New York Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building was originally built in 1902. The real name of the building is Fuller Building. However, it is given the nickname Flatiron Building by the local people. Flatiron Building is the oldest building in New York City. It is also the most unique building in New York City. The building has a triangular shaped design. The building occupies the whole block on the 23rd Street at Fifth Avenue. The building is facing with Madison Square. It was called National Historic Landmark in 1979.

It is one of the first buildings to use in the construction. The façade of the building is non load bearing. After the building is finished, it becomes one of the tallest buildings in Manhattan. Tourist can see the Flatiron Building from Central Park.

Flatiron Building New York Flatiron Building

Before the building comes to a completion, many people suggest that it will collapse when blown by a strong wind. They said this because they do not believe a triangular shaped building can stand firm like other building. Their unbelief causes them to call the building as Burnham’s Folly. In contrary to what they said, the building did not collapse. The building is now more than a century old.

Fuller Building is named after the original owner. The public give the building another name called The Flatiron Building. The public give the building this name because a lot of flatirons are used in the construction process.

The design of the Flatiron Building was imitated by several buildings around the word. Some of the buildings that imitate the triangular shaped Flatiron Building are located in Toronto, Atlanta and Cleveland.

Flatiron Building is constructed to resemble the Beaux Arts style. The Beaux Arts style of the building is motivated by the buildings that were constructed for the 1893 World Columbian Exposition. The 1893 World Columbian Exposition celebrates the 300th year anniversary of the first voyage of the Spanish explorer, named Christopher Columbus. The architect responsible for designing the Flatiron Building is Daniel burnham. Daniel Burnham was born and raised in Chicago. He loves buildings with classical architecture design. After he drafted the design of the Flatiron Building, he decided to create other landmarks for Chicago. Indeed, he had created more than a dozen of landmarks buildings in Chicago and Washington D.C. The Washington DC Union Station is designed by him. Daniel Burnham also designed the Detroit’s Ford Building. Daniel Burnham is one of the greatest architects in the United States.

Flatiron Building4 New York Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building has a height of 285 feet. It has 22 stories. The narrowest tip on the building antenna is 6.5 feet wide. The building is equipped with a steel frame. The façade of Flatiron Building is made of limestone and terra cotta tile. The stonework of the building resembles the buildings during the French and Italian renaissance times.  Some of the embellishments used in decorating the building are stylized lily, carved stone grotesque, and eagles.

Flatiron Building is a famous landmark in New York. It can be seen on postcards, keychain and gift items. Replicas Flatiron Building is smaller version are available. Flatiron Building is shown in several movies including Spiderman. The building is the Headquarter for the Daily Bugle newspaper. Other movies which feature the Flatiron Building include Godzilla and Hitch.

The triangular shape of the building causes the wind to blow strongly on the 23rd Street. If a woman wearing skirt happened to pass by, the wind would blow up her skirt. The boys would than come over to watch the girl’s skirt being blown up. Consequently, people gave it a nickname called 23 skidoo. The phrase 23 skidoo means scram. The phrase is given by the people during 1900s. The policeman uses the phrase 23 skidoo to separate the crowds and send them home.

Today, the Flatiron Building is used as a office building. There are several book publishers that make their offices in the Flatiron Building. Some of the book publishers that establish their offices in the Flatiron Building include Holtzbrinck and St. Martin’s Press.

In the early years, there was a restaurant that served a variety of dishes to the customers. There used to be an observation deck for tourists. A number of years later, the restaurant and observation deck are closed. Tourists are only allowed to walk on the high ceilinged lobby. The lobby walls are adorned with numerous photographs that depict the days of the building construction.

If you want to see the Flatiron Building, you can go to the Madison Square Park. Madison Square Park has many benches for you to sit and have an unobtrusive view of the Flatiron Building.

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Address: 175 5th Avenue and Broadway, Manhattan, New York

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