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Coney Island is one of the most visited islands in the United States. Coney Island is as well known as other popular tourist attraction in New York such as the Statue of Liberty.

Coney Island is located on the southern region of Brooklyn in New York. At the moment, the island is occupied by sixty thousands inhabitants. Coney Island is famous for its long beach. The beach extends to a long distance on the coastline of the Atlantic sea. Every year, the island organizes fun filled events to attract tourists. There are a number of amusement parks in Coney Island. If you are visiting New York, you should stop by at Coney Island. Coney Island is a must visit place in every tourist’s schedule.

Coney Island Beach New York Coney Island

Before Coney Island came to be settled, it used to be the home of the Native American Indians. The Native American Indians called Coney Island as Narrioch. Narrioch means land without shadows in the Native American Indians language. The Native American Indians called Coney Island such name because it receives sunlight throughout the year. One day, the Dutch vessel arrived at Coney Island and subdued it. From that time onward, the Dutch people settled on the Coney Island. The Dutch gave the island a Dutch name called Konijin Eiland. Konijin Eiland means Rabbit Island in the Dutch language. The term, Konijin Eiland is used to anglicize Coney Island.

Coney Island was transformed into a resort for tourists after the American Civil War. To attract tourists, highway and railroads were built on Coney Island. Every year, thousands of local and international visitors came to Coney Island to enjoy the nice beach. To accommodate the tourists, many hotels and resorts were established on Coney Island. In Coney Island, there are many brothels and casinos. Many horseracing events are organized on the island from time to time. Later, modern transportation system connects Coney Island and New York. As a result, it receives a huge amount of visitation from New Yorkers who are seeking for recreation spot.

The peak period of Coney Island happened in the early 1900s. During the World War II, Coney Island became a desolated and abandoned place. The Second World War brought much destruction to the buildings on the island. The island becomes dirty and unhygienic as a result of the war. Many New Yorkers prefer to visit cleaner tourism spots that are more popular than Coney Island. After the Second World War, nobody has taken any attempt to clean up and refurbish the island. The island remained neglected for a number of years. The local people did not leave the island but continued to stay there.

Recently, several efforts were undertaken to revive Coney Island. The KeySpan baseball park was built on Coney Island. The opening of the KeySpan baseball park has attracted numerous tourists to the place. KeySpan Baseball Park is the training place of the Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team.

In 1983, the non for profit organization Coney Island USA is built on the island. Coney Island USA was established to recover the island back to the normal condition during its heyday. Many cleaning jobs were undertaken on the island so that tourists will come back to the island. Coney island USA has organized some programs. Examples of programs which are organized by Coney island USA include Mermaid Parade and Circus Side Show. The Coney Island Museum is managed and operated by Coney Island USA.

Things to Do and See in Coney Island

The Coney Island Museum

The Coney Island Museum display nostalgic items that are used on Coney Island. It charges less than one dollar per entry. Visitors can find the museum on the second floor of the historic building situated at Surf Avenue. The museum has a vast array of historical items. It was built specifically to preserve the history of Coney Island. In the museum, you will be able to get a glimpse on the classic amusement park rides that were built on Coney Island many years ago.

Coney Island Museum New York Coney Island

The museum is open for visitation on Saturday and Sunday. Tourists interested in visiting the museum should come in between 12 o’clock to 5 o’clock in the evening.  During the summer, the visitation hours is longer because of the overwhelming tourist visits. The museum has an information booth where visitors can find information about the public toilets. Tourists can ask the receptionists various questions about the area at the information booth.

The Coney Island Circus Sideshow

Coney Island offers a large range of entertainments for tourists. The classic sideshows are available at Coney Island. Visitors can observe freaks and human curiosities. They will be dazzled by the wonders in Coney Island. The sideshow is an effort of the non for profit Coney Island USA organization. It is the only place in the United States where tourists can watch the traditional ten in one sideshow.

The sideshow is situated in a building in the center of the amusement park. The building was initially used as a dining area for the famous Child’s Restaurants. Tourists can purchase the tickets at the entrance of the building on the ground floor. It does not offer reservation for tourists. If you want to watch the sideshow, you have to purchase the ticket at the location. The sideshows can occupy approximately one hundred people.

The Mermaid Parade

Coney Island is famous for the mermaid parade. The Mermaid Parade is held during the summer months in Coney Island. During the mermaid parade, Coney Island will be filled with tourists from around the world. The Mermaid Parade signifies the beginning of a swimming season. The parade was organized in memory of the Mardi Gras celebration that occurred between 1903 and 1954. You will be able to observe people dress up in kinds of costumes. The costumes represent the summer elements such as sea, and sand. The actors disguised as King Neptune and Queen Mermaid would travel to the sea. While in the sea, they cut ribbons and throw fruits. The fruits are thrown to show respect to their gods. The silver anniversary of the Mermaid Parade took place in 2007. It is a one of the most popular event in Coney Island.

