New York Central Park Zoo

The Central Park Zoo was originally built in 1988. The history of the Central Park Zoo can be dated back to the previous century. Before zoo exists, animals are kept in small cages. Later, the zoo concept was known to human and they transformed the small cage into large cage. The large cage provides an ample space for the animals. The cages are filled with all kinds of flora and fauna so that the animals can easily adapt to it.

The Central Park Zoo is used to show case all kinds of animals. In 1980s, the zoo supervisor decides to shift the focus from a tourist attraction into a protection place for endangered animals. The purpose of this project is to allow visitors to see the animals in the natural habitats.

Central Park Zoo4 New York Central Park Zoo

At the Central Park Zoo, you will get to see more than 130 species of animals. The animal homes are separated a few meters away from the New York’s fifth avenue. The animals include polar bears and spiders. The animal homes planned properly to reflect the natural habitats.

History of the Central Park Zoo

Before the Central Park Zoo came into existence, the citizens of New Yorks throw away the animals at the arsenals. Some of the animals that are thrown away include swans and bears. In 1864, the government of the city decides to build a structure to house the animals. By 1934, a large amount of funds are donated to build the zoo. The zoo is equipped with all kinds of facilities for the convenience of the animals. Soon, it becomes a major attraction place in New York.

Since the launching of the zoo, it has become more and more popular. Due to the overwhelming visits, the facilities at the zoo are insufficient to accommodate the needs of the tourists. The Wildlife Conservation Society joined effort with the New York’s Parks Department to expand the facility of the Central Park Zoo. The Wildlife Conservation Society and the New York’s Parks Department put in large investments of funds to renovate the zoo. The refurbished zoo becomes opened by 1985. Though the zoo is modernized, many efforts were undertaken to make the zoo cages as close as possible to the natural habitat. The new modernized zoo offers an excellent animal conservation facility.

The Tisch Children Zoo

The Tisch Children Zoo is situated on the north to the Central Park Zoo. It offers educational experience for children. The exhibitions and shows in the Tisch Children Zoo offer children a thrilling experience.

Central Park Zoo3 New York Central Park Zoo

The Enchanted Forest has a lot of giant insects. The giant insects are seen on top of the head. The giant spider web is also a feature of the Tisch Children Zoo. There are a number of food stalls in the zoo. Parents can buy animal snacks from the zoo and let their children feed the animals. The petting corner gives children the ability to have contact with the goats, sheeps, cows and pigs. At the Tisch Children Zoo, you will be able to see birds fly in and out.

The Acorn Theatre offers daily educational shows about the habits of different types of animals. Children will be fascinated with the show and be able to learn about animals easily.

The Polar Zone

The Polar Zone is a famous tourist attraction in New York. The two famous polar bears, Ida and Gus live in the Polar Zone. The two bears were given birth in the Polar Zone in 1985. The two polar bears have never come to know about their natural habitat. Extinction is the reason that kept the bears continuously being looked after in the Central Park Zoo.

The Polar Zone features a number of harbor seals. The ice pack building is used to keep the Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins. The tufted penguins are also found in the ice pack building. If you have kids, you can bring them to the polar zone. Your children will surely enjoy the fascinating views of the arctic animals in the refrigerated building.

The Tropic Zone

The Tropic Zone offers a variety of tropical birds. The tropical birds in the Tropic Zone include Fairy Blue bird and Scarlet chested parrot. The Fairy Blue bird is imported from Asia while the Scarlet chested parrot is imported from Australia. You will be able to observe other creatures at the Tropic Zone such as frogs, lizards, and snakes. Children will be entertained by viewing these animals. In the Tropic Zone, there are the Colubus and Tamarins monkeys. Besides the Colubus and Tamarins monkeys, there are other cute monkeys. There are three types of Tamarins in the Tropic Zone.

The Temperate Territory

The Temperate Territory is located at the back of the Central Park Zoo. The Temperate Territory has a stage where the California Sea Lion conduct performance. Other animals that can be found at The Temperate Territory include the Red Pandas, and Japanese Macaques. The North American River Otter also lives in the Temperate Territory. Feathery animals in The Temperate Territory are the Mandarin Ducks and Swan Geese.

Central Park Zoo2 New York Central Park Zoo


The Central Park Zoo is situated on the 830 Fifth Avenue. If you are hungry, you can obtain refreshments from the local café. The café offers a large range of food. Children will enjoy the imaginative food at the café. If you want to bring back a souvenir, you can visit the ZOOTIQUE gift shop. The ZOOTIQUE shop features a large collection of animal and nature themed gifts. You can also buy a gift from the ZOOTIQUE shop for your friends and relatives. The zoo has fully accessible by handicapped people. Guide animals are allowed into the zoo. There are a small number of wheelchairs for rent. The wheelchair rental is available on a first come, first served basis.

The zoo can be visit by people celebrating a special occasion such as birthday. Schools often organize visits to the Central Park Zoo. Tour groups pays frequent visitation to the zoo. Schools are qualified for a discount. School groups don’t have to make a reservation in order to visit the zoo. The Central Park Zoo is filled with all types of educational programs. Students will be able to learn from the educational programs in the zoo.

If you don’t want to purchase the ticket at the location, you can purchase it online. The online tickets can be purchased from the central park zoo website. After you purchased it, you must print it out. There is a barcode on the ticket. When you arrive at the zoo, you simply show the ticket to the receptionist. The receptionist will scan the bar code at the admissions booth. The Central Park Zoo accepts payment from all major credit cards and corporate checks. It also accepts payment from school in the form of school checks. If you are a WCS member, you won’t be qualified for a free entry. Despite that, WCS member can get in free to four of the New York Zoos and Aquarium.

The Central Park Zoo does not offer discounted rate for camp groups or students. The fees for the educational programs and tours are included in the fee of the admission ticket.

Contact Details:

Address: 830 5th Avenue New York, NY 10021

Phone: (212) 861-6030


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