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The Apollo Theatre is one of the tourist attractions in New York. It is an ancient theatre in the city. It is often used to launch the career of top American artists. Most of the top American artists featured at the Apollo Theatre are of afro American descent. A non for profit organization manages the Apollo Theatre. The non for profit organization is responsible for organizing shows and activities at the Apollo theatre.

The Apollo Theatre was built in 1914. Before it was known as Apollo Theatre, it is called Hurtig and Seamon’s New Burlesque Theatre. It was built because a theatre located at the 125th street does not allow the African American audiences. In 1935, the Hurtig and Semon’s New Burlesque Theatre was sold to Brecher and Frank Schiffman. Brecher and Frank Schiffman changed the format of shows in the Theatre. After a discussion, it was renamed to 125th Street Apollo Theatre.

Apollo Theatre1 New York Apollo Theatre

Apollo Theater accepts African American audience for the first time on the 26th January 1934. On 26th January 1934, there is a opening of the Jazz a la Carte. The Jazz a la Carte was attended by a number of important patrons including Ralph Copper Senior, and Benny Carter. The 16 Gorgeous Hot Steppers are also present. During that year, Ralph Copper introduced his radio programs on the stage of the Apollo Theatre.

The Amateur Night was launched at the Apollo Theatre in 1934.  Some of the top singers once performed at the Apollo Theatre. Examples of singers that launched their careers at the Apollo Theatre include Ella Fitzgerald, Bessie Smith and Michael Jackson.  The Amateur Night helps to establish many new talents including Ella Fitzgerald. Ella Fitzgerald is the first person to win the Amateur Night.

Apollo Theatre is known as Where Stars are Born and Legends are Made later. It is the starting place of many major performance artists. Stevie Wonder also started his career at the Apollo Theatre.


In 1981, a company purchases the Apollo Theatre.  The company who purchased the Apollo Theatre is Inner City Broadcasting. Inner City Broadcasting is a company owned by a Manhattan president called Percy E. Sutton. After it was acquired by Inner City Broadcasting, it gains a federal, state and city landmark status. Apollo Theatre was refurbished and restored to the glorious condition like before.

During the 50th anniversary, the Apollo Theatre is refurbished for a second time.

The Little Rascals which stars actor Jimmy Hawkins was performed at the 50th anniversary event in Apollo Theatre. Hall and Oates sung a duo at the opening of the Apollo Theatre in 1987. The State of New York purchased Apollo Theatre in 1991.

Apollo Theatre embarks on the first refurbishment state on the 15th December 2005. The refurbishment of the Apollo Theatre costs $65. In the first stage of refurbishment, the front of the building and LED pavement were installed at the Apollo Theatre.

Apollo Theatre3 New York Apollo Theatre

On 28th December 2006, the coffin of James Brown was brought into the theatre. The display causes the theatre to be packed with news reporter.

Since 2009, Apollo Theatre is operated and managed by a non for profit organization. The non for profit organization broadcast a weekly television show. The television show has similar theme as the Amateur Night show.

The Jazz Foundation of America celebrates a concert called “A Great Night in Harlem” at the Apollo Theatre annually. The concert is attended by more than 50 musicians skilled in performing jazz and blues music. The annual events are hosted by famous people such as Bill Cosby, Mario Van Peebles and Danny Aiello. Some of the jazz singers that perform at the annual event include Frank Wess, Dr. John, Nora Jones and Lou Reed.  The Jazz Foundation of America has an important duty to provide emergency support for the jazz and blues musicians.

Though most of the audiences are black, the Apollo Theatre is also attended by the white music group bands. Buddy Holly attended the Apollo Theatre in 1972.  John Lennon and Yoko Ono recorded a few sound tracks at the theatre. Edgar Winter and his band performed at the Apollo Theatre. Hall and Oates recorded the album “Live at the Apollo” at the Apollo Theatre. The recording of Hall and Oates was performed along with David Ruffin and Eddie Kendrick. Other white music band that attended the Apollo Theatre includes Korn, The Strokes, Bjork, and Vivian Girls.

Events at the Apollo Theatre

There are a few events that take place at the Apollo Theatre each year. There are currently six schedules running each week. The Amateur Night is a talent competition that is hosted on every Wednesday at 7:30 P.M. The Amateur Night helps to produce a legend such as Ella Fitzgerald and James Brown.  The events at the Apollo theatre include arts, special events and concerts. In June, Apollo Theatre runs a chain of events in tribute of the African American culture. The spring benefit is one of the shows that are presented at the Apollo Theatre during Black Music Month.


Apollo Theatre2 New York Apollo Theatre

The Apollo Theatre is the third most visited tourist attraction in New York. It is located in Harlem. Every year, there are approximately 1.3 million visitors that visit Apollo Theatre. The non for profit organization advertise Apollo Theatre in the community through a number of events such as health fairs, and art events. The purpose of organizing the events is to discover new talents. It welcomes participants of all ages including children, teenagers, adult and seniors. Visitors will enjoy visiting the Apollo Theatre. The Apollo Historical Tours is available daily at the Apollo Theatre. The Apollo Historical Tours last for one hour every day.

Apollo Theatre

The Apollo Store offers a large collection of items for sale. Visitors who are interested in buying a souvenir can visit the Apollo Store at 125th Street in Harlem. Some of the items being sold at the Apollo Store include clothing, key chain, and stationary. The non for profit organization plans to transfer the brick and mortar Apollo store to an online store.

Contact Details:

Address: 253 West 125th Street  I  New York, New York, USA 10027

Phone Number (s) : Administration: (212) 531-5300 |  Box Office: (212) 531-5305


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