New York Museum of Jewish Heritage

Museum of Jewish Heritage was officially opened in 1997. The institution was established to pay homage to the Jewish people in the 20th century. The museum aimed to educate the people about the life before and after the Holocaust in Europe. The Holocaust is a horrific event that causes the death of approximately six million Jewish people in the Europe continent.

The museum is located at the Manhattan’s Battery Park. The area where the museum is located is 112,000 square feet. Museum of Jewish Heritage is a landmark in New York. Every year, thousands of visitors visit the Museum of Jewish Heritage. They came to the museum to explore the life of the Jewish people who were destroyed in the World War II. The museum was also built to celebrate the revival of the Jewish people in the late 20th century. It offers a large collection of exhibitions. The exhibitions are displayed on three levels. The changing exhibitions are updated frequently.

Museum of Jewish Heritage2 New York Museum of Jewish Heritage

The architect of the Museum of Jewish Heritage is Kevin Roche John Dinkeldoo. The six side shapes roof is a prominent feature of the museum. The six sided shape, also known as the Star of David is a symbol of the Jewish religion. A four story wing is added to the building n 2001. Now, the museum has a large theater. Surrounding the museum is a large garden. Every year, visitors can see the blooming flowers the garden. You will be able to get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty if you climb to the top of the museum.

The Collection

Museum of Jewish Heritage features more than 15,000 Jewish artifacts. Every artifact features life of the Jewish people. The Jewish artifacts include books, artwork and etc.

The documentaries tell the lives of the survivors of the Holocaust event. The testimonies of the survivors are recorded in the documentaries.

The museum offers collection of the Jewish artifacts from the 19th – 20th century. The artifacts collections are derived from the Jewish people who live before and after the Holocaust. In the collection, you will explore an in depth analysis of the Jewish life. You will learn about the horrific Holocaust experienced by the Jewish people, and their hopes and dreams. Visitors will find out information on the events that have good impact on Israel after the Second World War.

Jewish Life a Century Ago features the history and custom of the Jewish people that take place before the Second World War. The lives of the rich Jewish communities are depicted through the artifact and photographs.

The War against the Jewish recounts the hatred of the Nazis toward them during the war. Visitors will find out how the Jews endure the persecution. The Jewish were tortured through persecution, work caps and death camps. It shows how the Jews risk their lives to protect their community from the Nazis.

Jewish Renewal explains how the Jewish rebuild their community after the Holocaust event. It recounts how the Jews manage to rebuild their communities in Israel, United States and other parts of the world.

Museum of Jewish Heritage3 New York Museum of Jewish Heritage

Recently, the Robert. M. Morgenthau Wing is added to the museum. The Robert M. Morgenthau Wing is used to organize all kinds of events and educational programmes. You will find additional exhibitions in the Robert M. Morgenthau Wing.

The Garden of Stone

The Garden of Stone is a famous sculpture created by Andy Goldsworthy. It was open for visitation to the public since 2003. In the garden, there are some oak trees. The garden covers an area of 4135 meters. The garden is a memorial to the Jews who were not killed during the Holocaust.

The Store

The Garden of Stone has a gift store which offers a range of Jewish gifts such as books, arts, and etc.  The funds collected from the store are used to maintain the museum.

The Café

The museum has a café which overlook the Statue of Liberty. The museum café offers a variety of deli type food, salads, soups and kosher food.

Visiting with Children

The Museum of Jewish Heritage has a number of horrific paintings that are too violent for children. It is recommended that parents explain to their children about the holocaust paintings as they visit the galleries. For this reason, the museum offers a family guide tour. Parents can sign up for the family guide tour at the information booth. The tour is suitable for parents who have children aged between 7 and 11 years old.

Museum of Jewish Heritage1 New York Museum of Jewish Heritage

Museum of Jewish Heritage NYC

Museum of Jewish Heritage can be accessed from several parts in the New York City. The bus station located nearest to the Museum of Jewish Heritage is M1, M6, M9, M15, M20 bus stations. The subway line located within the proximity of the Museum of Jewish Heritage include W, R to Whitehall ; 4, 5 to Bowling Green; J, M, Z to Broad Street and 1 to South Ferry.

Parents can bring in strollers to the galleries. However, the management may prohibit the parents to carry their children in the strollers according to its discretion. Visitors cannot take pictures in the museum gallery. The recommended visiting length is 1 to 3 hours. However, you may spend more hours at the museum if you want to explore the paintings in detailed.

The Museum of Jewish Heritage is purposely kept cool so that the artifacts will be resistant against damage. Visitors should wear sweaters to protect themselves from the cold.

Museum of Jewish Heritage has its own parking lot. If you park your car at the museum’s car park, you are qualified for a $3 discount. To claim the discount, visitors must show the parking ticket to the receptionist at the admission desk.

Before you can enter the museum, your bag and coat will be checked. The checking place is located in the foyer of the museum. If you want to book tickets in advance, you can call the box office at 1-646-437-4202. It is best that you purchase the tickets 1 week before your actual visiting date because the tickets sold out quickly. Advance ticket booking is suitable for people who are attending a public program or are coming in a large group.

Contact Details

Address: 36 Battery Place, New York, NY 10280-1502, United States

Phone Number: (646) 437-4200


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