New York Museum of Sex

The Museum of Sex in New York offers educational exhibition about sex to the young generation. The museum is also called MoSex by the local residents. It informs the public about the history of sex. It is located on the 5th Avenue at 27th Street. It consists of two stories. Every year, millions of visitors pay visits to the Museum of Sex in New York.  The visitors who visit the museum are interested to learn about the evolved of sexuality in the American society.


The Museum of Sex was built on the 5th October in 2002. It is an one of a kind museum and is the only museum of its kind in the world. During the exhibition NYCSEX: How New York Transformed Sex in America, the board of advisers developed a board that consists of advisers from different background. Most of the advisers are scholars and historians. The scholars and historians have helped the museum to have a wide range of permanent and changing exhibition. After the exhibition of NYCSEC: How New York Transformed Sex in America, there are many successful exhibitions. Some of the most popular exhibition in the Museum of Sex in New York includes Sex among the Lotus: 2500 Years of Chinese Erotic Obsession.

Museum of Sex in New York4 New York Museum of Sex

Michael Gluck founded the Museum of Sex. He wanted to create a nonprofit organization to support the museum. In the beginning, he was having problem getting enough fund to build the museum. Eventually, he sought the help from the New York State Board of Regents. The New York State Board of Regents rejected his applications. They thought his idea was a joke. The application was also rejected because the members of the board feel that the application is a mock toward the concept of museum. Due to this fact, the visitors are charged with a high entrance fee. The money collection from the entrance fees are used to maintain the museum. The entrance fee for the Museum of Sex in New York is much lower than before. They had relied on the corporate sponsorship to fund the museum.

What’s There to See and Do

The museum exhibits sex in various form including video, paintings and art deco. The Museum of Sex in New York uses the exhibition to inform the public about the history of pornography. The art in the museum presents sex in a straightforward way. Visitors will observe other people exploring the image. The visitors to the Museum of Sex in New York include teenagers, seniors and businessmen.

The museum gives the visitors an impression that it contains a sexy environment. The lights are dim in the museum. The museum has tall ceilings. The furniture’s in the museum have odd shapes. Some of the odd furniture in the museum includes lip shape velvet sofa and etc. In truth, the museum is not promoting sex in the public. It is promoting an educational aspect of sex. It wanted to inform the young people about sex so that they won’t be shy to talk about it.

Museum of Sex in New York2 New York Museum of Sex

The Ralph Whittington Collection

In the Ralph Whittington exhibition, you will find a collection of pornography text collected by the curator of the museum named Ralph Whittington. Ralph Whittington had retired as a curator at the Library of Congress. Whittington started to collect the pornography text since 1970s. He kept collecting the pornography text until it grows into the largest collection in the New York City. There are about 400 8mm films in the Ralph Whittington exhibition. There are more than one hundred books on the topic of pornography in the Ralph Whittington collection. In addition, there are about seven hundred pornography videos at the Ralph Whittington collection exhibition. Other artifacts that can be found in the Ralph Whittington Collection include coins, blow up dolls and etc.

The Harmony Theatre

Many local residents are familiar with the Harmony Theater. The Harmony Theatre has another name called Melody Burlesk. It was built during the 1980s. The construction of the building comes to completion in the early 1990s. During the early days, the Harmony Theatre is used to honor the striptease tradition. It was shut down later. The Museum of Sex in New York display a number of pornographic artifacts at the Harmony Theatre.

The Lannan Foundation Art Collection

The Lannan Foundation Art Collection is established to promote the creativity of the artists about pornographic art. Most of the art featured in the Lannan Foundation of Art Collection are contemporary. There are nineteen excellent art in the Lannan Foundation Art Collection when it was launched. Some of the popular artworks featured in the Lannan Foundation of Art Collection are by artists such as Gerald Gooch, Scott Millar, Louis Renzoni and et cetera.


Museum of Sex offers a large range of exhibitions. Most of the exhibitions in the museum focus on the topic of sex and sexuality. The famous exhibit titled Kink –Geography of the Erotic Imagination is available at the museum. The exhibit titled “Deviant Desires, Incredibly Strange Sex” by Katherine Gates is popular in the museum. In the exhibit, titled “Deviant Desires, Incredibly Strange Sex”, the visitors get have hands on experience with odors and sensations.

The exhibit titled “Action: Sex and the Moving Image”, visitors will learn about the influence of sex in television programmes and advertisements. Visitors will also find out about the impact of sex on the internet. It will provide information about how the pornography industry deteriorates the morals of the society. The exhibit titled “Spotlight on the Permanent Collection” offers some of the samples taken from the permanent collection of the Museum of Sex in New York City. The Museum of Sex has more than nine thousands permanent artifacts.

Museum of Sex in New York City

The Museum of Sex in New York City is open from Sunday to Thursday. The opening hours of the museum from Sunday to Thursday are from 10:00am – 8:00pm. The last entrance ticket of the museum is sold at 7:15 pm. On Friday and Saturday, the museum is open from 10:00am to 9:00pm. The last entrance ticket of the museum on Friday and Saturday is sold at 8:15pm. The museum is not available to the public during Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  Adults that are aged 18 and above are charged $16.75. Students and seniors are charged $15.25. There is an additional tax charge for the ticket. Group visits are also available at a discount price. The ticket prices are subject to change from time to time.

The museum policy states that only those above 18 years old of age can enter the building. The backpacks and umbrellas will be checked before they are allowed into the museum. Purses that are larger than 11 × 14 inches (28 × 35.5 cm) will be checked by the guard. Visitors are advised not to use cell phones and pagers in the museum. The Museum of Sex can be accessed from several public transportation including subway, bus and taxi cab.

Contact Details:

Address: 233 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10016, United States

Phone Number: (212) 689-6337

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