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Dyckman Farmhouse is located in the middle of the New York City. The old farmhouse lets visitor gets a glimpse of its history. The architecture of the Dyckman Farmhouse is unique. Dyckman Farmhouse was originally built by William Dyckman. William Dyckman built the farmhouse in 1794. The house is situated in a small park that has beautiful scenery. The farmhouse was built on a family owned land. The land has a few hundred acres.

In 1916, the Dyckman Farmhouse becomes a tourist attraction place. Many people from around the world visited the Dyckman Farmhouse. They visit the Dyckman Farmhouse to learn about the life for the first settlers of the New York City. When viewing the Dyckman Farmhouse, it offers a various points of views of the lifestyle of the first settlers. The architecture of the farmhouse has a large difference with the modern buildings in New York.

Dyckman Farmhouse1 New York Dyckman Farmhouse


William Dyckman relocated from Amsterdam to New York City in 1600s. When he moved to the place, he built the Dyckman Farmhouse. He enjoyed living in the house with his family. After 70 years, the two daughters sold the farmhouse to someone. However, they changed their mind and decided to take back the deal. They purchased the farmhouse back from the new owner. The daughters purchased the farmhouse back because they feel that it is an important heritage possession. The house was opened to the public in 1916. They donated the house to the state of New York City. The house is still a heritage house of the Dyckman Farmhouse until today.

The Grounds

The Dyckman used to own a few hundred acres of land. The house covers half of the land. Most of the flora and fauna in the garden were planted by the state of the New York City. The gardening project took place as a result of the 1916 restoration project. There is a black cherry tree located in the farmhouse. The black cherry tree is the original tree planted by the Dyckman in his orchard.

In 1916, a smokehouse was built nearby to the Dyckman Farmhouse in the land. The military hut is built on the land of the Dyckyman. The walls and hut protect the hut from the Hessian and British soldiers who are fighting in the Revolutionary War. The huts were destroyed during the war. Later, the historian, Reginald Pelham Bolton discovered the remaining of the huts. There were about sixty huts that are built for the soldiers.

The House

Dyckman Farmhouse is located eight miles from Times Square. It is the only house that is built in wood so it immediately caught the attention of visitors. It consists of two stories. The front part of the house is made of brick. The other areas of the house are made from field stone. The second storey of Dyckman Farmhouse is constructed from white clapboard. The floor sin the Dyckman Farmhouse is wide and unvarnished.

Dyckman Farmhouse2 New York Dyckman Farmhouse

To enter the Dyckman Farmhouse, you need to go through a central hall. The central hall is connected with the farm office. Beyond the central hall is the dining room and parlor. There are many interesting room in the farmhouse. The Relic Room is an interesting room in the farmhouse. In the Relic Room, you will find a number of artifacts and photographs. The photographs depict the events that took place in the Inwood/Broadway area. You will find several items from the British and German soldiers in the Relic Room. The items are brought by the soldiers who used to camp in the Dyckman Farmhouse in the Revolutionary War.

There is a cellar kitchen. Tourists always enjoy exploring the Nine Man Morris game board. The Nine Man Morris game board is inset in a big boulder. The existence of the gameboard shows that the children of the Dyckman love to play board games. The kitchen features a vast array of iron and dishes. Most of the dishes in the kitchen are made from pewter. The large oven is located in the kitchen as well. There is a hearth in the kitchen.

The bedrooms are situated on the second storey. Each bedroom has a bed and other furnitures. Visitors will be able to relict on the past times during the era of the Dyckman.

Special Events

Many events are organized at the Dyckman House every year. During spring, the flowers will bloom. The blooming flowers create beautiful scenery. Tourists will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the flowers in the garden. There are storytelling houses during Saturday and Sunday. Guided tours are available for adults. Each tour can have up to twenty participants.

Guided Tour

There are a number of guided tours Dyckman Farmhouse. During the guided tour, the guide will explain to the visitors who once live in the farmhouse. The guide will tell the visitors about the features of the farmland. The guide will inform the visitor the reason the Dyckman farmhouse was preserved and opened to the public. The children guided tour is specifically designed for children under 12 years old. The guide will tell children how Mahanttan has evolved into the present day city. Children will be able to explore the places around the neighborhood. The guide will bring the children to the garden and show them the landscape at the Dyckman House. The admission for the guided tour is free. Sometimes, the visitors are charged with a small admission fee. The small admission fee is used to support the maintenance of the Dyckman Farmhouse.

Dyckman Farmhouse3 New York Dyckman Farmhouse

Dyckman House

Dyckman House is open from Wednesdays to Saturday. From Wednesday to Saturday, the opening hours of Dyckman Houses are 11am – 4pm. On Sunday, the Dyckman House is open from 12 – 4pm. Dyckman House is closed to the public on Mondays and Tuesdays.

If you wish to visit in groups of 10 or more, you must arrange an appointment with the customer representative at Dyckman House Museum.

Dyckman House is closed on Thanksgiving Day. If Thanksgiving happen to be on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, Dyckman House is remains open to the public. Dyckman House is closed from 23rd December – 29th December due to Christmas celebration. It is also closed on New Year’s Day.

Contact Details:

Address: 4881 Broadway, New York, NY 10034-3101, United States

Phone Number: (212) 304-9422


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