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Chelsea Piers is located along the Hudson River. Chelsea Piers Sport and Entertainment Complex is a popular recreation destination in the New York City. It covers an area of 30 acres. The building complex was built from four old warehouses. The four warehouses were purchased for $120 millions.

Chelsea Piers consists of four piers including Piers 59, 60, 61 and 62. The four piers are located in between the 17th and 23rd Street. Every New York tourist should see the pier for themselves. Chelsea Piers can be accessed by the public throughout the year.

Chelsea Piers1 New York Chelsea Piers


Chelsea Piers is established in 1910. At that time, it was the harbor for luxurious ships that are arriving at the American shores. Some of the legendary ships that visited Chelsea Piers include Mauretania and the Lusitania.  It is an impressive location during its heyday. With the advance of technology, the luxury liners become outdated. Because the liners no longer go to Chelsea Piers, it become desolated and abandoned.

The state planned to demolish the Chelsea Piers in 1980 to build a highway. However, the plan did not go on smoothly. The suggestion was rejected in the 1990. Instead, Chelsea Piers Management was granted the permission to build a sports and entertainment facility on the Chelsea Piers. The construction of the sports and entertainment facility was embarked on 1995. If you visit the Chelsea Piers, you will be able to explore the fascinating facility in the complex.

The Complex

Sports Center Health Club

Sports Center Health Club is also called New York’s ultimate health club. The sport center offers a large range of exercise equipments. The high quality exercise equipments provide a thrilling fitness experience for the customers. The site is equipped with a 6 lane swimming pool. The 6 lane swimming pool has a length of 25th yard. Tourists have the ability cycle and walk through the water of the swimming pool.

Sports Center Health Club has a 10,000 square foot rock wall. Visitors who love hiking can climb the rock wall. In addition, it has 14,000 square feet of area that is equipped with strength training equipment. With such a large area, every visitor will have place to perform their workout activities.

Chelsea Piers4 New York Chelsea Piers

The Sports Center’s spa offers spa services for customers. It is designed for people who have performed a long period of workout.  It is suitable for people who have undergone a hard day of work. There are 8 individual treatment rooms in the Sport Center.  The Sports Center offers a lounge and manicure room.

Golf Club

The Golf Club is open throughout the year. It allows golfers to play golf in a high quality field. It is opened during the off season period. The Golf Club is located at Pier 59. There is a golf league and academy in the Golf Club. The golf simulators are one of the best Golf Clubs in the world. The full swimming simulator technology is one of the features in the Golf Club. The Golf Club allows tourists to take part in 51 championship golf courses. Junior golf facilities are available.

Chelsea Piers2 New York Chelsea Piers

The Sky Rink

The Sky Rink is an ice skating facility located in the Chelsea Piers. It is free of charge. It has two ice skating rinks. It offers a spectacular view of the sky. Sky Rink is open every afternoon. Besides, there are hockey programs for adults and youth. You can sign up for a training program at the ice skating school. The ice skating school is equipped with international training staff. You can organize a birthday party at the Sky Rink. There are several arena rental options.

The Bluestreak

The Bluestreak offers wide variety recreational facilities for the visitors. You will find all kinds of fitness equipment at the Blue streak. Some of the fitness equipment available at Bluestreak is FAST treadmills, plyometrics, and feet skills zone. The feet skills zone covers an area of 1200 square feet. The feet skills zone is made from artificial ice. Visitors can play hockey on the artificial ice.

In the Skate Room, you will find skating equipments to use on the skating rink. The skating equipment allows you to skate at a much faster speed. In the Blue Streak, you will find a list of sport therapists and professionals.

Field House

Field House offers a wide range of field sports programs for children. You can take part in a lot of activities at the Field House. Some of the programs available at the Field House include gymnastics, soccer and baseball. Basketball program is also available. The KIDDS program offers adventurous programs for kids. Kids will engage in adventurous physical activities to exercise their muscles.

Field House has a large area that is designed for toddler. The large playground area allows to toddler to explore in a safe environment. The Field House has a number of drop in programs. The drop in programs takes visitors around the Field House. Visitors will explore the different facilities at the Field House.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is situated on Pier 60. It can accommodate up to 800 people. The Lighthouse has a fantastic atmosphere. You can rent the lighthouse for celebration of a special occasion including wedding, and banquets.

Pier Sixty

Pier Sixty can hold up to two thousand people. The interior of the Pier Sixty is luxurious and elegant.

300 New York

300 New York is a bowling center. You can find 300 New York bowling center between Pier 59 and Pier 60. In this bowling center, you will find 40 bowling lanes. The bowling lanes are created from high quality material. It also offers food and beverages for customers. Show rental services are available. The bowling is also equipped with advanced light and sound.

Maritime Center

Maritime Center offers a high class dining cruise. The dining cruise allows the passenger to dine on the cruise while touring the ocean. Yacht charter services are also available. Chelsea Maritime Center has a sailing program which teaches visitors how to sail on the sea.


Chelsea Piers Studios is home to the most famous movies in the world. Some of the movies that feature the Chelsea Piers Studio include Law and Order. Chelsea Piers covers an area of two hundred thousand square feet.

Chelsea Piers NYC

Chelsea Piers offers a lot of facilities for the visitors. Visitors will enjoy the fitness and entertainment facilities. With so many types of entertainment, visitors will surely find an entertainment that they enjoy.

Contact Details:

Address: 62 Chelsea Piers, New York, NY 10011, United States

Phone Numbers: (212) 336-6666


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