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New York Aquarium is located in Brooklyn. It offers more than eight thousand aquamarine animals for exhibition. The animals are cared for and well fed. Conscientious care taken on the animals to keep them healthy all the time. The aquarium has a magnificent design. Children get to watch the animals swim in the large aquarium. They will be able to learn about the aquarium animals faster by watching them.

The New York Aquarium is one of the parks in the metropolitan wildlife park networks of the United States. The purpose of the museum is to educate the visitors about the different animals in the ocean. It also promotes the message of preserving ocean wildlife to the public.

New York Aquarium4 New York Aquarium


The first New York Aquarium was built in Battery Park. It was shut down in October 1941.It was closed because Robert Moses suggested that the construction of the tunnel from Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn will affect the Castle Clinton’s foundation. When the aquarium was shut down, the animals are moved to the Bronx Zee. The new aquarium was not built until the Second World War had passed. The official opening day of the new aquarium took place on 6th June 1957 in Coney Island.

The New York Aquarium is located near to the sea in Coney Island. The aquarium has an area of 14 acres.  There are more than 350 species of animals living in the aquarium. It has a research center called Osborn Laboratories of Marine Sciences (OLMS). At the Osborn Laboratories of Marine Sciences (OLMS), many studies of the aquamarine animals are conducted. The aquamarine animals that are being studied include dolphin, sharks, and etc. The giant aquarium houses many coral reefs so that the fish can adapt to the environment.

On the 19th August 2005, the officers at the New York Aquarium claim that they found a letter which is supposedly written by Stella Ferruci-Good. Stella wrote the letter to the New York Aquarium. In the letter, she told the staffs at the aquarium that she found a location that is buried under the boardwalk on the site where the aquarium was built. The location is situated nearby to Coney island, in Brooklyn. The location which was referred by Mrs. Stella is the burial site of judge Joseph F. Crater. According to the police, there is no skeleton remains on the site. In response to this incident, Richard J. Tofel wrote a book called Vanishing Point: The Disappearance of Judge Crater and the New York He Left Behind. Richard expressed his disbelief about Stella’s account concerning the Judge Joseph’s remains on the aquarium site.

In 2007, the Beluga whales in the New York Aquarium were moved to the Georgia Aquarium. The Beluga whales were relocated to the Georgia Aquarium so that it can participate in the breeding program.

The Aquarium

There are many types of animals exhibited in the New York Aquarium. The maps at the entrance provide information for visitors to get around the aquarium.

New York Aquarium1 New York Aquarium

Feedings and Demonstrations

During the feeding time, the staff will dive into the water to feed the animals. Visitors can observe how the staff feed the marine animals such as walruses, penguins and sharks. The feeding times is posted in various locations in the New York Aquarium. You will have the opportunity to touch the skin of the shark in a demonstration exhibit. If you cannot find the feeding time, you can inquire for information at the information booth.

Animal Enrichment

The New York Aquarium is always finding ways to improve the environment of the animals in the aquarium. The animals in the aquarium are kept in top condition so that they will enrich the visitors’ visitation period. Visitors have the opportunities to use toys to get response from the animals. You can put food in the feeding container of the octopus. Children will have lots of fun exploring the animals in the aquarium.

The Aquatheater

The New York Aquarium has an aquarium theater called aquatheater. Aquatheater was renovated and opened in 1995. The renovated Aquatheater offers exhibitions of many shows to the visitors. If you are able to produce the admission ticket, you won’t be charged for admission to the Aquatheater. At the Aquatheater, you will get to watch dolphin performance. The dolphin will perform special tricks to entertain the visitors. The giant California sea lions will also perform at the Aquatheater. The Aquatheater is opened every day. It is a place which every visitor should visit.

Explore the Shore

Children will love the feature “Explore the Shore” offered at the New York Aquarium. In the program “Explore the Shore”, visitors get to have hands on experience with the tidal waves. In addition, they will learn about coral reefs and environment problems during the programme. The touch pool is where you will explore the shore in the New York Aquarium. From Monday to Thursday, the visitation hours of the touch pool is 11 a.m. – 3 a.m. On Saturdays and Sundays, the touch pool is open from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. The touch pool is closed on Friday and holiday season. The touch pool is fully accessible by handicapped people. Some of the accessibility facilities at the touch pool include wheelchair accessible, touch exhibit and low light.

Sea Cliffs

In Sea Cliffs, you get to explore the walruses. The Sea Cliffs is also the site where you can observe sea otter and fur seals. It is a lot of fun to watch the walruses and sea otters in Sea Cliffs. Visitors will also learn about some facts of the animals which are protected at the New York Aquarium. The staff will give a speech about the conservation works that have been carried out so far to protect the animals. Because the animals live in captivity, the staff must teach the animals about the basic survival skills. In case they are transported back into the sea, they will know how to protect themselves.

New York Aquarium5 New York Aquarium

Roy and Silo

Roy and Silo are two famous penguins in the New York Aquarium. The staff will explain the story of Roy and Silo to the visitors during this program session. It happened that the zoo attendant find out Roy and Silo are trying to hatch a rock. The zoo attendant switches the rock with a real egg. The egg was taken from a nest that belongs to a different penguin couple. Later, the two penguins, Roy and Silo hatch the egg successfully. The chick was named Tango. The story of Roy and Silo are featured in the children storybook called “And Tango Makes Tree”. The children storybook called “And Tango Makes Three” is written by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson. The penguins are one of the favorite attractions in the New York Aquarium.

The Deep Sea 3-D Simulator Ride

The New York Aquarium offers a submarine ride called “Deep Sea 3-D Simulator Ride”. Visitors who are more than 36 inches tall can participate in the “Deep Sea 3-D Simulator Ride”. The submarine ride will bring the visitor to the bottom of the ocean floor. During the ride, you get to see a lot of animals in the ocean such as the giant squid and whale. You have to purchase a separate ticket to participate in the “Deep Sea 3-D Simulator Ride”.


There are many species of marine animals which you can watch in the aquarium. If you visit the New York Aquarium, you will see the octopuses and sea horses. The aquarium tank that holds about ninety thousand gallons of water provides a habitat for many sharks. There are a lot of shark species living in the giant aquarium. If you want to get upfront with the shark, you can visit the shark pool. The shark pool allows the visitors to view the shark in a close proximity. The Beluga whales often swim around underneath the ocean. You can watch the Beluga whales from the giant aquarium windows. The aquarium windows have a height 12 – 20 foot. There are several laps in the pool. The Alien Stingers jellyfish is a must see in the New York Aquarium. The Alien Stingers jellyfish are available in several colors. In the sea horse exhibition, you will explore the different species of the sea horse. Some of the sea horse species available at the aquarium include yellow horse and dragon horses. The New York Aquarium has a conservation hall.

New York Aquarium Brooklyn NY

New York Aquarium is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. It is visited by millions of local and international tourists. Visitors get to explore the marine animals in a high quality aquarium facility. It is one of the giant aquariums located near to the sea. It is built near the sea so that the animals can easily adapt to the surrounding environment in the aquarium. The bottom of the aquarium is the original ocean bed from the ocean.

The New York Aquarium is famous for its unique architecture. It helps to preserve the wild life in the ocean so that they won’t extinct. If you are visiting New York, you should visit the New York Aquarium. Your trip will be incomplete if you did not visit the New York Aquarium. If you want to learn more information about the visitation hours, you can visit the New York Aquarium website.

Contact details:

Address: Surf Avenue & West 8th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11224

Phone Numbers: (718) 265-2663, (718) 265-3428, (718) 265-3448



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