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Hilton Theatre is originally built in 1997. It was built to complement the history of two excellent theatre including Apollo Theatre and Lyric Theatre. The theatre has the look of an old world building. However, it is equipped with modern facilities. The Hilton Theatre is used to host a variety of famous shows.

About Hilton Theatre

Hilton Theatre is situated in the middle of the New York’s Time Square. It can be reached by the public transportation including cars and taxis. Within the proximity of Hilton Theatre, there are several luxurious hotels. Customers can conveniently check in at the nearby hotels and walk to the theatre. Time Square offers some of the top restaurants in New York City. Customers can enjoy a good meal before attending the show.

Hilton Theatre1 New York Hilton Theatre

Historical Elements of the Hilton Theatre

The Hilton Theatre offers a unique architecture with old world look. Though it looks like an old building, it is equipped with a wide range of modern facilities. The suggestion of the building construction was put forward as a result of the need to complement the original elements of the Apollo Theatre and Lyric Theatre. It was initially created for the Ford Center of the Performing Arts. The theatre has several public toilets. It is fully accessible by handicapped people traveling in wheelchair. There are also many dressing rooms for the people going to perform on the stage.

With the help of several important businessmen, the building of the Hilton Theatre was able to complete successfully. The Lyric Theatre has an excellent turn of the century street facades. The under repair face is restored so that it looks as impressive as before. The Hilton Theatre offers a number of interior features that are derived from the Apollo Theatre. The original plasters removed from the Apollo Theatre were moved to the Hilton Theatre.

Hilton Theatre2 New York Hilton Theatre

Hilton Theatre offers up to 1800 seats. The seats are located on three levels including Orchestra, Dress Circle and Balcony. Though it has no parking lot, you can park your car in the nearby car parks. The nearby car parks are located around the square. The shows are available from Tuesday – Saturday at nights.

Hilton Theatre is situated at 213 West 42nd Street in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. It was built between 1996 and 1998. It is built on the same site of the Apollo Theatre and Lyric Theatre. The Lyric Theatre was constructed at 1903. Some of the popular shows hosted at the Lyric Theatre include Cole Porter’s Fifty Million Frenchmen. The theatre stopped hosting shows when it was converted into a movie theatre. The Lyric Theatre is converted into a movie theatre in 1934. The Apollo theatre was constructed in the early 1900s. The important works performed at the Apollo theatre include Strike Up the Band by Gershwin. George White’s Scandals are also featured in the Apollo theatre.

During the 1990s, both of the theatres become under repairs and need maintenance. The State of New York possesses the Lyric and Apollo Theatre. Now, it is managed by the new 42nd Street organization. In 1996, Livent have the two theatres bulldozed. Despite that, some of the architectural elements are stored in a safe place. The architectural structures cannot be demolished because they are being protected by the landmark status. Later, someone suggested building the Hilton Theatre on the same site. The old architectural structures are incorporated in to the new theatre. The dome of the Hilton Theatre is taken from the Lyric Theatre. The proscenium arch of the theatre is taken from the Apollo Theatre. The Hilton Theatre is opened on the 26th January 1998. The opening day featured Ragtime by E.L. Doctorow in musical version. The Hilton Theatre was renovated in 2005. After the renovation, its name was changed to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Hilton Theatre NYC

Hilton Theatre is situated in the middle of Times Square. It can be accessed by public transportation including bus, taxi and subway train. The Hilton Hotels are located nearby to the Hilton Theatre. It is difficult to find parking space on the street. However, there are many parking lots in the Hilton Theatre. Some of the nearby car parks include Edison Park Fast located in 307-11 W44th St and Advance Parking located in 249-253 W34rd Street. Hilton Theatre is fully equipped with handicapped facilities. Handicapped visitors can enter the building through the 43rd and 42nd Streets entrances. Wheelchair can be provided by requesting it from the sales representative during the ticket purchase. The wheelchair seating can be found at the back of the orchestra. The balcony level is not accessible by the handicapped people.

Hilton Theatre4 New York Hilton Theatre

If you are searching for a dining place, you can visit and Angus McIndoe is an excellent restaurant located nearby to the Hilton Theatre. John’s Pizza is located near the Hilton Theatre a s well. If you are interested in dining at John’s Pizza, you can call 212-391-7560 to find out more information. Virgil’s BBQ offers a wonderful dining experience. The famous restaurant district called Restaurant Row is situated on the 46th Street in between the 8th and 9th avenue. You can dine at one of the high class restaurants at the Restaurant Row.

Hilton offers more than 1800 seat. The seats are located on three levels including Orchestra, Dress Circle and Balcony. If you drive to the Hilton Theatre, you can park your car at the Edison Park Fast or Advance Parking car park. The Edison Park Fast is located on the 307-11 W44th St. Advance Parking is located on the 249-253 W34rd Street.

Hilton Theatre can be accessed by the bus, cab and subway line. The Port Authority Bus Terminal is located nearest to Hilton Theatre. There are several subway trains located near to the Hilton Theater.

To purchase the ticket to the performance, you can call 1-800-BROADWAY. Alternatively, you can purchase the ticket at the theatre Box office. The theatre box office is located on the 213 W42nd Street between 7th and 8th Aves. Apart from the ticket fee, you will be charged with an extra $2 theatre restoration fee.

Contact Details:

Address: 214 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036

Phone Number: ( 212) 556-4750

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