New York Empire State Building

Empire State Building was rank as the world’s tallest building for 41 years. The official opening of the building happened on the 1st May 1931. The building was named for the nickname of the state of New York City. As soon as it was opened, it becomes a symbol of the New York City. In fact, it becomes the symbol for the whole country. Empire State Building has more than one hundred stories. Every day, there are over ten thousand people that visit the building. If you climb to the top floor, you will be able to observe five states.


Empire State Building is constructed on the site where the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel was built. The architecture of the building is by three architects including William Lamb of Shreve, Lamb and Harmon. Under the direction of the three architects, the building reached its completion within 1 year and 2 months. Every week, the workers build 4.5 floors for the building. Soon, the whole building came into completion. The building has a height of 1250 feet up to the one hundred and second floors. It has a height of 1472 feet up to the antenna.

Empire State Building2 New York Empire State Building

The Building

The Empire State Building occupies the whole blocks from the 33rd Street of Fifth Avenue to 34 Street of Fifth Avenue. There are so many offices located in the Empire State Building. The area is so large that it has its own zip code. The zip code in the region occupied by the Empire State Building is 10118. The Art deco lobby is three storeys tall and decorated with bronze and sculptures.

The construction of Empire State Building was done to compete for the World’s Tallest Building title. It was constructed during the same time as the Chrysler Building. At that time, the owner of Chrysler Building is also competing for the title. The World’s tallest Building title of the Chrysler Building only last for 6 months. After 6 months, the Empire State Building was finished and took over the title as the world’s tallest building. It hides its construction plan for the aerial and radio antenna so that no one can compete with him. It uses the plan of the aerial and radio antenna at the final moment.

The Empire State Building was featured in many classic movies. Some of the movies that feature it include King Kong, and An Affair to Remember. The building is also featured in the classic movie called Sleepless in Seattle. The recent movies that show the Empire State Building include Elf and Independence Day.

Empire State Building3 New York Empire State Building


The T-shaped top is initially built for the mooring point of the airship. However, its function was never fulfilled because of the unsuitable air currents. The air currents on top of the building made mooring of the aircrafts too risky. There are about seventy three elevators in the Empire State Building. During the holiday season, it will be decorated based on the theme of the holiday. For example, the whole building will be adorned with green lighting during the St. Patrick’s Day. The building features pink lighting during the National Breast Cancer Awareness Day. The building is in blue light after the death of Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra has a nickname called Old Blue Eyes. The cost for adorning the building with seasonal lighting is $4.5 million. The Empire State Building has more than six thousand and five hundred windows.

Visiting the Empire State Building

The Empire State Building should be visited by every tourist. The latest statistical report show that the The Empire State Building receives between 10,000 – 20,000 visitors per day. It is open for visitation between 8 a.m. – 2 a.m. It is open 7 days per week throughout the year. The last elevator leaves of the Empire State Building leaves at 1:15 pm. You can observe a large area of the building from the top of the building. During the night, you will be able to see the beautiful night view of New York City.

Before entering the building, the security guard will attempt to check your clothing, You are not allowed to bring glass item into the observatory. You can bring camera to take photographs of the building interior. You can also bring camcorder to record the beautiful scenery at the observatory. However, you are not allowed to bring the camera tripod. You can carry your back packs. Other bags are also permitted in the building including suitcases, duffle bag and luggage.

The admission to the Empire State Building costs $18.45 (including $1.55 Tax) per adult. If you are a senior, you will be charged $16.61 (including $1.39 Tax) for entrance fee. Senior people are those that are sixty two years old and above. Children age between 6 to 12 is charged $12.92 (including $1.08 Tax) per entrance ticket. Children ages between 6 to 11 are charged $10 per entrance ticket. The admission fee for ESB Audio Tour is $7.38 (including $ 0.62 Tax). The admission price for people who possess a ESB Express Pass is $41.52 (including $3.48 Tax). Toddlers age five years old and under are not charged. Military personnel who are able to produce their identity card will be charged $14.50. Military personnel clad in military uniform are qualified for a free entrance.

Empire State Building New York Empire State Building

The floor observatory ticket is available at $15. The ticket can be purchase online from the Empire State Building site. The Empire State Building site is After purchasing the ticket, you must print it out with a printer. You will be charged with an additional fee if you choose for the ticket to be sent to your home. If you couldn’t go to New York, you can explore the building in a virtual tour from the observation deck. You can purchase ticket for the audio tour at the second floor of the Empire State Building.

There are many restaurants situated around the ESB building. Some of the restaurants located nearby to the ESB include Chipotle, Europa Café, Rosa’s Pizza, and Uncle Louie G’s. Uncle Louie G’s offers a variety of ice creams for customers. The Empire State Building is a treasure of the United States. If you never seen it before, you should make plans to visit it within your free time.

Contact Details:

Address: 350 Fifth Ave, Ste. 300, New York, NY 10118

Phone Number: (212) 736-3100


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