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Hall of Science is located at 111th Street, Queens, New York. It offers a wide range of science collection. It ranks as one of the largest science hall in the world. Visitors can have hands on experience on some of the exhibitions. There are more than four hundred hands on science exhibitions n the world. It is a favorite place to visit by local and international visitors.

The New York Hall of Science incorporates all kinds of science exhibitions including physics, and biology. Children can explore with the exhibitions and learn about science effectively. There are many activity areas that are designed for children of all ages. The children and adults will be interested in the exhibitions.

Hall of Science1 New York Hall of Science

The Exhibitions

There are a lot of interesting exhibitions in New York. With so many exhibitions, it can be hard for the visitor to choose where to explore first. The following is a list of exhibitions available at the New York Hall of Science.

The Hidden Kingdoms Exhibition – World of Microbes

This exhibition shows how the microbes work. Microbes are tiny organism in the atmosphere that cannot be seen by the naked eyes. In this exhibition, there is a large microscope for you to watch the microbes. Through the microscope, you will be able to see millions of microbes. You will be amazed at how many microbes is in the filthy pond water. The Giant Eye of a Needle is used to provide a larger view of the amoeba and euglena. You will be able to see the amoeba and euglena one thousand times that the original size. Children can learn about microorganism in this world in an amazing way.

Hall of Science2 New York Hall of Science

Mathematica: A World of Numbers

Mathematica has all sorts of exhibitions for helping children to learn mathematics. Children that attend the exhibition will be able to learn mathematics easily. The mathematics are presented in an interesting way. Children can perform hands on experience with the mathematic exhibitions. Tourists will find six units of exhibitions at Mathematica section including multiplication and geometry.

The Rocket Park

The Rocket Park is a must visit for every tourist. It covers an area of five thousand square foot area. Visitors will be able to explore the structures of rockets in the Rocket Park. You can venture to climb the Friendship 7 Mercury Capsule replica. By exploring the spaceship, you can learn about the job of astronauts in the outer space. The Titan II booster includes a 2 man Gemini booster. The Atlas booster is available in the Rocket Park. Both the Titan II booster and Atlas booster are originals and not replicas.

The Search for Life Beyond Earth

The Search for Life Beyond Earth allows visitors to explore the life on the planets. Visitors can explore the microbes in the extreme temperatures.  You can learn about microbes that live in acidic rivers and boiling mud. It shows you how scientist has come to know that it is possible for living things to survive in the outer space.  Visitors will be able to have hands on experience by taking a ride on the Mars Rover. The Mars Rover will bring visitors to the ocean floor and learn about the unique features in Mars.

Hall of Science3 New York Hall of Science

The Sports Challenge

In this exhibition, you will explore about the elements such as balance, friction and reaction. There are many stations in the Sports Challenge sections. The most visited stations are The Reaction Time Challenge, The Climbing Challenge and The Balance Challenge. In the Reaction Time Challenge, visitors are required to hit the gas pedal once the light change to green. In the Climbing Challenge, the visitors must climb a high rock wall to learn about friction. In the Balance Challenge, the visitors will take a surfboard to experience the real wave.

Preschool Place

Preschool Place offers exhibitions that are designed for children aged less than six years old. Children will get to learn about the multi sensory activities through hands on experience.

Contact Details

Address: 47-01 111th St, Queens, NY 11368, United States

Phone Number:  (718) 699-0005


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