New York Diamond District

Diamond District is a unique shopping center located in New York City. As indicated by its name, many diamond and jewelry retailers operate their business there. The Diamond District is located on the 47th Street. It is a world famous tourist attraction. If you are looking for a unique shopping experience, you should visit the Diamond District. Its state of the art shopping area is one of a kind and not seen in any part of the world.

General Information about the Diamond District

Diamond District is operated by the 47th Street Business Improvement District. The 47th Street Business Improvement District is a non for profit organization. The purpose of the 47th Street Business Improvement District is to increase the economic development in New York City. The landlords and merchants have spent a great deal of money to make the place even more secure.  They have undertaken many efforts to make the place cleaner and more attractive to the tourists. Some of the project undertaken to make the place safer include installment of streetlights and sanitation program. The merchants and landlords have a good relationship with the cops.

Diamond District1 New York Diamond District

There are many types of jewelry for sale in the Diamond District including loose jewelry and set in jewelry. With such a large range of jewelry, you will surely find something that suits your taste. If you want to set stones in the jewelry, you can hire crafts people from the Diamond District. The professional craftsman has a wide variety of stones for you to choose from. Most of the jewelries that are available in the market can be found in the Diamond District. You will be able to find antique jewelry and estate jewelry. Diamond watches can be purchased from the retailers at the Diamond District. If you like pears, you can buy them here. Some jewelry shop offers pearl restringing service.

In Diamond District, you will find retailers operating their business in a jewelry exchange office. However, there are a small number of jewelry retailers that operate their own store. There are approximately 25 jewelry exchanges in the Diamond District. There are about 100 merchants operating from jewelry exchanges. In the jewelry exchanges, you will find retailer selling jewelry at each stall. If you have some scrap jewelry, you can sell them at the jewelry exchanges. The sellers are skilled in examining the goods. If you negotiate with the sellers, you can get a good price for your jewelry.

Facts about the Diamond District

Ninety percents of diamonds imported into the United States are purchased by the New Yorkers. Most of the diamonds are brought in to be resold at the Diamond District in the New York. There are approximately two thousand and six hundred merchants operating their business at the Diamond District. The huge amount of merchants at the Diamond District makes it one of the busiest market for jewelry business.

Diamond District3 New York Diamond District

The Diamond District s governed by the 47th Street Business Improvement District (47 th Street BID). It is a non for profit organization that was established in 1997. The purpose of the organization is to improve the economic development in the New York City. It maintains the Diamond District to ensure that it is a safe place to shop. The 47th Street BID’s programs focuses on keeping the environment in the Diamond District clean and secured. During its course of operation, it had installed 19 diamond streetlights. It also installs the four diamond pylons located at the four corners. It frequently installs flowers and holiday decorations. It also had established a website for the Diamond district ( The website provides shopper general information about the diamond district including history, jewelry buying tips and list of jewelry stores.

Diamond District Tourism Information

Diamond District is the largest shopping district in the world. It offers a large range of diamonds and jewelry. The diamonds are available in many sizes and shapes. The jewelry sold at the Diamond District is sold at a cheap and affordable price. If you are looking for fine jewelry, you should come to shop at the Diamond District. It is the largest diamond market in the United States.

When shopping for jewelry at the Diamond District, make sure you compare the prices of the jewelry. The jewelry retail stores at the Diamond District sell the same model of jewelry at different price. If you perform shopping comparison, you will be to get the best deal. In Diamond District, there are a number of discount shops. Discounted jewelries do not mean that they are resistant against damage. Normally, discounted jewelries have minor defects. These minor defects cause the jewelry to have a shorter life span. Price should not be your primary deciding factor when purchasing jewelry. You should compare the features of the different jewelries. In this way, you will be able to buy the right jewelry. When buying a colored jewelry, make sure you ask the jeweler if it is authentic. Tourists who are interested in buying gold or platinum jewelry should look for the quality stamp to ensure that they buy the genuine product.

Diamond District4 New York Diamond District

Buyers should obtain a receipt for jewelry purchases above $20. The receipt must include a list of all the jewelries you buy including the price and tax amount. You can obtain a detailed receipt for a purchase higher than $75. Before buying jewelry, make sure you check with the jeweler regarding the refund and exchange policy. In this way, you will be able to get a refund if you are not satisfied with the jewelry product thereafter.

The Diamond District is situated in the middle of the New York City. Several tourist attractions that are located nearby include Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Rockefeller Center is located one block away south from Diamond District. Radio City Music Hall is located one block away east from the Diamond District.  St. Patrick Cathedral is located three blocks away south from the Diamond District. Tourists who are interested in visiting the Diamond District can learn more information by calling 212-302-5739.

Contact Details:

Address: :  47th Street Business Improvement District, 580 5th Avenue, Suite 323, New York, NY 10036

Phone Number: (212) 302-5739

Fax Number: (212) 302-7835



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