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Ellis Island is located near the Hudson River in New York. It is the first place where 12,000,000 immigrants saw the United States. Most of the settlers are from the Europe. The descendants of the Ellis Island account for half of the United States population. The island covers an area of 27.5 acre. On the island, you can find a museum, and park. The National Park Service manages the park on Ellis Island.


Ellis Island was officially opened on the 1st January 1892. It becomes the processing point for European immigrants. Most of the immigrants sailed from the east. The processing point is used to prcess the third class passengers. The officials processed the first and second class passengers on the ship before dispatching them to the terminals located on the Hudson River. After the passengers arrived, the officials perform a full medical checkup. The immigrants must produce the necessary documents to the government official before they are allowed to settle in the country. The Ellis Island is called the Island of Tears. It was called the term because most of the immigrants have to return to their countries for not meeting the requirements. Two percent of the immigrants were denied entrance by the American officials. Most of the immigrants were sent back to their countries because they suffer from serious medical conditions. After the passengers are processed, they went aboard a ferry that carries them to New York or New Jersey. The ferry arrives at New York with the passengers in a few hours.

Ellis Island2 New York Ellis Island

Ellis Island used to be a place for holding detainees after 1924. Normal passengers have to pass through a modern facility. When the Second World War takes place, it is used as a military prison camp. Later, the military prison camp was built on the island. The place becomes isolated and abandoned by 1954. On November 19544, Ellis Island was shut down and become inaccessible by the public. During that day, it was declare as the property of the Federal government. At the time of the closure, there are 33 structures.

In 1966, the government decided to make the island a National Historic Place. The US Park Service is responsible for maintaining the island. The processing facility on Ellis Island is in bad condition and needed repair. The US Park Service was able to conduct the maintenance through the private funding.  The restoration of the Ellis Island is completed in 1990. As soon as it is opened, it started to welcome visitors from all over the world. Tourists came to the Ellis Island to explore the museum.

On the 26th May 1998, the Supreme Court grants the landfill on Ellis Island to New Jersey. The landfill on the south side of Ellis Island accounts for the largest surface. New York is granted right over the 3.5 acres land on Ellis Island. The land is where the main building of the immigration museum was built. The State of New York continues to have control over the Liberty Island.

The American Family Immigration History Center was open on the 17th April 2001 on Ellis Island. Tourists who are interested in visiting American Family Immigration History Center can browse the website. Here, you will find information about more than 25 million immigrants in New York City. The online database at the family immigration history center receives more than 12 billion visits per year.

Ellis Island4 New York Ellis Island

The Museum

The building with a Rococo tower is the main building on Ellis Island. Inside the main building, you will find the Ellis Island Museum. The museum features a large range of exhibits including artifact, photographs and videos. There are a number of interactive displays in the museum. The American Immigrant Wall of Honor can be found within the museum. The American Immigrant Wall of Honor overlooks the Status of Liberty. On the wall, you will see 600,000 people who risked their life to settle in America. Each name on the wall costs $100. The ancestors purchase the name to use as building funds for the site restoration.  The Ellis Island Living Theatre offers a live stage show called “Embracing Freedom” for a number of times every day.

Tracing Your Root at Ellis Island managed and operated by the General Services administration. On 11th may 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson announced Ellis Island is one of the national monuments. The Proclamation 3656 states that Ellis Island is one of the Statue of Liberty National Monument In the Unites States. As a result, Ellis Island became controlled by the National Park Service.

Ellis Island1 New York Ellis Island

Ellis Island has a large research library. The research library offers a large collection of immigration documents. There are several research documents about the Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty in the library. There are more than 2000 taped and transcribed oral history concerning the immigrants of the Ellis Island. The American Family Immigration History Center has a passage way to the ship in this period. It is necessary for visitors to see the ship because only the third class passengers are processed on Ellis Island.

Visiting Ellis Island

Ellis Island is open for visitation from 9:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. It is closed on Christmas Day. You can reach the island by taking a ferry from Battery Park. Battery Park is located at the south of Manhattan. You can also take a ferry from Liberty Park in Jersey City to reach Ellis Island. Ferry is available from New Jersey to Ellis Island. The passenger fee for the ferry is $11.50 per adult. For senior, the ferry ticket cost is $9.50. Children aged between 3 and 12 are charged with $4.50. There is not entrance fee for visiting the Ellis Island.

Visitors are free to explore the Ellis Island themselves. They can also take part in the ranger guided tour. The ranger guided tour lasts for forty five minutes. You can also watch the documentary video about the history of Ellis Island. There are several stalls that sell food on Ellis Island. Some of the food for sale in Ellis Island includes snacks and sandwiches. Tourists can bring their own food and have picnic on the large green field.

Contact Details:

Address: History Center, 17 Battery Place #210, New York, NY 10004-3507

Phone Number: (212) 561-4588



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