10474, United States

Phone Numbers: 718-546-6950, 718-546-4550, 718 546-6449


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