New York Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building is the tallest building in the whole world. It has seventy seven stories. It is known as the loveliest architecture in New York.


The Chrysler Corporation is the second automobile manufacturer with the highest sales per year. It was founded by Walter Chrysler ten years ago. It was developed into a multimillion dollar company later. The success of Chrysler is mainly based on Desoto and Plymouth lines. Chrysler doesn’t want his company to be situated in the same location as his competitors. He intended to build his company in New York City. After he decided to establish his company at New York City, he started to shop for a site.

Chrysler Building New York Chrysler Building

Chrysler met with an agent and made a deal with him. He acquired the building for an 84 year lease. He obtained the lease from the developer William H. Reynolds. Walter was devoted in building his company. He wanted the building to have the tallest height in the world. He hired an architect, named William Van Alen for renovating the building. William drafts a plan to help him attain his goal. At that time, there are a number of buildings that are competing for the title.  The Severance Building was also competing for the world’s tallest building title. The Severance Building was renamed to Trump Building.

The construction of the Chrysler Building started in 1928. Every week, four stories are added to the building. There are more than 2000 workers working on the project each week. William uses the 185 foot stainless steel in the construction of the building. The 185 foot stainless steel was manufactured in Germany by Krupps. The stainless steel is used to make the spire of the building. In October 1929, the Chrysler Building was completed. It is the largest building in the world. The title held just for six months. After that, the empire state building take over as the largest building in the world.

Walter Chrysler never paid William for his work. Chrysler did not pay William because he claims that William took bribes from the subcontractors. The false accusation causes William to lose his reputation. As a result, there is no biography written about William Van Alen. There are very few people that have heard about William Van Alen. Later, Chrysler Building was purchased by TMW and Tishman Speyer Properties.

The Building

Chrysler Building has a height of 1046 feet tall. It has 77 floors. The top seven floor has rounded ceilings. The top seven floors are used for radio broadcast stations. Offices are located on the top floors.

The buildings are purposely created to look like the Chrysler automobile at the time. The stainless steel has a shiny and reflective surface. The building features eagles’ ornaments. The eagle ornaments are created after the Chrysler hood ornaments in 1929. The medallions at the corner of the building imitate the design of the 1929 Chrysler radiator caps.

Chrysler Building1 New York Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building is one of the Art Deco architecture in the New York City. The ornamental architectural design makes the Chrysler Building special. On the 61st level, the corner of the floor is adorned with eagles. The eagles are imitated figures from the 1929 hood ornaments. On the 31st floor, you will get to observe magnificent corner ornamentation. The corner ornamentation is a copy of the 1929 Chrsyler radiator cap. The Chrisyler building has 4 banks of 8 elevators. The designs of the 8 elevators are by Otis Elevator Corporation. In 1976, Chrysler Building was declared as one of the historical landmark in the New York City. It was bestowed with the title “National Historic Landmark”.

The crown ornamentation is a well known feature in Chrysler Building. The crown of Chrysler Building consists of seven terraced arches. The terrace arches have many triangular windows. The design of the terraced arches was designed by Van Alen. The seven terraced arches formed a sort of sunburst design. The crown is made of a metal called Enduro KA-2.

When Chrysler Building was first opened to the public, there is a viewing gallery on the top floor. In 1945, the viewing gallery was shut down. Now, it is being occupied by a management firm. The Cloud Club was shut down during the 1970s. The Club Club occupied the whole area from 66th – 68th floors. The famous television station WCBS-TV broadcasted its shows on the top floor during the 1940s and 1950s. Later, the WCBS-TV relocated its headquarter office to the Empire State Building. The WPAT-FM also broadcasted their shows on Chrysler Building for several years. The WPAT-FM moved to the Empire State Building during the 1970s. Nowadays, Chrysler Building is no longer occupied by the broadcast station.

The spire of Chrysler Building is equipped with two lighting including a V shaped lighting and several floodlights. The V shaped lighting was installed on the spire in the beginning. Later, the developer decided to install some floodlights on the Chrysler Building. The lighting was fixed on the Chrysler Building by Charles Londner. Charles Londner was assitend by several construction workers while he was fixing the lighting on the spire of the building.

Chrysler Building3 New York Chrysler Building

Facts about the Chrsyler Building

Chrysler Building has 32 elevators and 3262 windows. There are more than 2000 workers involved in the construction of the Chrysler Building. With the help of 2000 workers, the construction was undertaken at a fast speed. The Chrysler Building has over 1.2 million square feet of marble. The marble is used in the construction of the building interiors.

Chrysler Building was featured in many books such as Spiderman comic book. Some of the movies which feature Chrysler Building include Armageddon, Annie and Deep Impact.

Tourism Information about the Chrysler Building

Every year, about 4 million people visit the Chrysler Building. The Cloud Club is the observation deck at the Chrysler Building. It used to be open to the public many years ago. However, it was closed due to security problem. The Cloud Club was very popular during the 1930. On top of the Chrysler Building is the glistening Art Deco. To learn more information about Chrysler Building, you can call 212 682-3070.

Contact Details:

Address: 405 Lexington Avenue at 42nd Street, New York United States

Phone Number: (212) 682-3070

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