New York Restaurant Row

The Restaurant Row is located in a district where there are a lot of theatres. In the Restaurant Row, you will find many high class restaurants. If you are looking for a high class dining site, you can visit the Restaurant Row. The restaurants in this location offer a wide range of local and international cuisines. The Restaurant Row occupies the blocks between 8th and 9th Avenues. It is one if the best place to dine in the United States.

Barbetta at Restaurant Row

Barbetta is a restaurant offering Italian cuisines. It is one of the oldest restaurant in the New York City. It is owned by an Italian family that settles in the United States. It serves as a prominent landmark in the United States. It offers beautiful interior and exterior design. Customers will have a top notch dining experience at Barbetta restaurant.

Resturant Row New York Restaurant Row

Bangkok House at Restaurant Row

Bangkok House serves a wide range of Thai cuisines. The building consists of an excellent lawn, large balcony and personal rooms.

Broadway Joe Steakhouse at Restaurant Row

Broadway Joe Steakhouse is Manhattan restaurant that serves all kinds of steaks and pasta dishes. It started opened business since 50 years ago.

B. Smith’s at Restaurant Row

B. Smiths offer a wide range of international cuisines. The building houses a theatre. Customers can dine and watch the theatre at the same time.

FireBird Restaurant at Restaurant Row

FireBird Restaurant offers a wide range of Russian art. You will be delighted with the wide range of Russian cuisines served in the restaurant.

Lattanzi at Restaurant Row

Lattanzi offers traditional Italian cuisines. It has two storey of dining areas. It is also equipped with a garden and lounge.

La Rivista at Restaurant Row

La Rivista offers classic Italian cuisines. It features candlelight dinner with piano music.

La Rivage at Restaurant Row

La Rivage is a French restaurant that serves traditional French cuisines.

Restaurant Row1 New York Restaurant Row

Meson Savilla at Restaurant Row

Meson Savilla is a Spanish restaurant that offers a variety of dishes from Spain and Mediterranean regions. The chefs at Meson Savilla restaurants only use the freshest ingredient for cooking.

Pomaire at Restaurant Row

Pomaire offers a variety of dishes and cuisines from Chile. Most of the dishes served in Pomaire are seafood dishes.

Sangria 46 at Restaurant Row

Sangria 46 offers a range of Spanish dishes. Customers can choose to dine inside or outside of the restaurant.

Yum Yum 3 at Restaurant Row

Yum Yum 3 offers Thai and Vietnamese cuisines at a cheap price. The Yum Yum 3 is the third Yum Yum chain of restaurants in the New York City.

Nearby Attractions

Within the proximity of Restaurant Row, there are a lot of tourist attractions. Some of the tourist attractios found nearby to the Restaurant Row are Times Square, Madame Tussaud and etc.  To find out the nearby tourist attractions, you will have to visit the Restaurant Row.  The Gray Line Bus Tours offers its service at 8th Avenue every day.

Restaurant Row NYC

If you are looking for a nice dining site, you can visit the Restaurant Row. You don’t have to run around the New York City to find a luxurious restaurant. You can have a fine meal at the restaurant in Restaurant Tow. The Restaurant offers a large range of international cuisines for customers.

Restaurant Row has a church called Saint Luke’s Lutheran Church. The church can be found at 308 W. 46th Street. Visitors are welcome to join the Sunday worship service. The Sunday service is starts on 11 a.m. The worship at Wednesday is available from 12:10 p.m. and 7 p.m. The Saint Luke’s Lutheran Church offers an interesting music program.

Restaurant Row3 New York Restaurant Row

Every year, several events took place at the Restaurant Row district. Some of the events that are organized at the Restaurant Row include 9th Avenue Food Festival, Taste of Times Square, Broadway on Broadway and New Year’s Eve. The 9th Avenue Food Festival is held from the 15th – 16th May every year. The festival attracts more than 1,000,000 visitors from the local region and overseas countries each year. The festival is held from the 37th – 57th Streets. The festival is available from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. At the festival, you will get to buy many kinds of food at a bargain price. The festival features cuisines from around the world.

Taste of Times Square is held on the 7th of June every year. The Taste of Times Square event is located on the West 46th St. Restaurant Bet in between 8th and 9th avenue. The admission to the event is free of charge. You can come and enjoy sample food from more than fifty restaurants. Every year, eighteen thousand local and international people attend this food festival.

The Broadway festival is held on the 13th September. The festival starts from 11:30 a.m. It offers a large range of Broadway musicals. If you like to listen to Broadway music, you can visit the Broadway festival.

The New Year’s Eve festival took place on the 31th of December. The New Year’s Eve festival is held at the Restaurant raw district for about 98 years. The first New Year’s Eve festival was celebrated on the 31th December 1904.

Restaurant Row district can be accessed by the public transportation including subway train, bus, and train and taxi cab. The subway lines that will go to Restaurant Row include A, C, E, to 42nd Street and W, W To To 42nd Street. There are several buses that serve the Restaurant Row district including the New York City Transit, West 46th Street & 9th Avenue and Port Authority Bus Terminal. The trains that serve the Restaurant Row district area include Long Island Railroad, New Jersey Transit, Conrail and other Northern Lines and Metro North.

There is a secure parking lot at Restaurant Row. Street parking is available after 7 P.M. The parking fee is calculated by the number of hours the car is parked in the location. If you don’t want to pay for the parking fee, you can park your car at the south side of St. bet 8th and 9th Avenue. The free parking is available after 7 P.M. When you come to the Restaurant Row district, you will find several posted street parking rules. It is important that you obey the posted street parking rules otherwise you can get fined by the authority.

Contact Details:

Address : 321 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036, United States

Phone Numbers: (212) 246-9171,(212) 760-7300, (212) 397-7597, (212) 315-1100


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