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The Bronx Zoo contains the largest network of zoos in the world.  It is situated at Fordham Road and the Bronx River Parkway. Visitors can reach the Bronx Zoo through a number of transportation methods.  In the past, the cages in zoos are small and crowded. Zoos used to be a cruel place for animals to live in. The Wildlife Conservation Society was established to protect wildlife animals from around the globe. With the help of the Wildlife Conservation Society, the zoo has become a better place for the animals to live in.

There are approximately 4000 animals in the Bronx Zoo. It offers a large range of exhibitions. The wildlife performance in the zoo will help you to have a nostalgic trip. Children and adults will have the opportunities to watch the mammals, insects and reptiles. You are guaranteed to enjoy the tour in the world’s famous Bronx Zoo.

Bronx Zoo1 New York Bronx Zoo

Baboon Reserve is a home to various species of baboons including ibexes, and gelada baboon. The waterfowls also live in the Baboon Reserve. The reserve has an African landscape to help the animals adapt to the environment. Visitors can walk along the riverbed in the exhibit. Visitors can also watch beautiful scenery at the Skyfari.

Big Bears is a place in the Bronx Zoo that houses the bears. It is surrounded by a tall ridge of natural rock. The brown bears and polar bears are kept in this place. During the summer, the bears will have fun bathing themselves in the swimming holes. The swimming holes have several pool toys to keep the brown bears entertained. During the fall, the bears will sleep among the piles of leaves fell down from the tree. In the winter, the polar bears can be seen playing the snow and ice.

Birds of Prey

At the Birds of Prey, you will be able to explore all types of prey birds. Some of the prey birds featured here includes owls, eagles and vultures. Visitors can watch the zookeeper feeds the birds food. The zookeeper often feed the birds food such as mice, rats and fish.

Congo Gorilla Forest

The Congo Gorilla Forest covers an area of 6.5 acres. The Congo Gorilla Forest is designed to look as close to the African rain forest as possible. There are approximately 55 species kept in the Congo Gorilla Forest. The Congo Gorilla Forest is home to many wildlife animals including gorillas, mandrills, okapi, and colubus monkeys. Visitors will also get to see the red river hogs and hornbills at the Congo Gorilla Forest.

Bronx Zoo2 New York Bronx Zoo

Himalayan Highlands

The Himalayan Highlands features the Himalayan landscape. In this place, you will find endangered animals that live on the Himalayan Mountains including snow leopards, and red pandas. Temminck’s tragopan and cranes are also available at the Himalayan Highlands. The architecture of the Himalayan Highlands is a Nepalese monk. The natural characteristics featured in the Himalayan Highlands sections include bridges, ravines, and cave ledges. There are a number of trees in the area.

Aitken Aviary

Aitken aviary is a large outdoor aviary that houses the birds from the South American coast. Some of the bird species in the Aitken aviary include Magellanic penguins, gulls, and guanay cormorants. Every day, the zookeeper would supply feeds to the penguins. The guests can ask questions about the birds. Aitken aviary also offers a large range of bird such as flamingos, and storks.

Tiger Mountains

Tiger Mountains cover a three acre area.  Here you will find the endangered Siberian tigers. The environment is specifically designed to allow the Siberian Tigers to adapt easily. The environment setting is developed to remind the tigers of the Russian-Chinese border. Visitors will be able to watch the zookeeper perform different activities with the tigers.

Indoor Displays

Aquatic Bird House

At the Aquatic Bird House, visitors can explore all kinds of birds. Some of the birds kept in this section are kookaburras, puffins and etc. You can watch them doing their own business in the enclosement,

Carter Giraffe Building

Giraffes live inside the Carter Giraffe Building. Children will love to watch the giraffe moving around and eating the leaves from the trees.


JungleWorld has an area of more than 37,000 square feet. The man made forest is created in an Asian rainforest style. There are more than 99 species of trees in Jungle World. There are about 800 animals that live in the jungle. Some of the animals that live in this jungle are monkeys, gibbons, leopards, and etc. The rain forest was created to reflect the real environment. There are swamps and scrub forest in this man made forest.

Monkey House

At the Monkey House, you get to see all kinds of little primates that live in the jungle. The Monkey House has a pool where visitors can see trainer training the monkey.

Monkey House Bronx Zoo New York Bronx Zoo

Mouse House

The Mouse House is a glass enclosement that contains all kinds of predator animals such as snakes skunks and etc.

World of Birds

In World of Birds, you get to explore all kinds of birds. There are thousands of birds in this section. Some of the birds can sing beautiful tunes.

World of Darkness

In the World of Darkness, tourists will explore animals that come out hunting at night. The man made environment contains caves and ravines. By visiting the World of Darkness, you will understand how animals find their way in the dark.

World of Reptiles

World of Reptiles contain a large range of reptile animals. Some of the reptile animals which you can watch in this section are crocodiles and toads. There are several species of snakes in this enclosement, More than 200 dangerous reptiles are featured in the World of Reptiles section.

Special Exhibitions

The Bronx Zoo hold exhibitions from time to time. The children will enjoy petting the animal at the children’s petting zoo. There are many entertainment facilities at the Bronx Zoo including monorail, and carousel. Visitors can also ride on the camels.

Bronx Zoo NYC

From Monday to Friday, the opening hours of Bronx Zoo is 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. On Weekends & Holidays, the Bronx zoo is open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Bronx Zoo is closed during the major holiday celebration such as New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If you are a member of the Bronx Zoo, you can get free admission for one year. The membership costs for an individual is $70. The membership cost for a family is $124.

Contact Details:

Address: 2300 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10460, United States

Phone Number: (718) 220-5103


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