New York Javits Convention Center

Javits Convention Center was originally constructed in 1985. It is casually called The Marketplace of the World by the local residents. Many people consider the Javits Convention Center as the largest convention center in the world. It occupied the entire block between 34th and 38th Street in Midtown Manhattan. I.M. Pet is the architect for the Javits Convention Center. It ranks as the largest convention center in New York until 1986.

The name of Javits Convention Center is derived from the late New York State senator. The New York State Senator died in the same year the convention center was built. The Coliseum was bulldozed so that the Trump Warner Center can be built.

Javits Convention Center New York Javits Convention Center

The convention center covers a large area that measures 675,000 square feet. It is the best location for business that wants to have large size conference. Plans to increase the area of the convention center are underway. They plan to increase the area of the convention center by 45%. There is a plan to incorporate a hotel within the Javits Convention Center. The cost of the expansion is %1.7 billion. It is estimated that the project will come into completion by 2010.

Interesting Facts

Javits Convention Center can seat up to eighty five thousand people. It is able to accommodate the people in six events at one time. Every year, Javits Convention Center is attended by more than 3,000,000 people. The glass lobby is named as Crystal Palace. The glass lobby has a height of 150 foot.  Javits Convention Center houses an auditorium that has the ability to accommodate 2500 people.

Tips about the Center

There are a number of ways you can reach Javits Convention Center. The most popular way of accessing the Javits Convention Center is through taxi cabs and subway trains. There is a concierge working in the convention center.

Javits Convention Center is located in the middle of the Manhattan city. It is situated in walking distance to the shops and hotels.

There are a variety of restaurants located nearby. Mobile restaurant outlets are located around the convention center. The twenty two mobile eateries provide sufficient food for the customers. Most of the restaurants are located on the 1st and 3rd level. The restaurants serve international cuisines including Asian, Italian, and Japanese. If you want to eat ice cream, you can purchase it from the nearby ice cream parlors. There are several sushi shops located nearby. The famous restaurants that operate at Time Square is also available.

Javits Convention Center1 New York Javits Convention Center

The concierge service can be found in the convention center. If you need help, you can ask the receptionist at the concierge booth. The concierge services offered at Javits Convention Center include making transportation reservation, tourism in New York City, restaurants and travel aids.

Shows Hosted at the Javits Center

The American International Toy Fair

In this exhibition, you get to view a wide range of toys that are available in the market. You will have the opportunity to view more than 1500 toys. The 1500 toys are contributed by different countries. The countries have showcased the latest toys that are created by their manufacturers. The toys which are available at the American International Toy Fair include games, dolls, and bicycles.

Book Expo America

Book Expo America is an exciting exhibition organized at Javitz Center. In this exhibition, you can browse a lot of books. The Book Expo American often stays at Javits Convention Center for a few days. Many visitors visit Book Expo America every year. It is visited by all kinds of people in the book industry including book publisher, editors and librarians.

The New York National Boat Show

The New York National Boat Show offers an exhibition of the latest boat in the market. Every year, thousands of tourists will visit the New York National Boat Show to get update information about the newest boat in the world. You will be able to participate in the workshop to learn about boating. You will enjoy the boating seminar at the New York National Boat Show.

Javits Convention Center4 New York Javits Convention Center

The New York International Auto Show

The New York International Auto Show is suitable for people who are involved in the automobile industry. If you like cars, you can visit the New York International Show to find out the newest car model in the market. You will get to browse a large range of vehicles at the auto show including sedans, jeeps, and convertibles. The New York International Auto Show is one of the most visited events of the year.

Javits Center NYC

Javits Center NYC is open from 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. You can reach the Javits Center through several transportation methods including subway train, bus and taxi cab. The Penn Station is a twenty minute walk to the Javits Center. Javits Center does not has its own car park. The cost of the parking ticket at Javits Center is $30 – $50. There are several major airports located near the Javits Center including La Guardia Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport and Newark International Airport. The travel time from LaGuardia to Javits Center is about forty minutes. If you are located at John F. Kennedy Airport, you can take a cab and arrive at Javits Center within 45 minutes. If you are located at Newark International Airport, you can take a taxi and arrive at the Javits Center within 1 hour.

Javits Center is fully equipped with disabled facilities. Some of the disabled facilities at Javits Center include sidewalk ramps and automatic doors. There are a number of restrooms in Javits Center. The restrooms are wheelchair accessible. The Javits Center is equipped with a number of elevators. TTY telephone is available for people who have hearing impairment. Wheelchair is provided on a first come first serve basis. There are very limited wheelchairs available. You can contact the Command Center to find out how to rent motorized wheel chairs. You can call the Command Center at 212-216-2196. Though there is no public car park, there are several empty spaces in the nearby area. To learn about the car parking facilities near Javits Center, you can call 212-216-2344. Javits Center is equipped with a baggage check. The cost for the baggage check is $3 per item.

Contact Details

Address: 655 West 34th Street,New York, NY 10001-1114, United States

Phone Number: (212) 216-2000


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