Sunlite Pool

The Sunlite Pool is also a well known tourist attraction in Coney island. The construction of the Sunlite Pool took place in 1921. The recirculating swimming pool covers a large area. It is claimed to be the world’s largest recirculating swimming pool. The Sunlite Pool has a width of 200 feet and a length of 400 feet. It has an acre long of shallow waters for children. Parents can bring their children to the Sunlite Pool to have fun. There are a number of diving boards in the swimming pool. It is estimated that there is 3 million gallons of water in the swimming pool. Lane swimming is available at the Sunlite Pool.

Sunlite Pool is equipped with four waterslides including Zoom Flume, Pipeline Plunge, and Cyclone. The fourth slide is an in pool speed slide. The facilities offered at Sunlite Pool include chairs, and towels. After swimming at the pool, you can take a shower at the shower rooms. The locker room has many lockers that are used to store items such as cloths, bags and etc. You can also bring your own food and have picnic at the picnic area. Nearby the picnic area, there are several side stalls that sell food and beverages. In addition, there are a number of great features at the Sunlite Pool.

Traditional Rides

Coney Island is known for the classic amusement park rides. The classic amusement park ride is very well known during the 1900s.  It was rebuilt on the island so that modern day visitors can enjoy it. There are more than twenty classic amusement park rides on Coney Island. If you want to take a classic ride, you must buy the ticket. The ticket for the classic ride is available as a ticket for the whole summer. If you don’t want to purchase the ticket for the whole summer, you can purchase the day ticket. The two most visited amusement parks in Coney Island are Astroland and Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park.

Coney Island Traditional Rides New York Coney Island

The rides available at Coney Island include The Python Family Roller Coaster, The Scream Machine, The Grand Carousel, Dodgems, Bumper and Pedal Boats, The Wonder Wheel, The Tempest, and Kiddie Rides. The Python Family Roller Coaster has 40 foot drop and a long track that extend up to 1000 feet. The Scream Machine will go upwards into the air for up to 50 feet. Once the machine is lifted up into the air, it will drop at a fast speed. The Grand Carousel is suitable for young children who love classic ride. The Grand Carousel is equipped has a diameter of 36 foot. Dodgems is a popular place for visitors to dodge and hit vehicles. Bumper and Pedal Boats allow visitors to sail along the Lake Como. The Wonder Wheel was originally built in 1920. The notable feature of the Wonder Wheel is the classic Ferris wheel. Visitors can go board the ferry to explore the spectacular view of Coney Island. Some of the views that can be seen from the ferry include the Atlantic Ocean and Jersey Shore. The sixteen singing and eight stationary cars are the landmark of the New York city. The Tempest takes visitors in a spin ride. Kiddie Rides offer classic rides for young children. Kiddie Rides features a variety of classic rides including Mini Boats, Helicopters, Airplanes and Frog Hoppers.

Live Shows

If you visit Coney Island, you will be able to hear laughter everywhere. Coney Island hosts several live shows to entertain its visitors. The live shows that are available at Coney Island include Made in America, Far out Fairytales, Radio Time Warp, and The Madcap Puppet Theater.  Made in America is a red white and blue show. The show aims to generate the awareness of patriotism in the local residents. The show is accompanied by the classic American music. The American music is used to celebrate the independence of USA.

Far Out Fairytales show bring into live the children’s favorite fairy tale characters via song and dance.

Radio Time and Warp show features music that is used to be popular in the 1920s. If you watch the Radio Time and Warp show, you will be able to differentiate between the classic and modern song.

The Madcap Puppet Theater is open during the summer. Visitors will enjoy the story stelling hour. The puppets are the main characters in the theater.

Miniature Golf Course

The miniature golf course is an imitation of the large golf course in the New York City. It features a 18 holes course. Parents and children will have fun playing at the golf course. The miniature golf course is equipped with disabled facilities.

The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk is the landmark of Coney Island. It has a length of 3 miles. Everyday, many people can be seen jogging on the boardwalk. The Boardwalk is connected with Little Odessa. Little Odessa is a nickname that is given by the local residents to Brighton Beach. The beach was given such nickname because of the large amount of Russian immigrants that came to the island during the late 20th century. Visitors can buy food from the hawker stalls on the streets. The cafes serve all kinds of international cuisines. Tatiana Café offers a variety of Russian cuisine for customers.

The Aquarium for Wildlife Conservation

The Aquarium for Wildlife Conservation is rank as the top aquarium in the United States. It is build next to the seashore. You will get to explore a wide range of animals including sharks, dolphins and etc. There are about 10,000 animals in the aquarium. The aquarium is purposely created to reflect the real life environment.

The Aquarium for Wildlife Conservation New York New York Coney Island

Dining Out

There are many restaurants on Coney Island. The restaurants serve all kinds of cuisines including local and international cuisines. Some classic restaurants have shut down on Coney Island. There are only a few traditional restaurants at Coney Island.

Coney Island Tourism Information

Coney Island can be accessed by using public transportation. If you are located at Avenue U, you can take B36 to Coney Island. If you are located at Bay Ridge, you can take B68 64 to Coney Island. There are two Manhattan express bus that go to Coney Island including X28 and X38.

Contact Details:

Address: 1208 Surf Ave. Brooklyn NY 11224-2816

Phone Number: (718) 372-5159

Fax Number: (718) 372-5101



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