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The Museum of Television and Radio offers a large collection of television and radio programmes. The purpose of building the museum is to inform the public how the media had influenced our culture and society. It was established to keep a record of all the television programmes so that the new generation will be aware of them.

The museum is located on the 25th West 52 in the middle of the Manhattan town. Since it is located at the heart of Manhattan town, you can take the public bus to reach it. The museum is open for visitation during the weekdays and weekends. There is another museum similar to the Museum of Television and Radio located in Los Angeles, California. Later, the museum name “Museum of Television and Radio” was changed to “The Paley Center for Media”.

Museum of Television and Radio New York Museum of Television and Radio


The first museum was built in 1975. The first museum was built by William S. Paley. William wanted to make the television programmes become part of the U.S. history. He suggested building the museum and the project was eventually fulfilled. The first museum was built on a site in East 53 Street. When the museum expanded, it moved to a new building created by Philip Johnson. Seeing the success of the New York Museum of Television and Radio, the California state opened a similar museum in Los Angeles in 1996.

The Museum of Television and Radio is different than the regular museum in that it does not display artifacts. In fact, the museum consists of several screening rooms and theaters. Most of the rooms in the museum are screening rooms. The museum houses two large theaters. The library is equipped with a large collection of videos. Once you choose a video, you can insert it to the console and watch it in the library. You can watch the movie individually or with family. The individual console is used to watch the movie individually. The family console is suitable for a group of people who wants to watch the movie together. Each visitor is limited to four videos per visit.

What’s To Do and See?

The museum does not collect every single programme that is broadcasted on the television. The chosen movies must have impact on the society and culture. Shows that do not impact the society will not be considered for inclusion. The museum claims to have more than one hundred and twenty thousand programs. The oldest programme is aged more than 90 years ago. It has a comprehensive collection classical radio announcement from the 1918 – 2010. Modern television series are also included in the museum. Examples of modern television series in the museum include Friends and Desperate Housewife.

Museum of Television and Radio1 New York Museum of Television and Radio

Examples of the collection

The Museum of Television and Radio offers collection of television programs in the overseas countries. It offers more than 700 videos from around the globe. The collections of overseas television programmes are available in many categories such as mental, culture and language. If you like a television programme, you can sit down and watch it at the screen.

In addition, the Museum of Television and Radio is equipped with a theatre. The theater is used to broadcast popular television series to the tourists. Tourists can watch all kinds of programmes in the theater. In the museum, you will find many commercial programmes that are broadcasted in the television in the early 20th century can be found at the museum. Visitors will watch the show together in the theater. The programmes at the theater can also be found at the collection library.

The museum brings together many professional people that are involved in the media. The visitors can join the public program and learn about the history of the television programmes in New York City. During the public program, you will see many journalist and actors.

The admission to the museum is not free of charge. The admission ticket allows you to gain access to all the videos in the library collection. If you join the museum membership, you will be able to spend a longer time at the theater to watch the movies. Members also get discount on events that are organized at the museum. Members have the opportunities to watch the preview of the upcoming seminars.

Children will love to enjoy the classic and contemporary collection in the museum. They will experience the hands on activities in the workshop. The Recreating Radio workshop allows parents and their children to expand their knowledge about the radio programmes such as sound effect, reading the script and etc.

On the main floor, there is a gift store where visitors can purchase souvenirs. The Gloria and David L. Wolper Museum Shop sell general items that focus on the television and radio theme. The general items for sale at the gift store include T-Shirt, Postcards and Posters.

Museum of Television and Radio2 New York Museum of Television and Radio

Museum of Television & Radio Tourism Information

The museum can be accessed from several parts of New York City through public transportation such as bus, taxi cab and subway line. If you are traveling by car, you can reach the museum through N. Beverly Dr., and Burton Way. The general admission fee to the museum is $10.  Students and seniors are charged $8 per admission. Children under 14 years old are charged $5 per admission.

Members get free access to the Paley Center for Media. Members also can have discount in public program and tickets of the events.

From Wednesday to Sunday, the opening hour of the museum is 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. 0
On Thursday; the museum is open from 12 p.m. to 8pm. The museum is closed on Monday and Tuesday. It is also closed on the major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Independence Day. Guided tour is available at the museum. There is no on site restaurant at the museum. Visitors are not allowed to bring in food and drinks into the museum. However, there are a number of restaurants located nearby the museum. Visitors cannot bring camera to shoot photo in the museum. Camcorder is prohibited in the museum. If you want to find out more information, you can call 310-786-1091.

Contact Details:

Address: Fl 6, 25 West 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019-6129, United States

Phone Numbers: (212) 621-6600,(310) 786-1091


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